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#go2bed 180710 Dragon Daddy

Once upon a time in a land far, far away

A little turtle girl dared past her bedtime awake to stay

As she wiggled and she giggled she did notice not

How her Daddy, the Dragon, was amused not!

And before she knew it, her giggles and teehees

Ended in her dangling, over Daddy’s knees

And with His heavy tail and quite a heavy heart

The Dragon Daddy spanked, His naughty girl quite hard

Now the little turtle was nothing but all promise

While the skillful spanks sure their aim just wouldn’t miss!

And the little turtle who past bedtime had been naught

With Strict Motivation, a lesson has been taught

Finally, as she softly wept, wishing she had nicely slept

with buttocks glowing already all red,

she was nothing but all ready to #go2bed

#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt





#food4thought mission contra omission

just because you did not (yet) talk about it,
does not mean Daddy does not know about it.

but keeping things from Me,

just not telling Me

adds on to your coming misery.

for when I stay awake, late into the night,
I will observe My sacred plight,
and even dare taking delight,
to be teaching Mine, with all My might,
onto the sit-spot as onto their thighs,
deceptions, omissions all are just lies,
and you will wish then, not wronged but done right!

#poeticjustice #food4thought #Love #SpankieMonster
#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt


#ps: My, your Protector’s, Creed


don’t worry,
yes I know
you do feel sorry
you are now contrite
not daring to look up?
not left, nor right

I know how you feel inside
I know you feel so horribly hurt
so alone
so lost in this world

you wanted to do
what felt good
you had intentions
and now you are facing
and your eyes wet with tears

have no fear
yes I will hurt you
that is part of the deal
I will cleanse you
elevate you
from the guilt, you’d feel

I will help you always.
Not necessarily the way you want Me to
but the way you definitely need Me to

I will stand by you
like a rock,
be there through your shocks
calm, yet outspoken

I will be the Lord,
the Knight,
The Star to bring you light
in the darkest night

I will stand you by
I will allow you, to cry
come: shed those salty gems
I will hold you
we are more than just friends
I am holding out over you
My Protector’s Hand

that very Hand
that now you fear
that very Hand
that will in the end
tear into your rear
and fortify the tears

I will hear you out
allow you letting go
but if you think
I let you mess up
– surprise –
I firmly will say

because I care about you
because I know you have many skills
because I know how you
are prone to fall
victim to those ills
that lacerate your soul
you need to let go
your precious “… but I am in control”
because: no
you are not
and your tune soon gets old

therefore you will do
as you are told

I will whip you into shape
shake you to the core
bring structure while you are awake
and make sure you are in bed
and get the sleep
you need

let’s be real
yes, you can heal
you can fly
you can achieve
step by step
directed by Me
with My Strict Motivation
and your committed devotion
become the best
you were designed to be
because I hold the key
you just follow My Lead

for this is My, your Protector’s, Creed

(c) 2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


#go2bed 180706

it was a great day and even greater night, but I can no longer stand and fight, and so I will do My Domly plight, lead by example, do like I said, and simply #go2bed #StrictMotivation



MRI: on probation at work

ElisaMark: Let say … you found out i was on probation at work? What would the consequences be with you . ?
#DaddyStrictMotivation: you would receive a scolding, a mouth soaping, and a paddling along with corner time and some behavioral modification things, to take down your cockiness
ElisaMark: Wow that’s a lot for one punishment? But behavior modification things?

#DaddyStrictMotivation: it is not a lot for one punishment. I am a disciplinarian and a life coach. I want to see change happen quicker not later. why? because I care more about people under My wing then they do about their life at the moment they misbehaved. so why doing things wimpily, if we can be effective. If you were on probation at work you need a bit of getting yourself in the mindset what an incredible privilege you have to be employed at all, and nothing is won from not teaching a culprit humility and the wrong of their ways and trying to avoid such misbehavior at all costs in the future. #StrictMotivation Behavior Modification aims to curb their entitlement: along the lines, if you do not carry yourself like a reasonable, responsible adult, you will not get to have the privileges that stage in life bring. #wejustgetbetter #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt 


ElisaMark: Now i see your point.


footnote: MRI stands for Mentor Replies Inquiries; aka My “dear-abby” section

#food4thought punishing accidents?


you ask Me: “why do you punish me after i am already feeling bad about my mistake.” or “but it was an accident!” or “i did not do it on purpose!” or “it was just an oversight!” or “i just slipped, no big deal!


My answer is simple (not easy). Misery loves company. When you choose a behavior or an action you are automatically choosing every consequence that stems from it. Be more mindful at the moment and train your brain in consequential thinking. If you want to avoid punishment, avoid your own unwanted actions and behaviors that lead to punishment. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #food4thought


Educational: Disciplinary Maintenance

come here My lil one, I beckon you to the bed, where I am seated and where you are going to bend over My lap. yes, Daddy knows that you are dreading this talk we will be having, as you very well should!
you have been a good girl and that is a blessing, it is exactly what I want you to be. But we both know that the enemy is lurking around the corner, preying on those weak of heart or mind, ready to be lead astray to temptations, and temptations there are so many. 
you will resist the temptations though My lil one. you will keep to your #go2bed without fail. you will not bargain with yourself how you need 5 more minutes because if you did not get something done before bedtime it will wait till the next day. you will take proper and good care of My lil girl, which includes nutrition, physical exercise, hydration, hygiene, and healthcare. You will stick to your budget, you will not cuss and fuss and you will obey the rules Daddy has set in place for you.
And so you remember to do as you are instructed, taught and told I will give you a little taste of Daddy’s Discipline so you are Strictly Motivated to have all the self-discipline to not walk off the straight and narrow into the enemy’s abyss. And know, that this is going to hurt you, and it is supposed to.
But it is only a tiny portion of the pain and anguish you would have coming if you actually chose to disobey My rules and defy Me!