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#RiseAndShine 190121#troublelane

have a blessed day and stay away from trouble lane, because #SpankieMonster runs rampant today. you have been warned. if you don’t listen to My warning your bottoms will be warmed! 😛 a message of #pure love for today, by Daddy #SirMeaner: #SMalt #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training ~ #wejustgetbetter #slapbyslap



Half-assed or well-done?

#food4thought 190119 an Atonement Saturday with #StrictMotivation

a half-assed done job is only worth a crap #StrictMotivation

Life is, no matter whom you ask, a lot about choices. While, yes, it is true, that we are not all equipped with the same talents, and confronted with the same circumstance, we all have in common that we have to make choices, all the time. The kind of choices we are making will influence in a result, how our lives will be going.

This is reflected in some metaphorical traditional proverbs. “the way you make your bed, is the way you’re going to sleep.” (Central European proverb). “A tree falls the way it leans.” (Walloon), “He that lies down with the dogs riseth with fleas.” (George Herbert) and more pointedly  “Everyone gets their just deserts.” (unknown origin, but sounds like Ogres Islands).

It is equally portrayed in some commonsensical “Doctor-Philisms” such as: “when we choose a behavior we are choosing all its consequences.”; as well as in the much related “SirMeanerism” of “you can choose your behaviors and I will choose your consequences”


a half-assed done job is only worth a crap #StrictMotivation

While, yes, not everyone is presented with the same talents, and the same circumstances and life is not fair as a general rule, there still is this fairness for all: we all are equal in being human, having 24 hours in a given day, and the opportunity to make choices for ourselves that will become either contributors or contaminators to the goals we are trying to achieve.

It is evident, that making good choices, or right choices, is very important. That slacking on the choices making process will become detrimental to our overall happiness.

There is probably no-one on this earth who does not on some level wish for perpetual happiness. But, there are very few people who actually reach that state. They all have in common though, that they have a sense of determination, and that they have a sense of accountability. They are people who will readily accept help where they are struggling, and who will not be lazy about accomplishing their goals. Their happiness is based on the principles of doing things well.

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What stands in the way, to that state of happiness, hence, are bad choices, choices that are fueled by a reservoir of negativity. Those shortsighted choices, that do not think about the consequences. The spur of the fleeting moment of hurt decisions, that will carry on to hurt, long after the initial pain is gone. The impulsive decisions based on momentary happiness meant to be outlived by the very pain, they were supposed to suppress or camouflage. What Sir Meaner calls “A void dance of avoidance. ” and the “add ick actions called addictions”. They all are powered by the same root evil. Bad choices.


And one such bad choice, that accomplishes nothing good, is the “giving-upiness” especially the kind of giving up masked as “trying” without achievement as a goal. That void trying, where we are not challenging ourselves. The feeble attempts to impress the superficial onlooker, the mask, the – let’s call a shovel a spade: half-assed-work-done deal. 

And because this is underachieving and insulting to creation, where everyone and everything strives to grow and follows the principle of creating an abundance, not just wealth for its own greed, but generously and altruistically for everyone, a bounty, and wealth to share, we are striving to be and do better.


We set the goals and set ourselves up to achieving them. We fight, and if we cannot win, we will die fighting, but we just do not give up. We achieve and we overachieve because we have faith, we have a connection, we have accountability in our lives, and because we actually understand, that even from a position of ego or greed, of wanting good for our own self, there is no alternative to hard, SMart work, creating abundance and sharing it generously, no shortcut to success, no discouragement in discipline and no abandonment of accountability, in order to achieve a state of worthy, lasting happiness. Because in our heart of hearts we do embrace, the #POSITIVITY of #StrictMotivation and acknowledge that a half-assed done job is a crappy job indeed. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #stepbystep



Happy Bee’sDay, Mine!


the weirdest dance, of any bee
is the dance performed over My knee

it is the dance, some of us know
shying away from what is bestowed

repeatedly with vigor and
an in iron fist held implement


onto the seat of correction
bringing to our attention

all coming shorts, all minor ills
or lapses of judgment, all bitter pills

all bigger mistakes, all oops I slipped
all I did not mean to, I only flipped


those bad habits we need, to finally break
all sleeping in or staying up late

all excuses made when work was due
all fibs, and white lies, we uttered too

all minor events, with big consequence
all major mishaps, each messed up a chance

every talking back, worth of condemnation
let alone the ill; called procrastination


every foul language that slipped from the mouth
every stomped foot, temper going south

every temptation, we could not resist
every time we did not, just cease and desist


because we insist, life just goes our way
and rules don’t apply, just only today

that sordid dance, of sorry butts
thighs on fire hurting lots


that time of big inconvenience
when we are exposed to Dominance

holding us to that standard high
the nose points down, butt to the sky

and when those spanks land flat and square
with #SpankieMonster’s continuous care


with precision to cause all pain
and sitting just won’t be the same

when swimming away from that very lap
seems like the best idea, we ever have had

yet turns out, through ferocious fate
it was again, a bad mistake!


and now the corner, most monstrous
awaits us to spend tasks totes tedious

positions in stress, body parts askew
painful position, oh man, who knew?

time standing still moves in leaded feet
a time-out being, not what we just need!


and yet something weird soon meets us with ease
being put back, square across those knees

and then, it is no coincidence
once more with feeling, the bees weird lap dance

Happy Birthday, My bee!


bee Keeper
Sir Meaner


funishment, punishment? betterment! {SM191}

It is a wonderful discussion topic, the difference between punishment and funishment. Here is My experience with this. Some words of definition for the sake of understanding of how I will use the terminology in this discussion:

  • punishment = a set of (consensual) actions imposed by the Top by their will and at their discretion onto the bottom with the intent to DETER certain unwanted behavior/s or action/s by the bottom in the future
  • funishment = a set of (consensual) actions imposed by the Top by their will and at their discretion onto the bottom with the intent of mutual enjoyment on at least some level

the difference between punishment and funishment thus is the intent behind it, meaning what is the desired outcome. If it is – at the end of the day – just for fun, basically anything goes. even if parts of the funishment may be hard to take, the receiver will still be able to enjoy it in some ways. funishment, therefore, is not a suitable deterrent.

a devised punishment, where the bottom does not (care to) change their unwanted behaviors, or even worse, creates situations to get more of said attention is not a punishment by the definition above, but an involuntary funishment.

a punishment not only must have the intention but actually, the effect on the receiving bottom, to want to change their ill ways to better/wanted (by the Top) ways. unless and until that goal is reached, all punishment attempts are “play” or funishment.

in order a punishment to be effective, thus, the Top has to be interested and monitor the behavior after the punishment is executed and critically analyze, whether the devised means are reaching the desired outcomes, or need to be tweaked and adapted.

In My personal practice, I choose punishments from a wide array of areas. Neither do I use a “one size fits all” attempt, when it comes to what means I am using, nor about whom they are applied to. I understand, that each bottom is different, unique, and that something, that may work well with one person may completely not work with another. I understand, too, that even if something used to work once with someone, or even many times, it may not always work, and so I do monitor closely, if my objectives (that I do not fully share with the recipients) were reached, or not – and tweak My strategies with them accordingly.

I do not only know My impact/spanking implements, but also the power of a choice lecture, a scolding, a talk down, a pep talk, speech – and no, these are not synonyms necessarily. I know the use and futility of interviews and interrogations alike, though they are two pairs of shoes, too. I know the tools that I have invented or adapted, as well as those that others have used before Me – at least the wide repertoire I do use. I combine from different aspects and make sure that an effective punishment covers more than just one field, thus making chances for it to have the desired effect higher

I use non-verbal cues, rituals, and metaphors in actions as in words to create a more varied, more sophisticated, more complex, more complete, more holistic “plan of attack”, making it incredibly more difficult for the bottom to manipulate the outcome of the punishment to “their fancy”. Punishment time, as you can ask Mine, is therefor a time of stress, of undesirable sensations, mixed with a feeling of vulnerability/exposure and loss of (self-)control for them, enough to jump-start their will to implement changes they perceive as momentarily hard/undoable/difficult with a sense of urgency.

Because what matters in the end, is not the enjoyment of a jolly good time with funishment, nor to have implemented some kick-ass punishment, but that which solely matters to Me: their very betterment. #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt

“you cannot punish a spanko by spanking”

Having been into this for a long time, and talking to people from different walks of life, this line is one of the most prominent believes: “you cannot punish a spanko by a spanking” 

And, this line has its merits, especially the merit of logic. If someone identifies as spankophile, meaning someone turned on by, or fascinated by spankings, especially receiving those, it is purely logical, that administering an action they adore will not be any deterrent, and thus a punishment will fail in its desired effect.

This line, as logical as it may sound, is not as sound as it appears, let alone a universal truth. It reflects the logic or experiences of whoever is uttering this line, and shows that they personally are not capable to deliver that experience. A versed Dominant, Daddy, or Disciplinarian knows it takes two to tango and uses that to their advantage; to punish (even a spankophile) with an effective punishment spanking, which will create the desired dread to be an effective deterrent.

Being a holistic life coach, I am aware that attitude creates headspace, and headspace forms attitudes. I am capable to use tools effectively to reach the desired results while keeping the best long-time interest of those under My wings at heart. Whichever worthy life goal you are after: healthy living, weight loss, success, finding fulfilling relationships or whatever battle you are fighting and need help overcoming: addiction, depression, anger, impulsiveness etc., I am always #happy2help, holistically, for your own best.

Don’t leave your life’s betterment in the hands of amateurs. Work with the best: #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt

StrictMotivation is designed to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home; at your pace and your place, tailored individually to your specific needs. #StrictMotivation offers you the chance of reaching your worthy life goals. #StrictMotivation works for consenting adults and families/businesses, regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender identity, spiritual background, location, social / relationship/employment status, role, or sexual orientation. Reasonably priced, easily affordable rates and a working step by step program: My success rate with willing people tops 90% No tricks; just get better with #StrictMotivation

when I see Mine being diligent

OOOH, don’t I love those diligenting pics
and guess what caught Sir Meaner’s eye?
that wooden spoon on the counter,
ha – well, that’s no Sir prize!!!

I savor that moment – I close My eyes
and take you on a journey, Mine
transcending space, in Sir Meaner’s ways
prepared to dance, transcending time

I can see you in your kitchen space
see, some sweat pearling down on your face
as you rummage around prepping food
being diligent for Daddy, being good

I am a Shadow, you do not see
but I feel that itch, up from my knee
and so the Shadow, that your work did call
Materializes straight from the wall

you feel a hand that pushes you down
an invisible hand lifts up your gown
you’re taken aback and yet you smile
knowing too well, this will last for a while

bent over the counter, your butt sticks out
you see the hand grabbing the wooden spoon
you cannot help it, as your lips pout
before #SpankieMonster starts His typhoon

The spanks land flat with loudest cracks
The spoon does hurt with every SMack
the bees that sting the burning skin
but Daddy Sir, I have done no sin?

There is no BUT in thank You, Sir
you hear those words in sweet despair
the spankings land now on your thighs
the air is filled with shrieks and cries

the legs’ skin flags some rouge and pink
as your hands grab tight in the sink
and wishing for some water cool
that thought – oh no – I’m such a fool

#SpankieMonster is #happy2help
He finishes the spanking, while you still yelp
and opens the faucet of water cold
a cleansing cloth under the faucet to hold

swiftly His hands use the cold water compress
applying it ungently yet it soothes some distress
that cold cooling water soaks now your skin
but, oh the consequences, this kindness will bring!

As #SpankieMonster the spanking resumes
how much more it burns, that once soothed moon
The ow’s and the cries now are even more shrill
for Sir Meaner this truly is the thrill

the spoon now lands where it had already been
when Daddy Sir spanks, His spankings are keen
the butt is a wobbling, a wiggling worm
while Daddy Sir Meaner spanks up a mean storm

Where once there was rouge, and maybe soft rose
some severe red cherry and crimson arose
the burning is urgent, the sting is too much
there now is some swelling, it will hurt to touch

getting out of breath, your mind goes all blank
no pattern to detect with these chaotic spanks
His voice yet is calm, His reasoning out of whack?
He notices there is, some “nice spanko sweat”

His voice keeps on talking, over your sighs
His hands teach ungently, massacring the thighs
I truly adore My girl’s diligence
it shows Me you have, submissive obedience

I know very well, My lessons do hurt
My spankings are harsh, not so My words
I take every effort to teach you with might
that it sometimes hurts, to do what is right!

I am teaching you now, a worthy lesson for life
That comfort does not help, as for better we strive
Regardless of the pain, your betterment entails
My #StrictMotivation simply never fails

Daddy Sir Meaner
#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter