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Educational: Disciplinary Maintenance

come here My lil one, I beckon you to the bed, where I am seated and where you are going to bend over My lap. yes, Daddy knows that you are dreading this talk we will be having, as you very well should!
you have been a good girl and that is a blessing, it is exactly what I want you to be. But we both know that the enemy is lurking around the corner, preying on those weak of heart or mind, ready to be lead astray to temptations, and temptations there are so many. 
you will resist the temptations though My lil one. you will keep to your #go2bed without fail. you will not bargain with yourself how you need 5 more minutes because if you did not get something done before bedtime it will wait till the next day. you will take proper and good care of My lil girl, which includes nutrition, physical exercise, hydration, hygiene, and healthcare. You will stick to your budget, you will not cuss and fuss and you will obey the rules Daddy has set in place for you.
And so you remember to do as you are instructed, taught and told I will give you a little taste of Daddy’s Discipline so you are Strictly Motivated to have all the self-discipline to not walk off the straight and narrow into the enemy’s abyss. And know, that this is going to hurt you, and it is supposed to.
But it is only a tiny portion of the pain and anguish you would have coming if you actually chose to disobey My rules and defy Me! 

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#go2bed means get off the #interweb into your #cosy #bed #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #success #weightloss #discipline #healthyliving

#food4thought on board of sensibility

nothing gets brats on board of sensibility, like paddles and straps ensuring their accountability. #StrictMotivation proverbial #wiSdoM #food4thought



working charms against ills & harms

This is not just a distant memory from days long gone by, this is the reality, that I do live by ~ For when I take the reins, to help you overcome your obstacles, and tackle your troubles, granted: there will be some growing pains. Knowing in life, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, I will stand by you, guide you and guard you, teach you and train you to achieve worthy life goals. Because I care, and because you matter; you deserve to be better. #food4thought #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter 



feeling like throwing your arms up?

whenever you feel like throwing your arms up in the air in despair, wanting to just give up and cuss and complain…?


Bring those very motions into good use. Do not try to suppress your emotions, express your emotions in a healthy way instead. So do throw the arms up in the air let your voice be heard: Dance and Sing. …. Never miss a chance to sing and Dance #StrictMotivation





ps: happy Cinque del Mayo



Well, time for our little talk …


Well, it is THAT time again
time for our little talk
and even though there may be some pain
forgo it we cannot

come here My little one
don’t delay,
I know: “this is no fun”
but we do not have the whole day!

you guess that right, that Mr. Spoon
and His friend the brat T tamer
are going to teach lessons soon
to Daddy’s lil complainer!

you get to listen to the unfailing
to the wisdom unwavering
through Daddy Strict’s firm hand
about why you need a punishment

even when you think “not fairrrrr!”
big puppy eyes filled with despair
while the corner welcomes you
to hear the scolding in there too

your Daddy loves and truly cares
not just for today and tomorrow,
He wants you safe from evil fares
and traps of sordid sorrow!

Daddy’s love is for the longest time
thus your bases need to be covered
and you kept safe from sin and crime
’cause the enemy is a coward!

he lurks around the edges
he preys on doubt and dark
he strives on poisoned wedges
false promise of sweetest sparks

he promises ease without hardship
he promises momentary bliss
short-lived are rewards on his ship
while trapping you in his abyss

Daddy sees around the corners
on streets, you can’t even foresee
knowing that early on warnings
protect His from the enemy

that means, My little one, this very truth
that even if it sounds unfair to you,
you find yourself dangling over His knee,
receiving the Discipline, much needed indeed

Daddy StrictMotivation


#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt




MRI on lifestyle burn-out

is it possible, that i am a vanilla again because i have no more kinky feelings and desires any longer. I feel empty, not willing to bottom, submit (dominate, top), nothing strikes my fancy… @doubtingkinky *name changed


In My experience, everything lives on a spectrum, not in absolutes. do you remember when it was fresh and new and shiny? that feeling of brand-new extra super special … it does not usually last, thank Goodness, it doesn’t, it would be so exhausting! then there is settling, where the frenzied feeling is gone, and you might find yourself hungover, and then another shiny comes along, and maybe you get aflame and burn and crash and burn fast or you burn slowly, and then sometimes you burn out. you get blah, meh, jaded, and then you may find yourself coming back to the shiny, but less enthusiastic, less blindable, and that is called maturing.

like it is in vanilla relationships or life in general. the years have seasons and the spectrum on which your *insert role* resides may undergo waves and radical changes. and that is OK

love yourself anyway. if you need time to breathe or lick wounds, breathe and lick wounds. know that eventually, every winter passes, and spring will renew you. you may be different than the years before, in role or attitude but you stay true to the wonderful, uniquely you! #StrictMotivation #AlternativeLifeTraining #SMalt