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MEanerDITATION #food4thought

When you care for your boys and girls, it so happens from time to time, that they will report behaviors that you wish they would not have had to report. At least for Me, who is really enjoying to see people strive and achieve that is the case. I am not setting Mine up for failing, I am setting them up for succeeding in life. And so, when the going gets tough, and I hear about their latest failing, shortcoming, carelessness, or whatever else incident or issue there may be; it does actually not leave Me unphased.


I try to remember not to get wound up or upset. I remind Myself, that on the road to victory, losses will be inevitable, that relapses into unwanted behaviors are more likely than unlikely. I keep reminding Myself that whatever bad choice or decision they may have taken, it was not to deliberately hurt Me.


I do My forms of calming down, of zen breathing, the meditation of Sir Meaner. I pray, usually, asking the Lord for wisdom, and strength, and for patience in My moments of need. Breathe, I tell Myself. * “I am a pool on a mountain, always calm and deep, neither tempest nor draught, can truly upset Me. *


No, the meditation will not be the end of the issue. It will be the intermediary. It transitions My momentary feelings of hurt, disappointment, helplessness, dispairs or even fatigue into the absolute will to get this issue resolved. Regardless what they had done there would be an appropriate consequence dealt out. And they will probably not at all like any of it. They too will get their chance to pray, to meditate, and to find calm in the middle of a raging storm around them. But not, because I want to take vengeance, or to jerk them around. Not to make Me feel better or powerful. But for their own good. Because I truly care about them, and because I know how deeply hurt and disappointed they must feel, having fallen short of a good expectation.




Happy Birthday Spanking Mine

Happy Birthday, to you, Mine
what a joyous wonderful time
a mere few years ago, today
our world got added a story
your story, and what a marvelous story she is


For as the Rabbis say
on that day
years ago today
when you were born
it was
that God decided
the world is incomplete
without you


And so it is indeed
who are we, Me or you
to argue
with the Great Maker
The Omnipotent Being
The Highest Principle
The Leading Principal!



And so to your celebration day
I do not come empty-handed, as they say
because I know you need
and deserve
what is solely reserved today for you
a reminder or two
as to why to renew
your dedication to life
a celebration
of the splendor and glory
of being alive!


you know, how I tell you, Mine
again and time
that it is an opportunity to grow
even though
you may growl, or even ow
and even though
you get that glow
blow by blow
that you receive
it is so you are not deceived
life was a joyride of only ease



It is simple
but easy it is not
and so that hardship it brings
is not forgot
I brought with Me
My tamer brush
designed just for you
so you would merely be
and do
what you need



and now you need to receive
blessings galore
you have no idea, right?
what sores
#SpankieMonster has in store
just for you
but you will
though without any mindset of ill
fully receive
a birthday spanking
to be at ease
with whatever life deals
day by day in your coming year
so have no fear
My dear!


bend over, My girl
and proudly present that seat
so your Sir Meaner can cover it
in red, glowing, heat!
Happy Birthday: Mine
It is your Birthday Spanking Time


#Triumph of @kb 20170901

to @kb, one of Mine, who had a major breakthrough. Words cannot describe how proud you made Me. Thank you! And Grace be to God, for this triumph of turning around decades of wrong wiring! #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


Decades of addiction and avoidance behaviors so deeply engrained can be untrained and bad wiring rewired. The road to recovery may be long and hard, but it can be done. StrictMotivation offers affordable rates and a working highly individualized program, from an array of tools, to holistically tackle and change the unwanted behaviors and redirect the energy once fueling problems into productive and proactive changes. We turn dysfunction to function and make victims into victors at life. Together #stepbystep #wejustgetbetter My successrate with willing people tops 90% #StrictMotivation


#food4thought on envy 170830

do not envy what others have materially or relationship wise. dont envy them for they have. make the same efforts they have done, to get what you desire. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


kind or harsh? #food4thought 170709

I do not reward bad behaviors. If you push away My deeply caring for you, punishing My kindness: I will make sure you learn what harshness feels like. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #stepbystep


a storm brewing over a stinging nettles forest: if your behavior is threatening doom, you are putting even a cuddly caring Sir’s patience to a test… and I will do what I know is best Bitter Medicine, Structure and Discipline provide #SMart success!


the dark clouds on the blue sky are like a symbol, but Francis the frog is too. you see, I always try to be kind and nice to Mine. I am cuddly, loving, caring, and understanding. A good listener, a reasonable advisor. But if you choose to ignore My kindness, or push Me away there are many an owie thing growing on the back of My yard, at the back of My mind. and as grey rain clouds pass by, by raining down, so will your tears cleanse your act, I will make super sure about that. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #stepbystep #holistic #lifecoaching #success #weightloss #discipline #healthyliving #gemstonehealing  (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com



#SMart #DoveDove 170708

“Dove squared, Sir” said the punished girl, she was quite contrite. The consequence for her disobedience, was an ordered work of #SMart. Even if drawing, and coloring may appear to be all tame, I use all tools in My Big box with #wisDom, just the same. What matters to Me is the result in the very end: that they atone, that they amend, and commit to betterment. What ever it takes, even through heart breaks, on earth as it is above… I care for Mine, protect, train, guide with unconditional #LOVE #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


#SMart #Punishment: #discipline + #love = #dove. #StrictMotivation feat. one-under-My-wing’s #affirmative #becoming #creative #diligent work of #SMart by proxy. Let it be a warning to you, Mine. If you mess up or dirty yourself… verbally behaviorally or otherwise I will apply My #wisDom to clean the mess up and teach you #otherWise.  #Strictmotivation #wejustgetbetter #success #weightloss #discipline #healthyliving #gemstonehealing… #affordable #holistic #stepbystep #lifecoaching . . My Success rate with willing people tops 90 percent.


















#go2bed 170706

finally duty is over for today and we may sink to the lovely bed. don’t be bad, or else… there will soap and spanks ❤ #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter