Maybe you seek more the lighthearted fun? Someone to play with: Some boundary pushing to see how far you can take your inner brat?


Maybe you want to role play, Teacher/student or Parent/child…

Or just be yourself and turn your brat on!


You  have (or just pretend to have) done something you shouldn’t have. You seek the thrill of “being in trouble”, the butterflies that turn into helicopters. When you hear your first name & middle name, being called young lady/young man and other alarming lines: “wait till we get home…. “


You need that buzz of having your inventory taken and being held accountable. That *Look* when Authority checks your attitude, those tedious lectures, that dreaded corner, the implements laid out to be used later…

And you need someone experienced and safe who will hold you in line and punish or funish you as needed? I am that very Top just the same.


contact Me,

and… let’s see what we can do, about your brattitude


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