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#food4thought on board of sensibility

nothing gets brats on board of sensibility, like paddles and straps ensuring their accountability. #StrictMotivation proverbial #wiSdoM #food4thought




May the Force be with you 2018 {SM1805}

Happy Jedi day, anno Domini 2018 ~ May the 4th be with you!

On Jedi day we are reminded even if pop-culturally that each of us has a choice. The choice how we will invest our energy and thus spend our lives. Energy just is energy. You can thus choose whether you will approach the energy from the Jedi side, like a hero, or from the dark side, like a zero. Yes, yes, I get it is stereotypical, and don’t you dare roll your eyes at Me, young lady, or I will make sure you will just as well roll your ass at Me, squirming more over My knee!

It is not even a second too early, to dole out My tough love to you, Mine, not only as a form of disciplinary maintenance and #StrictMotivation to do better and good going forward, but also to put a full stop to the broken strategies that keep disturbing and eventually derailing your life from the path of the straight and narrow towards the ditch and into abysses of tragedy. It is time, to be an adult, which means to do the tough choices, and do them right, and show the inner discipline to keep doing what is right over what would be nicer or convenient. It is time to show behavioral integrity and be proactively engaged in your healing process.

It is time you give up those strategies you are using, that in the Jedi sense are associated with *the dark side of the force*, in terms of life or success training and (re-)parenting would be considered *unwanted behaviors* or in short, would be associated with #badgirl

While yes, you are a brat you also are a mom. Whether you like it or not, your responsibilities trump your conveniences and duties come before fun – unless and until you learn to deeply enjoy the #beautyofduty. You may now start to understand, why and how #diligenceisintelligence in My world because it allows you to functionally adult and thus reaping the privileges of adult life.

The childish short-sighted *to hell with consequences, I want what I want and I want it now!* #brattitude will get you no-where in life. Granted, you can indulge your mind with short-lived instant gratifications, which will ultimately lead to addictions and repetitive cycles of unhappiness. Because again you are making the choice to associate with *the dark side of the force* feeding into the field of the enemy. You are forfeiting the chance of a long-term happiness. You are sabotaging your success at life, you are undermining your ability for lasting satisfaction beyond the (illusion of) momentary bliss, promised by the fixes of the enemy. By avoiding the confrontation with potential frustrating experiences, you are getting thin-skinned thus making matters only worse and worse.

Instead of building your abilities and thus yourself and your tolerance for hardship up, becoming the victor in life, you are now settling for a situational victim. You are entering the vicious cycle´, and running blind-sighted into the trap the enemy lays out and coats with the “sweetness of deceit” or “deceitful sweetness” as it actually turns out: your selfsabotage makes you feel weaker and inapt to deal with stuff in a healthy way, thus you will resort to unhealthy ways, which will create more chaos while robbing you of the abiliies to deal with it, which creates a greater hunger for more of the benumbing, which prevents the growth necessary, and it is a not-marry go round, and spirals out of control getting ugly, and uglier still in a hurry.

The best way to break free from this vicious cycle of self-abuse is to not enter it at all. But as things are, that ship has sailed. So now, that you are being pummeled by life, for the bad choices taken, what you need to do is take a few steps back, and make a better decision next time. The adult decision. The option A. You have tried plan b (#brat) and look where it got you. Your life is a mess, not a success. Instead of the bliss, you have unveiled that the enemy is a trickster and a liar. The enemy deals in lies and half-truths, in omissions and other forms of deceit. And that is why we do not mingle with that minion of evil in the first place and why we force ourselves if necessary, to be better, braver and thus more immune to temptations of loop-holes and short-cuts that in the end only cut ourselves short of true happiness.


Stepping back hurts. It hurts the pride. It humbles us, and it is painful, but this humbling experience also strengthens us. No longer can we walk on our feet, the head held high. We are forced to our knees, as to get closer to the source and strengthen our roots. Before we can re-grow the new branch, the future stem strong enough to withstand the storms of life, and the outrages, the tempests, and the attacks of the enemy, we need to crouch back onto the ground, of which’s bosom we sprang. Here, humbled we refill our being with the strength and the force of life.

That very kneeling, painful as it is, serves to the future glory. Oh yes, you can endure hard things. Oh yes, you too can handle the pain, and you will grow a thicker skin, and your ability to endure. You will suffer at the moment, granted, and suffer a lot. It will not be times of pride nor convenience. They will be trying times and tiring times. They will be hard and maybe harsh. They will feel undoable, horrifying, excruciating at times, but they are to be endured and ideally to be embraced because they grow your backbone to become the brave soldier you need to be so that life and the enemy don’t bring you down eternally.

Avoiding pain does not work, because pain is inevitable as a factor of growth. Suffering, however, is optional and just a bad choice you are making. Since you lacked the self-discipline to adult on your own, I will, as your Protector provide the discipline from the outside. I will make sure you learn to endure the pain, for when endured well, it is momentary pain that too will pass. Your avoidance tactics are just a void-dance antics. They trap you on a track to misery and eventual tragedy. Since you chose the enemy over what is right and good, you have also chosen the consequences you now have coming. You will be working on divorcing yourself from the unholy communion with the unholy, the enemy, and all the senseless, repetitive suffering that it entails.

You will learn to get a glimpse into the true nature of the sugarcoated evil the enemy deals. That short-lived fake bliss will come with a kiss of the pain you are setting yourself up. We will sour and bitter up that quick fix, that loop-hole, that short-cut, that bypass you would choose in an idle attempt to circumvent the hardship growth holds. You will get a taste of the true nature of the unholy ally you prefer over the Principle of Love. Your avoidance attitude will come now with a painful price of its own. Giving you an idea of the senseless suffering you are setting yourself up for through your self-sabotage.

You will learn that there is no alternative to the straight and narrow path of the righteous. You will learn to embrace the blessings bestowed upon you, the chance to change and even the pain of growth. You will learn to embrace diligence as the intelligence it is. You will learn to embrace the beauty in duty. You will embrace the privileges of being a responsible adult and a reliable member of society, an upstanding, law-abiding citizen, serving in humbleness and gratitude, working towards the perpetual bliss of true freedom and true happiness under God, in the Name of LOVE. And, so help Me God, I will lead your way, step by step.

We do not bow down to the temptations of evil, its false promises of power through manipulation, lies, deceit, and slavery to the powers of darkness. We, like the Jedi, choose to grow from within. We choose to defy the temptations of suppressing and oppressing, aggressing and depressing. We do not succumb to the dark side of the force, no matter what sweet promise it may make. We see through its fog of lies and deceptions. For we are made of light to illuminate the darkness like torches, like lightsabers. For we are born from the Great Origin, and destined to be vessels of the very energy, in resonance with God’s plan.

May the Force be with you.

Momentary bliss is the key to an abyss. The hardship of growth is an investment beyond now, beyond doubt into success and perpetual happiness. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

Happy Jedi day, anno Domini 2018 ~ May the 4th be with you!









Well, time for our little talk …


Well, it is THAT time again
time for our little talk
and even though there may be some pain
forgo it we cannot

come here My little one
don’t delay,
I know: “this is no fun”
but we do not have the whole day!

you guess that right, that Mr. Spoon
and His friend the brat T tamer
are going to teach lessons soon
to Daddy’s lil complainer!

you get to listen to the unfailing
to the wisdom unwavering
through Daddy Strict’s firm hand
about why you need a punishment

even when you think “not fairrrrr!”
big puppy eyes filled with despair
while the corner welcomes you
to hear the scolding in there too

your Daddy loves and truly cares
not just for today and tomorrow,
He wants you safe from evil fares
and traps of sordid sorrow!

Daddy’s love is for the longest time
thus your bases need to be covered
and you kept safe from sin and crime
’cause the enemy is a coward!

he lurks around the edges
he preys on doubt and dark
he strives on poisoned wedges
false promise of sweetest sparks

he promises ease without hardship
he promises momentary bliss
short-lived are rewards on his ship
while trapping you in his abyss

Daddy sees around the corners
on streets, you can’t even foresee
knowing that early on warnings
protect His from the enemy

that means, My little one, this very truth
that even if it sounds unfair to you,
you find yourself dangling over His knee,
receiving the Discipline, much needed indeed

Daddy StrictMotivation


#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


a ray of light (#SpankieMonster)



oh aren’t you a ray of light,
in which everyone would take delight?
find it’s sarcastic and not true –
means I need to get through to you.


Together we will change your ways,
make you wear a grateful face,
even if you may like it not,
I will not be sparing the rod.


For every matter under the sun,
Mother Nature does provide us some,
organic grown and precious tools,
that turn around pigheaded fools.


from ash to pine from birch to beech,
a lesson they know well to teach.
Some polished up, some as they grew,
go-green they say, that oath renew.


And for those brats’ health impediments,
if allergic to wooden implements,
don’t worry and fret, for your true sass,
the white cane is made of fiber-glass!


As you can see, the bar’s not low,
from crooked to straight, man-made to grown,
some still carry their coat of bark,
yet you will take the lesson to heart,


and I will take it to your butt,
your thighs, palms, feet and what you got!
In the end, you too will know.
When Sir teaches you, you too will ow.


❤ #SpankieMonster
#SMart poem and picture.
#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt


#SMalt paDDle brush (171122 #food4thought)


#food4thought yes, it is My declared plan to have every Top (and bottom) to have their own bratTtamer paDDle brush. working on that goal, one paDDle at a time #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt

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#food4thought #bathbrush 170814

Brats be asking why the bath brush? #SMart answer: brush cleanses with vigour and its message delivers. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #discipline #structure #success


#SpankieMonster Explains Words #smew