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MRI: on probation at work

ElisaMark: Let say … you found out i was on probation at work? What would the consequences be with you . ?
#DaddyStrictMotivation: you would receive a scolding, a mouth soaping, and a paddling along with corner time and some behavioral modification things, to take down your cockiness
ElisaMark: Wow that’s a lot for one punishment? But behavior modification things?

#DaddyStrictMotivation: it is not a lot for one punishment. I am a disciplinarian and a life coach. I want to see change happen quicker not later. why? because I care more about people under My wing then they do about their life at the moment they misbehaved. so why doing things wimpily, if we can be effective. If you were on probation at work you need a bit of getting yourself in the mindset what an incredible privilege you have to be employed at all, and nothing is won from not teaching a culprit humility and the wrong of their ways and trying to avoid such misbehavior at all costs in the future. #StrictMotivation Behavior Modification aims to curb their entitlement: along the lines, if you do not carry yourself like a reasonable, responsible adult, you will not get to have the privileges that stage in life bring. #wejustgetbetter #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt 


ElisaMark: Now i see your point.


footnote: MRI stands for Mentor Replies Inquiries; aka My “dear-abby” section


you may think I am cruel


You may think I am cruel, but I am not. You are very cruel, and you don’t mind abusing yourself, sometimes even showing disgraceful behavior towards other people. that, of course, is your call and you would like to make that none of My business


I am not cruel, I am Strict and I am the Meaner. What I do has a meaning, and I mean what I do. I am implementing stuff intentionally, thoughtfully, empathically, and with strictness and consequentiality, thoroughly but I am not cruel.


when a child runs towards rail tracks with the train approaching, and you run after the child and trip it before it reaches the tracks, and it has a bleeding knee because of the rescue mission, that is collateral damage, yes, but certainly not cruel. letting the child run into the tracks, that would be cruel


when you watch someone bully and abuse, letting them continue their destructive ways, is cruel. stopping them, even at the cost of causing some temporary discomfort, is not cruel. it is a necessary intervention.


when you have a tumor and the doctor is cutting it out and cuts into else untouched flesh, that also is a collateral damage that will be taken into account. The doctor is being thorough and not taking chances. That is hardly being cruel


When I am offering you #StrictMotivation, the methods may be archaic sometimes, tedious, or what have you and you may think they are cruel, but in that you are being unreasonable like a child, selfish like the bully and irresponsible like a doctor afraid to be thorough. You are factually being eaten by your own cancer of cruelty and shortsightedness.



If it makes you feel good to call Me names, and adjectives that don’t fit, though you may feel entitled to that opinion, you are doing yourself another disfavor. You are just proving My point that you do need a lot more training and a lot of said #StrictMotivation that triggered your ill response in the first place


I am not giving in to the ill, I am not bargaining with an enemy and I am not negotiating on those terms. I will work within the set parameters with consequence, thoroughly and whether you like Me (or my methods) or not is none of My business. Your behaviors as your betterment however are.


#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

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The Study: in trouble with Daddy

Now, first of all, My lil one, let’s go to My study, I have a surprise there for you…. why are you standing frozen? No, My lil one, Daddy said let’s go and so we will do just that.


as we enter the study you can see, the bus driver sitting nervously opposite Daddy’s massive and dark wooden desk, on a sturdy wooden chair, reserved for those Daddy will be interrogating. you pale, when you notice the strap, and a handful wooden exotic paddles are on the table, in plain view, as well as that finger thick yet flexible 2 to 3 ft long switch from either elder or willow tree. 


But Daddy has your arm clenched in His, and leads you quite reassuringly. I beckon you to sit down in Daddy’s leather office chair, a privilege you rarely get, and you look at Me like a car with big round headlights. I stand behind the chair, thus literally having your back. 


“Young man”, I address the bus driver. “Is this, certainly and beyond any doubt, the young lady in question, that you stay stalled your ride back home from Walmart dilly-dallying at the cashout?”. He nods his head firmly, and says “yes sir”. – “Are you 100% sure?” I inquire with an inquisitive tone, and lay My hand reassuringly on your shoulder, seeing you started trembling in the chair, shrinking an inch per second. “yes, sir, positively, that is the culprit”. I nod My head at him invitingly, and ask him to repeat the threat he had spoken to you at the store, and so he repeats, how next time he would leave you behind to teach you a lesson.


I nod My head as sunken into thought, and then ask him, if he understands, how probably in My household transgressions are handled while waving My hand pointing at the 7 implements laid out on plain view. He gulps and then sais, he understands and that he believes that it is a very fair and square method to teach the errant ones the wrong of their ways, making sure best behavior in the future could be achieved, even for the pig-headed ones. I agree with him and walk around the desk to friendly shake his hand. It is great meeting people who are on the same wavelength. I fatherly use My left hand covering, and friendly slapping his hand shaking Mine, to seal the deal. 


Still shaking the hand, we now both smile, I enquire if he would also agree, how some choice embarrassment like a spanking with witnesses – or even better yet: with those exact people who were affected by the culprit’s misbehavior witnessing their very penance – would be even more effective, to make sure such bad behavior stops, once and for all? he vividly agrees, starting to get quite excited. I notice that My lil one now almost vanished in the chair shrinking and wriggling against Daddy’s office chair, yet pale like a wall. 


I take a deep breath, while patting the guy on his shoulder, still firmly shaking his hand, as to sealing the contracts, verbally, from Man to man! “And would you not also agree, young man, that the most effective choice of punishment, that would make 110% certain such bad behavior be put in the past, would be to use all of the 7 magnificent – and yes, cruel – implements on the desk, over the culprit’s bared behind and thighs, as to ensure there is neither any form of protection from the well-deserved thrashing, nor from the embarrassment created from such a memorable, necessary chastisement?” Oh and how he agrees. How he has that smirk of glee on his face. My lil girl is biting her lips, shaking her had slow-mo no, trembling like an aspen in the wind. Tears roll down her cheeks, while his face is lit like a Christmas tree.


I walk around the desk and turn the brass made key, with embroided cross design, on the heavy bottom door, unlocking the cabinet behind it. From the heavy, yet well oiled opened door’s inside hooks I take a pair of leather foot- and handcuff style leather shackles. I present them to both My poor lil girl shaking and the delighted bus driver. I have one last question to discuss, and yet again, he vividly agrees, that yes, a culprit who would be subjected to such well deserved punishment should be strapped down with hand and foot shackles to a spanking bench, their legs spread, as to allow the Punisher to deliver each and every strike with precision and without unwanted injuries from feet or hands jerked into the way of the implements. He gleefully agrees this would be only for the culprit’s protection, not so much for their discomfort and that the culprit should, therefore, be thankful, the Disciplinarian uses such kind foresight.


I am so relieved, he is so reasonable, and indeed so am I! I am asking now My lil one to please walk to the spanking bench and so she does, but with a very heavy heart and quite leaded feet. The bus driver is beckoned with my head to join us as well. He follows with quite some enthusiasm. 


I ask him, would he mind putting on the foot shackles tightly around his ankles and his wrists, so that he can feel how that actually feels to a culprit. he is hesitant at first but soon understands how this demonstration is a wonderful added dimension to the penance he is about to witness, and so he follows through. I check that the cuffs are neither too tight, as not to hinder circulation, yet tight enough as to prevent wriggling out or injury from wiggling around too much. I am, after all, caring like that. 


Would he, please also be as kind as to lay over the bench, so that i could secure him to the bench in the positions culprits should be, I ask friendly, and again he hesitates first but understanding and seeing how this demonstration makes my girl almost faint, he agrees to do just that, and so I can attach the shackles to the rustic, massive wooden and cast iron made spanking furniture that is fixed with sturdy screws to the floor.


“That is quite a predicament, isn’t it?” I ask the young man and he vividly nods his head, because yes, indeed, it is! “Well, there is one last added dimension to how I punish those who have transgressed in bad ways, and that is to place this living room mirror-topped table close to the bench, near the culprit’s head, so a culprit can see their own faces of disgust and anguish during the deserved discipline or correction – and by placing the implements on the table, they can also see, what they have still to look forward to!


The young man’S enthusiasm is now boundless. He shakes his head in delight and agrees, that that indeed makes for a perfect punishment. I ask my lil one to go and get all the implements and lay them on the table so that the most feared ones are the closest to the culprit. She does as she is told, and I can see that her hands are sweating, for the implements show traces of it on where she held them. 


“Can you tell my lil one knows all too well how each and every one of these implements of discipline hurt, judged how well she laid them out?” yes, indeed, he does agree. I beckon My lil girl to please go and sit down on the chair, where the gentleman had sat.  She follows My order even if confused. “You will have a great view from there, but be out of the way, when Daddy swings hard,” I explain as she does like she was told. The young man is still gleefully chuckling before the words start sinking into his brain. Before he fully grasps the situation, he can feel My hands fumbling his belt buckle, ungently opening it and his pants and yanking them down to his knee-pits along with his underwear.


“Wait a minute, sir, what do you think You are doing here?” he wails, in a mixture of disgust, fear, and disdain. My voice is self-assured and calm. “What does it look like, young man?” I ask rhetorically and continue pointing out the obvious. “You are going to get punished in exactly the way, you agreed would be the best, so that we can make sure your despicable and wrong behavior will change, here and now and once and for all. You had agreed, that the best way, is to be spanked, actually thrashed, with the laid out implements, while secured to a bench, in an embarrassing position, bared of clothes and the victim of your wrongdoing baring witness to your ordeal that you brought upon yourself, so you may reach the penance necessary, as so your behavioral change would come to pass. I had asked you to put on the cuffs and assume the position, which you have done, thus consenting to Me disciplining your ill behavior and correcting your wrongs.” He stutters now, protesting, how the young lady was the one who was to blame.


“No, young man, actually, you are the culprit here. The young lady was simply at the store, and she bought her items. her cart was being difficult and an elderly person before her at the check-out needed longer than anticipated. being the good girl she is, she had improvised to correct the misfunctioning cart and was friendly enough to not push the older person, and reassuring her, to take whatever time she needs, as not to worsen the spirit of the – evidently overwhelmed – older – customer. My girl thus, was an exemplary citizen, showing the grace and the empathy, I would expect from her and have been teaching her. She was foresightful and diligent. – You, on the other hand, young man, have the audacity to waltz into the store and yell at My girl, without asking the facts: making said elderly person feel worse about their overwhelm, making the check-out clerk uncomfortable and scaring My good lil girl, with threats of abandoning her in the store! 


How dare you, to threaten her like that? And what is more, how dare you threatening any of your customers to refuse them service or worse yet leave them abandoned in a store when you were the designated entrusted transporter?! That shows how immoral and rotten you are and what ill work ethics you have. But fear not, young man, long before I am halfway done with your punishment, you will be the sorriest boy in town, and the bruises from today’s thrashing will prevent you from comfy sitting for a whole week, giving you time to think about better ways doing your job going forward. And now brace yourself, young man, this Purpleheart paddle has quite the bite!…”

#SpankieMonster #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


#food4thought on board of sensibility

nothing gets brats on board of sensibility, like paddles and straps ensuring their accountability. #StrictMotivation proverbial #wiSdoM #food4thought



when the boy gets an “oh boy”


quotes from #PR (Punishment report) by richard j.
[richard j. broke the law and put himself in harm’s way]


i didn’t consider any of the risks involved, nor did i consider any of the people that care about me whilst taking such risks. i was made to kneel in the corner on rice and listen to a scolding from Sir.


W/we then talked about it for a while, and i prepared a bar of Dove soap [as instructed] Once it was ready, i was made to kneel back in the corner on rice (naked from waist down) [for a thorough mouth soaping]…


had to listen to the scolding again whilst kneeling there with my head lowered to allow drool to drain from my mouth onto my shirt.


Once the scolding was finished i had the soap coat the inside of my mouth and mixed with the drool cover my face, and then say the paragraph Sir had prepared for me out-loud before i was allowed to wash up. i then wrote the paragraph as lines 10 times.


i have a particular dislike for the dove brand soap, i hate the smell of it so it was particularly awful for me. Kneeling in the rice was a lot harder and more painful the second time and i had difficulties kneeling completely upright and keeping posture.


The soap was awful and i could taste and smell it for the rest of the evening. The whole punishment made me feel degraded and humiliated, but also very sorry for what i did. It was a hard lesson to learn.


i learned that i need to think of my health and the pain i could potentially cause others before making decisions that are harmful. i learned that not only [breaking the law/put myself in harm’s way are] bad, but the punishment is much, much worse. i learned that Sir is there for me, to protect me when i am weak and don’t protect myself.





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My eye sight may not be great but that doesnt mean I am stupid. no wool over My eyes, Mine. I am watching yall like a hawk, at all times #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter  #discipline #structure #lifecoaching #success


When you confide in Me #StrictMotivation {1650}


When you confide in Me, confess something that has been weighing heavy on your shoulders or heart, I never take it for granted and cherrish you for it. It may be something from your distant past, it may be something from your very recent past, or even something going on right in this moment. It may be tripedations, and it may be immoral, it may be inconveniences or it may be misbehaviors.sm-gold-whtBut regardless what it is, I don’t take your trust for granted. I am very honored, that you trust Me enough to open up and confess, that which you had been carrying around, that which was like a shadow following you and possibly holding you back or worse yet: dragging you down.


When you confide in Me, sometimes you will tell Me things that are even hard to hear. And I may take a few deep breaths before answering your confession. Do not confuse or mistake that taking a moment with Me being disappointed in you. Itit is possible, that after you have told Me, what I have to say about it to you, will not be the most pleasant things to hear – but that goes with the territory. Even if what you are telling may be disapointing My disappointment will be with your choices, not you as a person! I would be doing you a giant disservice, if – when confronted with something you should not be doing (or have done) – I was all “no big deal”. I will call a spade a spade and not likely sugarcoat things, just to play nice and make you feel good about something bad.


What I do promise is that I will help you cope and deal in a functional manner. That I will help you overcome the abyss. That I will treat you with dignity and respect. That I will seek (and help you find) solutions rather than playing guilt tripping and shaming parties, that accomplish nothing. That I will help you break free from these chains, that hinder your freedom, and your development. I will not change how I treat and see you to the worse, rather on the contrary:; I will know how much strength it takes to make a confession. I will recognize that very strength of character in you and make sure you can see it as well. I will not tear you down and tear you a new one. I will help you find redemption, cleanse you and help building you back up where you belong.

When you confide inMe I treat your confession as what it is. First and foremost confidential. Strictly confidential. I will not blast it around like idle gossip. What you confide in Me, stays between you and Me. It also constitutes as an act of courage or a call for help. I will put aside My own sensitivities, in order to offering you the help you need the most in that moment. I will not be arrogant, condescending, smug nor belitteling. I will try to empathize with you and your situation and make no condemning judgements prematurily. I will listen to everything you have to say about it, and maybe ask a few uncomfortable questions along the way, to get to the bottom of things, so I can deploy a workable strategy to get you better. If there is music to be faced I will help you facing that very music every step of the way the same.sm_old_onorngAnd even though what I have to say about it may not be a walk in the park, and I may be a sounding-board to you, I am not doing that to jerk you around and get My jollies out of it, but in your own best interest. Because I care for you in turn, for you being open, upfront and honest with Me. It is the least I can do, and I will do that with vigor. As you confided into Me, you are not in it all alone anymore. I will try My best to help you get better. It may entail some discomfort along the process of redemption, but I will do My part to ensure you grow from the experience. Because I care for you. #StrictMotivation

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