SMile! also is an acronym, short for

Structure Motivation Individual Life Education


SMile! is a working method for an improved way of life

and to reaching of life goals!


This holistic Shaman Life Coaching Method we have created, over 20 years ago and have been using and perfecting it ever since. We are offering this service successfully for customers nationally and internationally both in German and English language


  • SMile!  is no superficial make-up:
  • SMile! does not sugar-coat or cover-up anything. It addresses honestly and truthfully the origins of our respective issues.
  • SMile! offers help to help yourself


  • SMile! is a conscious choice and a program serving freedom and self-determination. It educates you using these values responsibly and efficiently
  • SMile!  makes complex issues less complicated and helps overcoming obstacles and leaving them in the past, with results built to last.


  • SMile!  de-clusters circumstances we consider troublesome
  • SMile! fights the origins and addresses the roots of evil, rather than just treating its symptoms, and being held up with distracting secondary effects; which would be nothing but effort- and time-consuming but ineffective.
  • Because when the root is treated, all else will follow suit and fall in place.


  • SMile! shows us, how to not stand in our own way
  • SMile! helps making the right decisions
  • SMile!  educates us to be efficient


  • SMile! is a consciously authoritative, consensual program that insistingly changes our lives for our own good.
  • SMile!  trains constructive and energy efficient behavior, thinking and actions.


  • SMile! helps us living free from fear, anxiety, compulsions and addictions
  • As a capable doctor would mercilessly fight the origins of an illness, SMile! is directed against (self-)destructive and deconstructive attitudes and replaces them through creative and constructive behaviors


  • SMile! instructs to develop and use tools, to reaching goals directly
  • SMile!  empowers you to be the master of your fate, instead of being tossed around by fate like a rag-doll.
  • SMile! optimizes your thought process: your thinking and actions set the tone of how your life will play out, not its circumstances!
  • SMile! reminds you of your destiny and leads you on your life’s path


  • SMile!  inspires you to be a Victor, not a victim at life:

  • SMile! transforms failing into success

  • SMile! turns obstacles into opportunity
  • SMile! uses the energy even in adversity as an alternative fuel to propel us at life


  • SMile! transforms crippling intricateness into productive action

  • SMile! simply conjures long lasting ease into life

  • smileplus20
  • SMile! is not complicated and can be done self dependently from the convenience of your home via e-mail instructions
  • SMile! now is available via e-mail at easily affordable flat-rates


  • SMile!  Modules cover a coaching period of 28 consecutive days (!). Discretion and confidentiality is always implied
  • SMile! Modules can be booked individually or you may opt for the 11 for the price of 10 option.
  • SMile! is also available for businesses, relationships/families or for special interest groups: if interested, please ask for details
  • Optionally and upon request 1 on 1 coaching via phone, skype / messangers or in person are available. These extra time intensive services however are significantly more expensive. Contact us for a quote


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Our affordable rates for #SMILE! start as low as 30$*,

*for details please see catalog’s excerpt and explications below


{SMile! IAM1 {individual accountability motivation} [SMo55
(1 behavior monitored)               @ $55. / 28 days}

weekly reporting
signature affirmation included
access to members’ exclusive content
eligible discount for Z services 5%

{SMile! IAM2 {individual accountability motivation} [SMo56
(up to 2 behaviors monitored) @ $100. / 28 days}

weekly reporting
signature affirmation included
access to members’ exclusive content
eligible discount for Z services 10%

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{SMile! IAM4 {individual accountability motivation} [SMo57
(up to 4 behaviors monitored)   @ $190. / 28 days

weekly reporting
signature affirmation included
access to members’ exclusive content
eligible discount for Z services 15%

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{SMile! BasE}{Advanced Life Coaching plan} [SMo 54
 intensive life coaching plan                       @ $280.  / 28 days

bi-daily reporting / up to 4 reports per week
including navigational compass training to succeed at life
including basic & advanced affirmations
eligible discount for Z services 20%

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{SMile! star]{building up, rewards based life coaching:

weekly reporting
including basic & advanced affirmations
unique star based motivational program
basic introduction to navigational compass use

  • for adults; esp depressed) [SMo52 = 300$ / 28 days
  • eligible discount for Z services 30%
  • for minors; [SMo53 = 250$ / 28 days
  • eligible discount for Z services 25%

{SMile! plus}{Extra Intensive Life Coaching plan} 
payable in once [SMo51 400$ / 28 days

payment plans: or 210 $ per 14 days or 110$ per week

daily reporting (6 reports per week)
including navigational compass training to succeed at life
including SEED training, for deep understanding
including basic, advanced and sophisticated affirmations
eligible discount for Z services 50%

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{SMile! 11]{ One on One Consulting; with a shaman/life coach/trainer
in real time (chat/phone} [SMo 58
$ / minutes : 30$/15M, 50$/30M, 100$/65M 200$/150M
via extra-mail [SMo 59 = 50$ / per topic via mail

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{SMile! 10]{ personal exclusive affirmation service} [SMo 50
38,00 USD / each




Currency: the symbol $ is generic for the perspective currency

our currency conversion rate of USD: GBP: SFR : Euro is always 1:1. We accept paypal payments in any of the listed 4 currenies (GBP, Euro, USD, SFR)

Services provided in English language are offered for payment in USD.

Services provided in German language are offered for payment in Euro

all above prices are when paid for in full, in advance via paypal

Services offered through third party market-places, such as but not limited to, ebay, etsy etc may vary. Direct payment via IBAN/BIC/SWIFT in Euro only (regardless in which language the services is provided)

this price list replaces all former price lists. Valid from April 3rd 2017

Question? dont hesitate to ask




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