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Guess what happens, if you are getting a deserved scolding, and try to switch the subject. exactly, the consequences will be swift and memorable. Not having that sort of disrespect. #StrictMotivation 



defiance. the Study #SpankieMonster


you will wake up to a sealed letter by your bed, leaned against your cellphone. It is sealed with the old kind of bright red wax, and the pressed on seal flags 4 letters. SMDD. you know it means SpankieMonster Domestic Discipline and your hands are shaking, trembling as you reach for the heavy envelope. you read your name on the front and the instruction line: “to be opened before breakfast”. You turn it around and notice what you didnt notice before, that fine pencil line around the seal, saying words that make your stomach cramp up: “the letter is sealed, as is your fate, you have to break the seal of the letter, to know what that means, young lady”


if you had hoped it would be some sort of late present, maybe a gift card even, you now know better, with no uncertainty, that this letter means you are in trouble. you know that you had been visited at night and that SpankieMonster has  carefully placed the letter where you would find it, first thing in the morning.


you sit on the side of your bed mesmerized, your eyes glued to the letter, your hands trembling, your eyes starring into nothingness and veils of tears start welling up and run down your face, as your heart feels that sting. Knowing that Sir has deemed to address you with a cold letter, instead of His warm tone of voice. Not only are you in some kind of trouble, you must be in a lot of trouble


you fumble the envelope, hoping you could magically somehow undo its existance or open the thing without breaking the seal, but to no avail, and so you break the seal as instructed. It sounds remotedly like breaking apart a bar of dark chocolate and indeed it is quite bitter-sweet.


My girl, the first two words read. You close your eyes, pressing fresh creeks of tears out of them. It did  not say My *dear” girl. you try to take deep breaths, and open your eyes, using the back of your sleeves to dry the excess tears so you can continue reading the words, written with an fountain pen onto the paper

“you broke the seal with My Initials just as much as you broke My rules. But while I had beckoned you to break the seal I have not invited you to break My rules of guidance set out to guard you and keep you safe. I am appalled, young lady, that you would show defiance to rules and guidelines set out to keep you out of harms way.


I will be waiting in My study, where you will come after a simple breakfast – and thoroughly washed up with soap and cold water – since I am removing warm water privileges from you for the day. If you dont want My warm wishes of protection and guidance, you shall be presented with the cold reality in the world. While My love is unconditional, your privileges in life are very conditional and depending on the behavior you set forth


you will be wearing your punishments attire, which is a skirt ending just above your knee, and a button down dress shirt/blouse, clean simple underwear, but be else bared of all pleasant clothing: no jewelry, no socks nor shoes, no tie, no scarf and neither hairdo nor make up. your hair combed but not in any fashionable way. this is not a dress up, this will be a dress down.


Once in the study, you will have time in the corner to contemplate under My watchful eyes, the wrong of your ways, and your blatant disobedience that qualifies as defiance. After a time of contemplation in the quiet space of the corner, no less than one hour, possibly more, young lady, you will then be allowed to step out and walk in front of My heavy wooden work desk.


Here you will be made to kneel on an uneven surface for the interrogation. Depending on how you will conduct yourself during this trial time, you will receive a more gentle or more strict yet in any case a firm reminder, that as My girl you will do as you are told, and not deviate from the path of the straight and narrow set out for your safety and well being.


you will understand, in the end, that it is not about being perfect, but that trying to find reasons why rules can be broken is the worst of ideas and quite a waste of preciosu energy. you will be very certain and highly motivated – either way and what ever it takes to convince you – that defiance only hurts yourself.


I will not want to hear from you, when you come into the study, until you are asked. I will not want to hear even how you are sorry; you will feel the brunt of the isolation, that you are bringing upon yourself, My girl, when you go into defiance mode to the very rules and guidelines I am creating just for you to ensure you grow and are safe. you have deliberatedly chosen to not be held to My set out standard for you, which means I want you to feel this much on your own. your actions spoke loud and clearly, that you think you can make your own decissions, and so you will carry their burden equally isolated from My else abundant kindness, care and warmth.


Depending on your conduct, and obedience throughout these punishment measures I will decide, whether further Corrective measures be necessary, or if all that it takes, is to then apply Disciplinary means to help you keep your side of the bargain to get you to safety and well being, success and happiness throughout life.”





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