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a ray of light (#SpankieMonster)



oh aren’t you a ray of light,
in which everyone would take delight?
find it’s sarcastic and not true –
means I need to get through to you.


Together we will change your ways,
make you wear a grateful face,
even if you may like it not,
I will not be sparing the rod.


For every matter under the sun,
Mother Nature does provide us some,
organic grown and precious tools,
that turn around pigheaded fools.


from ash to pine from birch to beech,
a lesson they know well to teach.
Some polished up, some as they grew,
go-green they say, that oath renew.


And for those brats’ health impediments,
if allergic to wooden implements,
don’t worry and fret, for your true sass,
the white cane is made of fiber-glass!


As you can see, the bar’s not low,
from crooked to straight, man-made to grown,
some still carry their coat of bark,
yet you will take the lesson to heart,


and I will take it to your butt,
your thighs, palms, feet and what you got!
In the end, you too will know.
When Sir teaches you, you too will ow.


❤ #SpankieMonster
#SMart poem and picture.
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#food4thought Friendship day

#food4thought (as a  reply to “I love you” on friendship day)

love you back, love you front, love you sideways and beyond! #StrictMotivation 



Unfair Corner Time (101)

Anna and Debbie were in their room. They were bored. They were actually not bored to be precise. They were annoyed. Annoyed and really, really angry. The two sisters had been sent to their room for a time out by Daddy. For a totally unfair time-out at that. They were supposed to go to the corner, each in a different one, and to stand there, and gaze at the empty walls. And to think about what they had done and why, and how it was not OK. Like it was not horrible enough to hear, your behavior was not up to par with Daddy. And now you had to go and stand in the corner and could not even feel sorry for yourself! And you were not allowed any distractions either. You were confined to the corner in your room. In the room with the TV, the computers, the tablets, the i-pod and all the books at your fingertips and yet out of reach. This was so super annoying angry-making maddening unfair! On the week-end no less!!!!

Debbie muttered cuss words into the corner audible enough for her sister standing in the other corner, but still enough under her breath so the sounds of the grumble-mumble would not travel past the open door and travel to where Daddy could hear them. Because, get that unfairness! Not only did Daddy stay in earshot distance, He made them stand in their perspective corners, in their own bed-room with the very door open. So that if He wanted to check up on them, He could, at any time. Even Peppermint, the cat, came triumphantly strolling in on their misery checking each girl out standing in their dreaded position at the worst place to be standing at, of all the places.

But the worst of all, was that there was no time frame. No time line. Nothing to look forward to. No escape route. Daddy just had told them to go to their room for a time out in the corner, where naughty girls belong! And when Anna asked, “for how long?” Daddy had friendly yet firmly said the worst of words, the obscure order of “until!… and off you go!” And now they were stuck here, until, whenever that annoying until would be. And they would miss out their favorite TV shows, and on family time. No game after-noon with Daddy’s boring board games (that however were strangely fun when played as a family) nor a round of ginger rummy or canasta. No duty poker either. None of Daddy’s ways to have a fun filled family week-end with the girls. Corner-time. Time-out. Standing, isolated, deprived of privacy, yet separated from the family room, near all the pleasures and yet – far far away from them at the same time. And totally unfair.

Even Anna, the usually less defiant of the girls was glowingly mad. Debbie was right. Even if her language was a high risk game, Anna thought to herself, Debbie was right. That ducking socked! And even though they had been ordered to remain silent and think about how what they had been doing was completely unacceptable and not suitable to improve their lives, Anna too started mumbling out loud – well out-loudish actually half under her breath about how frustratingly unfair the situation was, and what needed to happen instead.

To no surprise at all the girls – both of them – soon concluded that it was a unfair deal. they both just knew, that Daddy must have had a bad day, and must be wrong, somehow anyhow. Anna and Debbie, agreed – both of them – that instead of this prison and hardship, they deserved to be better. They deserved to be somewhere but here, that they knew, instinctively – both of them – and so they started plotting, – both of them – in their distinctive corner, but unified through the shared hardship and agony of unfair treatment imposed on them by their cruel and heartless Daddy! And so they broke their muttering of cuss words and used the time pro-actively, productively, almost as Daddy would have wanted them to.

Anna and Debbie soon agreed that if there needed to be a time-out, and a time for self reflection the ideal place to do that was someplace warm, and nice, preferably on an island in the Bahamas, by the sea, with the constant “breathing” of the tides, and warm, bright sunshine inspiring betterment! And Daddy’s corner idea would be well represented, if they each would be confined to a hammock hung in between two palm trees. Palm trees would be like the walls closing in, their Daddy was so fond about, so win:win, right? And a hammock kind of is like a vertical corner anyway. Oh and they needed snacks, served ideally, by invisible servants. Just have the drinks and snacks appear by their hammocks on a stool or something. And food for thought, another of Daddy’s famed favorites – they would just have to have to read a book, a good book at that. Not some boring self realization workbook written by some boring guy in an office but rather some detective story, or mystery, or Harry Potter. There you go… witches and dragons, adventures and fun! That is what the girls needed, and not this ducking socking corner time out of Daddy’s they said, out loud, unison, with their eyes closed, out of pouting mouths, fists made and stomped their feet to give their anger and desperation an extra outlet.

And when they opened their eyes they found themselves at an island, tied into those very hammocks, in between tall palm trees, with a dragon like creature greeting them.

welcome new arrivals, to the Ogre Islands, where naughty brats are lead with discipline and punishments for their own good and our amusement, to their very betterment. in the name of the Disciplinarians, I welcome you, our new contestants and as the islands’ tradition wills, let the games of pain-filled, tears spilled discipline begin!

#SpankieMonster #StrictMotivation (c)2018 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com



#MRI why dont you reveal your punishment?

I was asked by one of My play-partners today a question that will come up time and again.


“what is it with you Daddys/Doms/Disciplinarians that you never reveal what the punishment will be; why do you make me (us) wait? Don’t you know how antsy we bottoms get? The anxiety is killing us!”


My answer was simple. “It is a power thing: you bottoms have the power to (learn to) control your behaviors and us D-types are in charge of the consequences for your behavior. As for making you wait and not know – that **is** the point. It is a punishment, aka a deterrent to unwanted behaviors. Therefore your dread and apprehension feelings are just another bonus to the general idea. If you don’t want to face the consequences, don’t deserve them in the first place #StrictMotivation




#food4thought on loss 180126

if it was yours to have, you will have it back.

if it was not yours to have, there is nothing to mourn.

if you have lost a beloved to death, rejoice over that which you were blessed to have

for it is better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all

but either way, do not let your loss define you

let it go and be you.

everything else will fall into place.

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter



Happy Birthday Spanking Mine

Happy Birthday, to you, Mine
what a joyous wonderful time
a mere few years ago, today
our world got added a story
your story, and what a marvelous story she is


For as the Rabbis say
on that day
years ago today
when you were born
it was
that God decided
the world is incomplete
without you


And so it is indeed
who are we, Me or you
to argue
with the Great Maker
The Omnipotent Being
The Highest Principle
The Leading Principal!



And so to your celebration day
I do not come empty-handed, as they say
because I know you need
and deserve
what is solely reserved today for you
a reminder or two
as to why to renew
your dedication to life
a celebration
of the splendor and glory
of being alive!


you know, how I tell you, Mine
again and time
that it is an opportunity to grow
even though
you may growl, or even ow
and even though
you get that glow
blow by blow
that you receive
it is so you are not deceived
life was a joyride of only ease



It is simple
but easy it is not
and so that hardship it brings
is not forgot
I brought with Me
My tamer brush
designed just for you
so you would merely be
and do
what you need



and now you need to receive
blessings galore
you have no idea, right?
what sores
#SpankieMonster has in store
just for you
but you will
though without any mindset of ill
fully receive
a birthday spanking
to be at ease
with whatever life deals
day by day in your coming year
so have no fear
My dear!


bend over, My girl
and proudly present that seat
so your Sir Meaner can cover it
in red, glowing, heat!
Happy Birthday: Mine
It is your Birthday Spanking Time