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Have you ever loved someone?

Have you ever loved someone?
do you know that sweet feeling
when LOVE is nothing but healing
when it feels better than a kiss
their voice resonates with bliss?
you are walking on sunshine
always, all days on that cloud nine
they are on your mind: upon wake
all morning, noon… up until late
they walk sometimes into your dream
your heart will sing or shout and scream
you are merged in their very being
they have become your second skin
yet: have you ever loved someone
it is hard, it eats you up alive
it pushes you always to strive
for being better, still your best
your heart and mind still put to test
being apart makes you go nuts
you seem never close enough
the time spent together passes too fast
the blissful moments aren’t meant to last! 
they are always core of your care
even when on the verge of despair
when life’s challenges seem just not fair
and yet loving them you care to dare
still: have you ever loved someone?
what about those dreadful times
when it is about committed “crimes”
when there is bitter disagreement
or silent times in brooding spent?
what if there is falling short
what if there are forbidden thoughts
and actions beyond what should have been
or they falter as their heart does sink
what if the sexy is all gone
what if they break, cannot strong
what if they refuse your care and help
what if thy fuss and cuss, grumble and yelp
what if they act all blind and deaf
when you detest their very breath
when bad behaviors will not rest
now your love is put to test
love is not one dimensional
nor made for times of convenience
true love is unconditional
made to last through every test
#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

you are not in this alone

when you became one of Mine
you got on board to become an ally
you got under My Protection
and though it does not offer perfection
its armor holds its promise all time

you are not in this alone, Mine!

we pledged alliance to our banner
we pledged that the shield be made of honor
we pledged that love will be our armor
we pledged for times of hardship –
not just times of glamour

you are not in this alone, Mine

and in these times where you feel tried
when you are tempted to get harmed
when you feel subdued by the ills this time
when you feel compelled in the “charms of crime”
this is nothing but a call to arms!

you are not in this alone, Mine

now that the wind got stormy and rough
now that abundance seems just not enough
now that the land is deranged by draught
now that battles seem lost, we once had fought
giving in to defeat we still shall not

Mine: you are not in this alone

you have unconditional love, second to none
we are SMart and wise to set the tone
let’s sing together, our affirmations’ song
you are not weak, nor defeat: for *we*’re strong

I Protect Mine: you are not in this alone



Under The Protection of StrictMotivation

welcome sun anim

This House has a fireplace and the fire is being tended to. It is being given fuel, wood, coal, it is being kept alive. This fire is warm, sometimes blazing, sometimes meek, but always going, always glowing, always warming. There is sometimes so much heat, we need to open all windows and there is still almost too much as if to burst the house. And when there is so much heat, too much to use, when each and every last corner of the house is flooded by the heat, almost too much to take, we start building a new part to the house: another tower to the castle it has become. Another chamber for the hotel it is to some. another storage area, another living, guest or dining room, another bathroom, another terrace, another shed. This house is glowing and growing.


The door of the house is unlocked but not unguarded. It is not for everyone and anyone to come and step in and warm themselves and vandalize and go away. Yes, we have energy enough through that fireplace, but we have no resources to waste. This house has a few rules, and those rules have to be followed. They are very basic but also solid and binding. They are not negotiable. This house has so many different rooms, that almost everything goes. If you want to be part of this house and repaint your room to be purple with orange stripes, I will give you the brush, the ladder, and paint. If you don’t know how to I will get you help with learning. In this house, you have freedoms you may never have known, but that privilege and freedom come with a price tag, and that price tag is shown to you right at the door. In this House, there are a few ground rules that are not to be broken.


If you break them there are dire consequences and if you keep breaking them, you will be warned first, then asked to leave. If you don’t leave you will be removed. These ground rules are that solid. We don’t risk the House, that is roof and shelter, stronghold and castle and a safe place to be and grow to become the best you can be for many, just so the unruly few can have it all their way. If you choose this warmth and comfort of this House, you are also choosing and declaring you will abide by its ground rules


To be welcomed to this house of My unconditional love means that you will respect the core rules. You will reap abundance but you will not vandalize the House. You can make mistakes, and find redemption and forgiveness, but you will not make a mess of the rules and evade the consequences. As long as I care for you, you will reap an abundance of Love that is not conditional.


If your behavior repeatedly and consequentially goes against the ground rules of this house, I will put My priority to the House and wellbeing of all who abide by its rules and choose a very tough step. I will choose to not care about you. You will lose the key to the front door, and the pass to stay. It doesn’t mean I hate you or despise you, it just means I have no more warmth and fire to spare for you. Pack your belongings or find them on the street.


But as long as you can live by the basic rules, as long as you can show the due respect, as long as you can fess up and apologize, as long as you can pick up the tab where you left it and continue the worthy efforts to do get better, as long as you don’t sabotage the core Principles of the House of Tom, I will care for you and love you with a dedication, a fire second to none. You will know comfort and love like you didn’t dream possible. You will be allowed to express and explore yourself and life and excel in your endeavors. You will find forgiveness and redemption. You will find inspiration and emotion, care and devotion, beauty and duty, leadership and service at your heart desire and beyond.


In My House,
the sky is the limit, but the sky is infinite.
I will love you, and love you enough for the both of us,
come storm, come flood, come tempest come quake,
through the darkest nights, from early to late,
whether the sun shines and brings drought
you shall not ever thirst,
whether freezing cold reigns
you shall not ever suffer cold,
whether plight strikes
you shall not ever fall to hunger,
whether the enemy closes in from all ends and directions
and any friend has deserted you
you shall not feel abandon’,

for My LOVE is your armor
and My Honor is your shield

and that is what it means
to be under My Wings
to be under Protection
of StrictMotivation

(c) 2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


#food4thought Friendship day

#food4thought (as a  reply to “I love you” on friendship day)

love you back, love you front, love you sideways and beyond! #StrictMotivation 



so softly a Dominant cries

no punishment will ever equal the pain
a loving Dominant feels
when what is His has rendered Him helpless
made to suffer as He’d watch and feel
His property hurting
We do not talk about this pain
how it shatters Our heart
and when We dole out a punishment
it is to allow Us and them
a fresh new start
but the scar remains on Our heart
a reminder for that brutal pain
when they, under Our watch
fell apart

(c)2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com



#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

#SMart #DoveDove 170708

“Dove squared, Sir” said the punished girl, she was quite contrite. The consequence for her disobedience, was an ordered work of #SMart. Even if drawing, and coloring may appear to be all tame, I use all tools in My Big box with #wisDom, just the same. What matters to Me is the result in the very end: that they atone, that they amend, and commit to betterment. What ever it takes, even through heart breaks, on earth as it is above… I care for Mine, protect, train, guide with unconditional #LOVE #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


#SMart #Punishment: #discipline + #love = #dove. #StrictMotivation feat. one-under-My-wing’s #affirmative #becoming #creative #diligent work of #SMart by proxy. Let it be a warning to you, Mine. If you mess up or dirty yourself… verbally behaviorally or otherwise I will apply My #wisDom to clean the mess up and teach you #otherWise.  #Strictmotivation #wejustgetbetter #success #weightloss #discipline #healthyliving #gemstonehealing… #affordable #holistic #stepbystep #lifecoaching . . My Success rate with willing people tops 90 percent.


















what if, #LGBTQ? #food4thought #SM1707


July knocked on the door and put Pride Month on a shelf, far far behind us. Why do I bring this article now that all the diversity flags have been rolled up and put to storage until they are ritually needed in June 2018 again? So, was I hibernating? No, even though the month of pride has passed. For many of our fellows this is not an item for a day, a parade, a party or month, it is a day to day 24/7/365 and then some topic. And if we are to be our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper, we cannot be a sleeper for 11 months and then only articulate our solidarity when the calendar reminds us every June. We need to stand by them as we want ours to stand with us, all around the clock. Without further ado:


what if… God has a plan?

We all have heard how homosexuality is named a sin against creation. We all can only try to imagine what it feels like to be condemned by the self-righteous for the sin to love someone you are not supposed to. Romeo and Juliet comes to mind. Even harder to imagine is how confusing and very difficult a life would be, if we knew with every fibre of our being that we are not the gender our reproductive parts suggest. And then we would hear how God makes no mistakes, so evidently that would mean that we must be to blame for feeling gender-wise misplaced. What an awfully isolating feeling. What a horrific nightmare that would be.


But what if, God makes no mistakes and, at the same time, all these people (especially in western countries) realize that their designated gender identity and the bodily displayed one are not in sync? What about all those women and men awakening on the sexual spectrum attracted more to the same sex than the opposite? What about the growing number of people who realize their sexual and gender identity is in flux, who identify as gender fluid? What about all these brothers and sisters, children of God and created in His image, as we all are, who realize they are something very different, queer, or even sexually not driven much (if at all), those flagging asexual. What, if, for Heaven’s sake, God had a plan?


I return to biblical interpretation that homosexuality was a sin against creation. In a very literal sense homosexuality is actually a sin against pro-creation. Because by the usual methods, the “natural” intercourse, a homosexual couple cannot pro-create, and the Holy Book clearly commands us to be fertile and reproduce. So, by that same logic, all those who refuse (for whatever reason) to procreate and reproduce are also in sin against creation. But that would include those heterosexual couples who for biological reasons cannot bear a child. It would include, even more so, all those couples (as well as singles) who through their God given free will decide against becoming parents. So, all those people are sinners against creation too? But I digress, because, what if God has a plan?


What if, what we are witnessing in the awakening and rise of people associated with the LGBTQ community, is not a display of deviation and defiance toward the Law of the Lord but in fact was a display of God has a plan? What if, these very people (a minority, for now) are the next logical step in the evolution of mankind? Not despite their differences. Not because they go against the strain procreation demands, but just because?


What if God has a plan that does not exclude those who are evidently so much more different than the majority of us, because they are the beginning of a new branch on the same old tree of life? What if this is Mother Earth’s reply to the growing overpopulation worldwide that is jeopardizing the welfare of the planet as a whole? What if this new branch of people out of sync with pro-creation of new life but in experiencing all life does have to offer to non-biological parents or childless people in fact were exactly in sync with God’s will for the well-being of the planet as a whole? Would not these very people who do not bring new life to this world be protecting the resources of all, simply by not adding to the resource eating tally?


What if God has a plan includes that deviation from the original concept of procreation and fertile growth, because the planet is about to collapse under the weight of too many people needing all the things. Because wars are breaking out over clean water and food. Because precious children (younger faces of God) are dying by the thousands, daily world-wide, are being shunned, abused, exploited and forced into wars, labour or prostitution, denied basic human rights or even a chance for education. What if God has a plan, wanting that there would be more loving, caring good homes that need children, their owners unable to create their own biological children, but potentially excellent parents wishing to adopt or foster children who else would be subjected to human trafficking, poverty, racist, religious or gender based hate, exploitation, abuse, hunger, starvation, mutilation and death?


What if God has a plan, and all those minorities, all those who defy the mainstream heterosexual procreation dictate, the lesbians, the gay, the asexual, the bisexuals, the poly-amorous lot, the kinky people, the transgendered, the gender fluid, the queer, those who don’t wish for a child, the single householders, what if they were not an unwanted deviation but exactly an answer to an existing real threat and part of God’s plan? And what if they were not in sin, but actually in sync with God, created different, like we all are, their own very special creation? What if they were not to be shunned but to be respected, as part of a solution to the overpopulation the mainstream has created and continues to perpetuate?


Who is anyone to know and judge, when the same Holy Book says, “judge not”? What if God has a plan is to develop our humankind to be just that: human and kind. Can we afford to take the risk and stand against the Will of God? What if God, who makes no mistakes, did not make a mistake creating this new branch of people, who do not add to the problem and have potential to be an active part of a solution to a procreation dictate that has become obsolete. What if they are the future and not a mistake, by the Will of God who errs not? Should we not treat them with dignity and respect and clean up our own act first, before condemning what is different, but evidently God’s Will?

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter (c) 2017 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


Happy and Blessed Fourth of July, Independence day. in the year of the Lord 2017

play safe and sane, you know the game! #StrictMotivation