#food4thought building bridges

I am a Bridge-builder giving you Direction: Step-by-step providing Motivation for you to get better. talking the talk and walking the walk, you are NOT in this alone, go get traction #StrictMotivation #food4thought



a blessed, Sunday rest


My dear friends, on each end of the world, to you all, boys and girls. I am sending you tons of cuddles, huggles, love, and prayers and wishes for a blessed Sunday rest, knowing that you will try to be your best, so the paddles don’t need to have a spanking fest! #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt


you may think I am cruel


You may think I am cruel, but I am not. You are very cruel, and you don’t mind abusing yourself, sometimes even showing disgraceful behavior towards other people. that, of course, is your call and you would like to make that none of My business


I am not cruel, I am Strict and I am the Meaner. What I do has a meaning, and I mean what I do. I am implementing stuff intentionally, thoughtfully, empathically, and with strictness and consequentiality, thoroughly but I am not cruel.


when a child runs towards rail tracks with the train approaching, and you run after the child and trip it before it reaches the tracks, and it has a bleeding knee because of the rescue mission, that is collateral damage, yes, but certainly not cruel. letting the child run into the tracks, that would be cruel


when you watch someone bully and abuse, letting them continue their destructive ways, is cruel. stopping them, even at the cost of causing some temporary discomfort, is not cruel. it is a necessary intervention.


when you have a tumor and the doctor is cutting it out and cuts into else untouched flesh, that also is a collateral damage that will be taken into account. The doctor is being thorough and not taking chances. That is hardly being cruel


When I am offering you #StrictMotivation, the methods may be archaic sometimes, tedious, or what have you and you may think they are cruel, but in that you are being unreasonable like a child, selfish like the bully and irresponsible like a doctor afraid to be thorough. You are factually being eaten by your own cancer of cruelty and shortsightedness.



If it makes you feel good to call Me names, and adjectives that don’t fit, though you may feel entitled to that opinion, you are doing yourself another disfavor. You are just proving My point that you do need a lot more training and a lot of said #StrictMotivation that triggered your ill response in the first place


I am not giving in to the ill, I am not bargaining with an enemy and I am not negotiating on those terms. I will work within the set parameters with consequence, thoroughly and whether you like Me (or my methods) or not is none of My business. Your behaviors as your betterment however are.


#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

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#food4thought: in a good mood

I am in a Good Mood today. That does not mean I will tolerate bs. That means, if you do bs, I will hold you to a standard while SMiling #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter



DD = Daddy’s Day {#SM1806


Every day is Daddy’s day, at least every good Daddy will tell you that this is true. I take care of Mine, day in and day out, and gladly. I thank the Lord for all that He allows Me to do for Mine, every day. And that is the most fulfilling, satisfactory feeling in the world. Knowing that I can be of Service and that by being the unique Me, My sort of vice, the Sir vice I am offering helps those of My Tribe to strive and arrive at a good place, the place they deserve at life.


No father can be prouder, than a loving Daddy. My love is abundant and I love Mine without condition. To a fault, with the intensity of My big giant heart. No, I am not throwing Myself a parade. This big heart of Mine, that will break for Mine and grow, and shower them with love and attention and praise, will be just as generous with love and attention when it comes to deterring unwanted (aka bad) behaviors.


I call this the praise and paddle approach. Giving abundantly, freely and enthusiastically (preferably) the tender and caring love, but also not sparing the “spoiled (adult) child” the rod of discipline and the tough love needed to steer Mine towards and keep them on the path of the straight and narrow.


My early motivational poster quote read: “Because we Dare to care and love, we feel no Shame, no Malice” And it is true as far as I am concerned.


Whatever legally adult age you are, regardless of your spiritual background or lack thereof, your sexual orientation, your lifestyle role or your profession, your marital status, which genders identity you have, or what shape your body has… this has no influence on My love for Mine. Love loves the diversity and individuality. I just love.


And though loving is enough. Though love is all we need. Though to every challenge and every disaster, love is the answer, and though the love I give needs not be reappropriated, in order for Me to give it, or for Me to be happy, of course, when I receive those giant showing of appreciation by Mine, those symbols and yes status symbols at that of how much My love is appreciated, I am so very deeply moved.


And ever so grateful. Thank you, Mine, all of you. And a very special thank you to those of you, who even went that extra mile, to let Daddy know, how much you care. It makes My Daddy’s day even more extra special.

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Daddy Strict

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

#food4though: this ain’t good!


Q: Will everything be alright? I am afraid, because things don’t look good at this time.

A: Everything is going to be good, not just alright. Know, that we all come from the source of good. So good, that our name for the source fits into the word, good. “O, God” is an annagram to “good”, you see? so since we come from good and will return to good, all will be good in the end. Now you shake your head, and say: but, it is not good now? Well, then rejoyce. If it is not good now, it is not the end either! O, God Bless #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter



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