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one year shy of silver

what have we seen in 24 years
how many sleepless nights
those sheer endless streams of tears
when nothing seemed to go right

so many conflicts we had seen
and yet we would still care
in quite some calamities we have been
life sure gave us a share

juggling, struggling, fighting hard
trying to make ends meet
we started out on such hard start
but never accepted defeat

we have witnessed how life is
how fragile and just how precious
and learned to enjoy its kind sweet bliss
even in mids a tempest

we fought it out, within without
we braved the stormy weather
we had to face some duress and doubt
yet we got it all together

holding our space, put on the brave face
defying times of agony
keeping our pace, finding our ways
laughing at life’s irony

24 years, loving tears in My eyes
holding onto love, for love never dies
nothing comes between a husband and wife
any sacrifice, is well worth its price

thank you for 26 years dating,
and 24 years of marriage
and counting, and growing strong
singing love’s loving song

I love you endlessly


dedicated to My Wife, who is My Life, My Love, My Lady and the Queen of My House



The strap

the strap sleeps safely

My dear friend

resting as is

Daddy’s hand

don’t wake them

harshly nor to soon

lest they be howling

at your moon!

a ray of light (#SpankieMonster)



oh aren’t you a ray of light,
in which everyone would take delight?
find it’s sarcastic and not true –
means I need to get through to you.


Together we will change your ways,
make you wear a grateful face,
even if you may like it not,
I will not be sparing the rod.


For every matter under the sun,
Mother Nature does provide us some,
organic grown and precious tools,
that turn around pigheaded fools.


from ash to pine from birch to beech,
a lesson they know well to teach.
Some polished up, some as they grew,
go-green they say, that oath renew.


And for those brats’ health impediments,
if allergic to wooden implements,
don’t worry and fret, for your true sass,
the white cane is made of fiber-glass!


As you can see, the bar’s not low,
from crooked to straight, man-made to grown,
some still carry their coat of bark,
yet you will take the lesson to heart,


and I will take it to your butt,
your thighs, palms, feet and what you got!
In the end, you too will know.
When Sir teaches you, you too will ow.


❤ #SpankieMonster
#SMart poem and picture.
#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt


Happy Birthday Spanking Mine

Happy Birthday, to you, Mine
what a joyous wonderful time
a mere few years ago, today
our world got added a story
your story, and what a marvelous story she is


For as the Rabbis say
on that day
years ago today
when you were born
it was
that God decided
the world is incomplete
without you


And so it is indeed
who are we, Me or you
to argue
with the Great Maker
The Omnipotent Being
The Highest Principle
The Leading Principal!



And so to your celebration day
I do not come empty-handed, as they say
because I know you need
and deserve
what is solely reserved today for you
a reminder or two
as to why to renew
your dedication to life
a celebration
of the splendor and glory
of being alive!


you know, how I tell you, Mine
again and time
that it is an opportunity to grow
even though
you may growl, or even ow
and even though
you get that glow
blow by blow
that you receive
it is so you are not deceived
life was a joyride of only ease



It is simple
but easy it is not
and so that hardship it brings
is not forgot
I brought with Me
My tamer brush
designed just for you
so you would merely be
and do
what you need



and now you need to receive
blessings galore
you have no idea, right?
what sores
#SpankieMonster has in store
just for you
but you will
though without any mindset of ill
fully receive
a birthday spanking
to be at ease
with whatever life deals
day by day in your coming year
so have no fear
My dear!


bend over, My girl
and proudly present that seat
so your Sir Meaner can cover it
in red, glowing, heat!
Happy Birthday: Mine
It is your Birthday Spanking Time


#go2bed 180111

if you know how to brat you best brat your butt and #go2bed for brats who dont meet their bedtime, will be paying badly for that crime. need a better rhyme? OK: it’s corner-time #StrictMotivation


#food4thought on corners and imps

One elf and quite some IMPs in the corner end, selfimportant, impdudent, impatient, impertinent … #StrictMotivation


Blessings for the New Year, 2018

Here is a shout-out to Mine.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to help you flourish and get better.

It was not always pleasurable in the moment
(dont we know that is true)
but I am very happy with you all
putting your better foot forward in the new year to come.

Out with the old, in with the new.
And better get better or else…

you know THAT tune!

❤ #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter