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mostly posters and other digital art explaining the meaning behind words, fun puns, play on words and acronyms, as well as catch phrases, idioms and proverbs themed BDSM, D/s, Spanko or Strict Motivation mainly.

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Brats be asking why the bath brush? #SMart answer: brush cleanses with vigour and its message delivers. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #discipline #structure #success


#SpankieMonster Explains Words #smew


#AtonementSaturday is in full bloom. Making sure there will be many a red glowing moon #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


Daddy’s Discipline: like a summer storm

As much, as it hurts to get Daddy’s Discipline it also soothes and resets and can be quite healing. I may compare it to a summer thunderstorm: yes it is loud, and harsh at times, it has a certain violence to it, but at the end the air is cleared, and the ground has been fertilized (or watered anyway). Thus, Daddy’s Discipline becomes not just a renewer but also a catalyst for excelling to the higher standard after its reception.
#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter (c)

May the 4th be with you #jedi

May the 4th be with you….  –

The poster below I had created years ago and captioned with this little poem:




We are friends:

when you laugh, I laugh

when you cry

I cry

When you jump of a bridge

I will come swimming to your rescue

drag you ashore

and paddle your sorry, still wet ass

till Kingdom come

Repeat after Me:

Giving up is NOT an option


Listen closely:

I totally get that life sucks at times. I know the bitter taste of defeat. I know the bitter and nagging feeling of hunger, both physical and emotional hunger. I understand not only why you are doing bad things, but know quite well and can empathize with the hardship you are going through.


I get that pitch black dark place, that engulfs you and swallows you from time to time. I know the taunting voices that judge and condemn you, in your head and whisper their venom in your ear, 24/7. Those half truths and lies about how you are a failure and a lost cause, and how no-body gives a shit and why should you. How love hurts and how life is unfair.


I had My sshre of that and I can tell you that that spewed venom should not blind your eyes and ears for the truth. I will not promise you, life as a pleasure cruise. I will make promises that I can keep. I promise you, that of you work hard and do the right steps life will be worth it. That yes, you can bounce back from that position of defeat, and no, failing, no matter how often you have repeated that cycle is not defining you – unless you let it!


I care for you, and you too are facing what the young Luke Skywalker was facing. A hard fate, a tough situation, a cliff that seems larger than life and an abyss so dark you want to break down and give up. But giving up is not an option. Trying alone will not cut it. You need not just to try, you have to do, with wisdom and consistency of effort and then, failure has nothing on you. With love and dedication miracles are possible. Instead of giving up, take a chance, a leap of faith and get help, because we never give up. we just get better! #StrictMotivation




#RiseAndShine 161008

#RiseAndShine. Our Life-style is not an alternate universe. It is a reflection of our core values.&  expresses our very personality.#StrictMotivation


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When you confide in Me #StrictMotivation {1650}


When you confide in Me, confess something that has been weighing heavy on your shoulders or heart, I never take it for granted and cherrish you for it. It may be something from your distant past, it may be something from your very recent past, or even something going on right in this moment. It may be tripedations, and it may be immoral, it may be inconveniences or it may be regardless what it is, I don’t take your trust for granted. I am very honored, that you trust Me enough to open up and confess, that which you had been carrying around, that which was like a shadow following you and possibly holding you back or worse yet: dragging you down.


When you confide in Me, sometimes you will tell Me things that are even hard to hear. And I may take a few deep breaths before answering your confession. Do not confuse or mistake that taking a moment with Me being disappointed in you. Itit is possible, that after you have told Me, what I have to say about it to you, will not be the most pleasant things to hear – but that goes with the territory. Even if what you are telling may be disapointing My disappointment will be with your choices, not you as a person! I would be doing you a giant disservice, if – when confronted with something you should not be doing (or have done) – I was all “no big deal”. I will call a spade a spade and not likely sugarcoat things, just to play nice and make you feel good about something bad.


What I do promise is that I will help you cope and deal in a functional manner. That I will help you overcome the abyss. That I will treat you with dignity and respect. That I will seek (and help you find) solutions rather than playing guilt tripping and shaming parties, that accomplish nothing. That I will help you break free from these chains, that hinder your freedom, and your development. I will not change how I treat and see you to the worse, rather on the contrary:; I will know how much strength it takes to make a confession. I will recognize that very strength of character in you and make sure you can see it as well. I will not tear you down and tear you a new one. I will help you find redemption, cleanse you and help building you back up where you belong.

When you confide inMe I treat your confession as what it is. First and foremost confidential. Strictly confidential. I will not blast it around like idle gossip. What you confide in Me, stays between you and Me. It also constitutes as an act of courage or a call for help. I will put aside My own sensitivities, in order to offering you the help you need the most in that moment. I will not be arrogant, condescending, smug nor belitteling. I will try to empathize with you and your situation and make no condemning judgements prematurily. I will listen to everything you have to say about it, and maybe ask a few uncomfortable questions along the way, to get to the bottom of things, so I can deploy a workable strategy to get you better. If there is music to be faced I will help you facing that very music every step of the way the same.sm_old_onorngAnd even though what I have to say about it may not be a walk in the park, and I may be a sounding-board to you, I am not doing that to jerk you around and get My jollies out of it, but in your own best interest. Because I care for you in turn, for you being open, upfront and honest with Me. It is the least I can do, and I will do that with vigor. As you confided into Me, you are not in it all alone anymore. I will try My best to help you get better. It may entail some discomfort along the process of redemption, but I will do My part to ensure you grow from the experience. Because I care for you. #StrictMotivation





acronyms explained: hugs

#HUGS I am sure you have received a message that ends with the word *hugs* and you always knew people care enough, when they write something this nice? I am happy to help you understand the true meaning behind  acronyms. *you are welcome* #StrictMotivation


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