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contradicting your Sir? think again!

Oh, how tempting it is, to tell your Sir your side of the story, your point of view, your reasons for whatever you would do. Because let’s face it: you did not do, as you do, out of the blue. You have had your reasons too.
Your reasons are yours to have, and whatever you are telling yourself, that seems to justify and make it alright, can be yours to keep any day or night. Your side of the story though needs not to be talked about. because your actions have done all the talking. You already presented your case, and Sir will be having a point to make, you can trust it. If your actions have been great? you sure will get a reward. If they were lame, a punishment your Sir will award.
And you have to also learn to do as you are told and not be headstrong.  Your stubbornness does not always lead to perfection, you see; sometimes it ends in a perfect mess, with you having a bright red, spanked ass, and bubbles in your mouth to test, whether or not you should not put your disobedience to rest. Because your Sir Meaner knows best. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter Alternative Life Training #SMalt

Mercury retrograde explained

it’s mercury retrograde, electronics go ughy during that time.
that’s like, them electronics say, hey Daddy Mercury is outta whack, so us electronic babies let’s be some brats! #ShamanMagic #StrictMotivation


#food4thought: catch some tan

A good switching outside really tans the hide! #SpankieMonster

PSA: Always use sunscreen or I will make you scream! #SpankieMonster

#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt





I tolerate a lot. I tolerate a lot of things many a top would not in a million years dream to tolerate. But I do not tolerate insubordination, aka willful disobedience/defiance. not because I am a prick, and not like I will release those who are insubordinate, but because I care more about your betterment than you are in that moment and I will not be setting you up for failure. so if you ask Me to help you get better and they are defiant and willful and try to bully Me into having it your bad ways, I will land on you like a million tons of bricks, and put a sudden end to your insubordination. Because I actually, do, care about you! #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbbetter #stepbystep #holistic #lifecoaching


#food4thought. you need Me to repeat an order?

Here is the deal. I have learned to listen twice and watch twice, and talk once. Meaning when I open My mouth to give you an order I expect obedience. Your obedience does not require your understanding, not even your agreement. your obedience only requires obedience. If you need a second invite, let Me inform you, that if Sir Meaner has to repeat Himself, the second voice in the choir is going to be #SpankieMonster. #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt 


#food4though 180719 Hawk radar

busy day ahead. yall better behave, because the Hawk radar is always on, and always on point. If the #HawkRadar gives Me a buzz, there will be the application of tough love, love #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #stepbystep SMILE!


#go2bed 180710 Dragon Daddy

Once upon a time in a land far, far away

A little turtle girl dared past her bedtime awake to stay

As she wiggled and she giggled she did notice not

How her Daddy, the Dragon, was amused not!

And before she knew it, her giggles and teehees

Ended in her dangling, over Daddy’s knees

And with His heavy tail and quite a heavy heart

The Dragon Daddy spanked, His naughty girl quite hard

Now the little turtle was nothing but all promise

While the skillful spanks sure their aim just wouldn’t miss!

And the little turtle who past bedtime had been naught

With Strict Motivation, a lesson has been taught

Finally, as she softly wept, wishing she had nicely slept

with buttocks glowing already all red,

she was nothing but all ready to #go2bed

#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt