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The Mission of our Online Boarding School OBSIDIAN

by Dean Strict Meaner StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

As every  esteemed institute we care greatly for the well being and an orderly conduct of the enlisted students. Our virtual school allows you, our future student, to not only get your inner brat’s attitude checked, but also to improve your behavior and performance at life. 

polished rainbow obsidian from Mexico

Obsidians are a family of semi-precious minerals that are formed when volcanoes erupt. They are natural volcanic glass which at times is laced with visible spots of feldspar – in that case we are witnessing a transformation. Hence this stone represents, like few others, transformation processes. From the liquid hot lava, to a volcanic glass and later to feldspar this stone represents an eventful journey. That is one of the reasons we have chosen this beautiful natural material as the name patron to our institution. We too believe, that will time and effort, even the most hard headed can be helped to change and transform to a better version of themselves. We also know that for that to happen, it takes quite some heat, pressure, consistency, effort and patience. But as time progresses, with dedicated effort, care and attention, the heat will cool off and reveal a completely new beauty. The wildness of the lava is tamed, and exposes a stone ready to be cut, polished and set into outstanding jewelry or shine in its own right.

The shortcut of the term obsidian (“obs”) is a fun pun: in naval traditions obs stands for the observatory. #OBS also is an acronym for what we are all about: Online Boarding School. OBSIDIAN too forms an acronym in its own standing, describing eloquently both; what we provide in our institution: Orderly Behavioral Structure Individual Discipline InterActioN and the values we represent Order, Behavior, Structure, Ideals, Diligence, Individuality, Actions and Nourishment.

As the Dean of this esteemed institution (where only consenting adults can enroll) I am  closely monitoring the students progress, using traditional forms of discipline and correction to deter bad, unwanted and ill behaviors for those students who are under My wings. We have a zero tolerance policy for misbehavior, disobedience, laziness and giving up. you will be getting better either through self motivation or be made to through means of Strict Motivation. You are working with an experienced and seasoned success trainer and life coach and we be held accountable and to a higher standard to make sure your education and stay in our care is beneficial for your personal development and sets you up for a more fulfilled life in your future

From the convenience of your home, at your place and your pace, you can sign your inner brat, little or middle to the OBS Obsidian where you are allowed and inspired to playfully learn,  train, re-learn or re-train a more healthy, motivated, structured and successful way of life. Whether you do it as a pass-time or with the goal of self-improvement will determine how much real life benefit you will reap from that experience.

The OBS OBSIDIAN is a branch of the holistic, working, step by step  life coaching, healthy living and success training SMile! and SMalt! life coaching plans by #StrictMotivation

Candidates for the school may decide whether they want to enroll as students for a full OBS Term, or just engage for one OBS segment/semester in a trainee position. An OBS Semester/segment consists of 7 consecutive days. An OBS Term consists of 28 consecutive days, with 4 segments (“semesters”) of 7 consecutive days each.  


Whether you want to tackle fantasy scenarios or role play or “real life issues” is up to you. Either way you will be given an opportunity to learn and to keep your inner brat in check. Because there is a lot that We can do, about your “br-attitude”

Our House rules will entail an individually tailored, personal regiment which will be monitored. Our students are given a form of educational aka maintenance discipline as a guideline and to assure ongoing discipline in Our institute and your own life.  You will report timely on your progress and graded accordingly. Based on the reports, you will  receive a report card  for every segment/”semester” with a consequence defined by your conduct. A pep talk, possibly additional privileges assigned as a reward for the well behaved students, a talk down lecture and a punishment for the miscreants.


We care enough about you, to provide you with the necessary Discipline & Structure for your own good. The severity of the consequences will vary on your tolerance levels, because we work within clearly defined limits and are vehemently opposed to any abuse in our House. Positive enforcement and motivation of wanted, good behaviors also is offered to our students, through rewards for impeccable, desirable, exemplary achievements depending on your performance in the prior segment.

OBS OBSIDIAN currently is accepting new students:


Reasonably priced for an affordable tuition starting as low as $30.00 USD for a one-“OBS semester” trainee position and USD 100.00 for a whole OBS Term as enrolled student this thrill could be yours to have!

anim_$1Safe up to 50% tuitionlicht - lampefees in our OBSIDIAN Spring 17 Special:

  •  one-“OBS semester” trainee position @ USD 20.00$ *
  • OBS Term (4 “semesters”) student position @ USD 50.00$*

(*for sign ups including payments till May 31st 2017):

Don’t miss out and sign up today!

Sincerely, Dean Strict Meaner ~ (c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

OBS OBSIDIAN by StrictMotivation@yahoo.com is for consenting adults only of any adult age, ethnicity, gender identity, spiritual background, location, social / relationship / employment status, role, or sexual orientation.



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