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talk back is not a safe bet #food4thought

A public service announcement intended for your betterment by #StrictMotivation


this is for those,
who do not (yet) understand,
but trust Me, you will,
in the end


what ever it takes.
I will help you, dear
so don’t fret, and do not fear
help (readily available) is near


If you get told what to do,
and lectured,
it is a grace – mind you –
and requires gratitude
more than a bad attitude.


If you cannot say something nice,
it sure is no vice
to say “yes Sir”
and keep your *but Sir*
to your own self.


if this was an opinions club
or a court house,
I am sure you have great arguments,
but we are not arguing.


I am telling you, and you listen.
either as it is, or with a bar of soap
helping you to focus
your energy on your ears,
rather than your mouth.



so if your attitude goes south,
soap will cure your mouth.
Cleanse you from the sin
of unduly speaking
and allow My lecture to sink in


#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt



a ray of light (#SpankieMonster)



oh aren’t you a ray of light,
in which everyone would take delight?
find it’s sarcastic and not true –
means I need to get through to you.


Together we will change your ways,
make you wear a grateful face,
even if you may like it not,
I will not be sparing the rod.


For every matter under the sun,
Mother Nature does provide us some,
organic grown and precious tools,
that turn around pigheaded fools.


from ash to pine from birch to beech,
a lesson they know well to teach.
Some polished up, some as they grew,
go-green they say, that oath renew.


And for those brats’ health impediments,
if allergic to wooden implements,
don’t worry and fret, for your true sass,
the white cane is made of fiber-glass!


As you can see, the bar’s not low,
from crooked to straight, man-made to grown,
some still carry their coat of bark,
yet you will take the lesson to heart,


and I will take it to your butt,
your thighs, palms, feet and what you got!
In the end, you too will know.
When Sir teaches you, you too will ow.


❤ #SpankieMonster
#SMart poem and picture.
#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt


#food4thought on loss 180126

if it was yours to have, you will have it back.

if it was not yours to have, there is nothing to mourn.

if you have lost a beloved to death, rejoice over that which you were blessed to have

for it is better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all

but either way, do not let your loss define you

let it go and be you.

everything else will fall into place.

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter



#go2bed 180111

if you know how to brat you best brat your butt and #go2bed for brats who dont meet their bedtime, will be paying badly for that crime. need a better rhyme? OK: it’s corner-time #StrictMotivation


Blessings for the New Year, 2018

Here is a shout-out to Mine.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to help you flourish and get better.

It was not always pleasurable in the moment
(dont we know that is true)
but I am very happy with you all
putting your better foot forward in the new year to come.

Out with the old, in with the new.
And better get better or else…

you know THAT tune!

❤ #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


I am “an old-school study” {SM1712}

an old-school study

I used to tell people, I am an open book, but I realize that is not a fair representation of who I am. At all. On forward I will rather use a more sophisticated, a more multifaceted metaphor and refer to Myself like “an old-school study”

If you are not familiar with an old-school study, you may want to read more about the study I metaphorically refer to. It is a room in a house dedicated to learning.

It is a calm place, with a rather rigid structure. Earthy colors: browns, blacks and dark greens with walls painted in a color of sand, or maybe terracotta. The light in this room is rather intimate – you could say romantic. The study is like a glade, a clearing in a forest of wisdom or a cave in the mountain of knowledge… Imagine solid wooden furniture, a massive wooden desk with a heavy leather armchair – more like a throne – sitting behind it. Heavy wooden bookshelves and cabinets dressing the room walls, yet all four corners empty, deserted from any furniture or decoration. A sturdy picnic style table with benches fixed to the floor framed by extra solid and simple wooden chairs: this is where the studying can happen.

The room quite stoic, remains unimpressed by superficial noise and invites, inspires to calm down from the else hectic and antics of the busy self import. an impressive library of books, handpicked and well looked after, treated with dignity and respect. They are called the Silent Masters in this place as the fair representation and reverence to the invaluable service they provide us with: knowledge, wisdom, teaching and guidance throughout different often difficult walks of life. The library also consists of choice media as well as other suitable tools for teaching and learning.

Most at plain sight, in the many shelves of the library; yet some also presented behind glass doors, to be admired from afar and only touched by those who have proven worthy of that privilege. Yet other items may be locked away behind doors of solid cabinets, or in the drawers of a commode; a dresser. Not everything is on display for the curious (or unprepared) eye to feast on. These closed doors do spark the imagination and curiosity, creating a sense of mystery and secrecy owed to those items kept out of sight, for very good reason. Only those initiated into their close circle will be discovering their purpose and unlocking their promise in due time.

Even the objects in plain sight are not displayed all at convenient height. Yes, most books are placed in shelves that can be easily reached, with no or not much effort. There are directories available, or you just take the time and stroll through the titles like through a forest of knowledge and let your gut feeling guide you to the readings that might spark your interest or peek your curiosity.

However there are also quite a lot of items that are purposefully out of convenient reach. One part of those is placed up high, so that the eager student will have to invest some extra work into reaching those; stretch the arms, backs straight, or having to use a step or ladder to get to those lusted after fruit. The sweetness of success is reserved to the diligent after all. The steps and the ladder is available in the study, but the study will not do the work for you. It will facilitate and encourage your fruitful work instead with structure and discipline, with guidance and wisdom.

Yet other objects of desire are located in the bottom shelves, very close to the floor. The student hence will have to bend and bow down, or even kneel or crouch by the feet of the Silent Masters. Grounded, in that position of humbleness and humility they will discover what remains hidden to the “cool, cruel and clueless”

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter