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themed BDSM, D/s, Spanko or Strict Motivation musings, reflecting the philosophy/psychology of this world of ours,

one year shy of silver

what have we seen in 24 years
how many sleepless nights
those sheer endless streams of tears
when nothing seemed to go right

so many conflicts we had seen
and yet we would still care
in quite some calamities we have been
life sure gave us a share

juggling, struggling, fighting hard
trying to make ends meet
we started out on such hard start
but never accepted defeat

we have witnessed how life is
how fragile and just how precious
and learned to enjoy its kind sweet bliss
even in mids a tempest

we fought it out, within without
we braved the stormy weather
we had to face some duress and doubt
yet we got it all together

holding our space, put on the brave face
defying times of agony
keeping our pace, finding our ways
laughing at life’s irony

24 years, loving tears in My eyes
holding onto love, for love never dies
nothing comes between a husband and wife
any sacrifice, is well worth its price

thank you for 26 years dating,
and 24 years of marriage
and counting, and growing strong
singing love’s loving song

I love you endlessly




Blessings for the New Year, 2018

Here is a shout-out to Mine.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to help you flourish and get better.

It was not always pleasurable in the moment
(dont we know that is true)
but I am very happy with you all
putting your better foot forward in the new year to come.

Out with the old, in with the new.
And better get better or else…

you know THAT tune!

❤ #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


I am “an old-school study” {SM1712}

an old-school study

I used to tell people, I am an open book, but I realize that is not a fair representation of who I am. At all. On forward I will rather use a more sophisticated, a more multifaceted metaphor and refer to Myself like “an old-school study”

If you are not familiar with an old-school study, you may want to read more about the study I metaphorically refer to. It is a room in a house dedicated to learning.

It is a calm place, with a rather rigid structure. Earthy colors: browns, blacks and dark greens with walls painted in a color of sand, or maybe terracotta. The light in this room is rather intimate – you could say romantic. The study is like a glade, a clearing in a forest of wisdom or a cave in the mountain of knowledge… Imagine solid wooden furniture, a massive wooden desk with a heavy leather armchair – more like a throne – sitting behind it. Heavy wooden bookshelves and cabinets dressing the room walls, yet all four corners empty, deserted from any furniture or decoration. A sturdy picnic style table with benches fixed to the floor framed by extra solid and simple wooden chairs: this is where the studying can happen.

The room quite stoic, remains unimpressed by superficial noise and invites, inspires to calm down from the else hectic and antics of the busy self import. an impressive library of books, handpicked and well looked after, treated with dignity and respect. They are called the Silent Masters in this place as the fair representation and reverence to the invaluable service they provide us with: knowledge, wisdom, teaching and guidance throughout different often difficult walks of life. The library also consists of choice media as well as other suitable tools for teaching and learning.

Most at plain sight, in the many shelves of the library; yet some also presented behind glass doors, to be admired from afar and only touched by those who have proven worthy of that privilege. Yet other items may be locked away behind doors of solid cabinets, or in the drawers of a commode; a dresser. Not everything is on display for the curious (or unprepared) eye to feast on. These closed doors do spark the imagination and curiosity, creating a sense of mystery and secrecy owed to those items kept out of sight, for very good reason. Only those initiated into their close circle will be discovering their purpose and unlocking their promise in due time.

Even the objects in plain sight are not displayed all at convenient height. Yes, most books are placed in shelves that can be easily reached, with no or not much effort. There are directories available, or you just take the time and stroll through the titles like through a forest of knowledge and let your gut feeling guide you to the readings that might spark your interest or peek your curiosity.

However there are also quite a lot of items that are purposefully out of convenient reach. One part of those is placed up high, so that the eager student will have to invest some extra work into reaching those; stretch the arms, backs straight, or having to use a step or ladder to get to those lusted after fruit. The sweetness of success is reserved to the diligent after all. The steps and the ladder is available in the study, but the study will not do the work for you. It will facilitate and encourage your fruitful work instead with structure and discipline, with guidance and wisdom.

Yet other objects of desire are located in the bottom shelves, very close to the floor. The student hence will have to bend and bow down, or even kneel or crouch by the feet of the Silent Masters. Grounded, in that position of humbleness and humility they will discover what remains hidden to the “cool, cruel and clueless”

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter



a little Daddy Christmas poem

Daddy, Daddy, the lil’ one asks
like their life depends just on that task

Daddy, Daddy, answer me

what will i find, under the tree?

Will Santa bring me: awesome toys

a dolly truck, that makes some noise?

Will I get stuffies or that doll

and candy chocolates galore?

will there be a little house

and a neat new pink-purple blouse?

Daddy, Daddy: I confess

I also need a mermaid dress!

and my coat looks all too worn

and please, I need a unicorn!

and then adds with whiny tone

Daddy, I wanna new phone!

Daddy listens, Daddy smiles

He has not heard that in a while

But when the tone gets all too shrill

Daddy cools down that too much thrill!

Come here, My lil one, listen please

Daddy speaks to the little tease

So many wishes, you have told

Are you sure, that you’re not spoiled?

No! no pouting – little one…

I know you just want to have fun

you did not mean it, getting wild

acting like an – ungrateful – child!



I know, My lil one, you have big eyes

and as not to spoil the surprise

while there is no guarantee

what Santa packs under the tree


I heard the angels as they say

Father Christmas has His ways

I heard the elders, who are wise

Yet only for children, who are nice!

Being nice, not tantrum dance

waiting, showing some patience

even though, it’s quite some wait

showing still some self restraint!


I also hear the Elves, they whisper…

Naughty children meet with Mister

Mister Wooden, Spoon or Brush…

better be patient and do not rush!


should the D enjoy punishing?

I am in My relationships (usually) the Disciplinarian. In any case being a life coach, a motivator I am using deterrents and punishments to stop unwanted behaviors and rewards , praise etc to enforce and encourage wanted behaviors. As such it comes with the territory that transgressions against the rules will find a response in turn, which for the sake of simplicity I will call punishment.


I am empathic, which means more than just being able to imagine how someone else probably feels but I am also a Sadist, which means that I am able to enjoy someone else’s suffering. So here you have an emotional dilemma: On the one hand I can feel the pain and suffer with them, on the other I can enjoy their pain. My solution is quite simple; I don’t enjoy their needless (senseless) suffering; I only enjoy the suffering that has a good cause, ideally the one I am dishing out. All punishments I administer are consensual in nature or CNC based, depending on what them and Me had negotiated. I believe that only those who can freely say no, can actually say yes at all.


So, My goal is to help people get better. I am NOT setting them up to fail, but actually to succeed. I give them rules and guidelines and keep pushing them to realize their (our) goals. If they leave the designed path or stray, they know there will be a consequence of punishment, which will be not to be enjoyed. It may help them to know that I am able to “enjoy” dishing it out, but they will know with no uncertainty, that I am displeased in their lack of investment. They will not have much time to enjoy “pleasing Me” by giving Me an “opportunity to punish.”


Those under my wings get, what I refer to as maintenance punishments, which is a dose of discipline, just a taste of the punishment they would have coming if they did break rules. That maintenance, that preemptive strike, helps to get the itch out so they don’t need to act out in order to get the mixed feelings of some excitement mixed in to fear etc, that only punishment can actually provide. So that isn’t an issue either.


you know that saying, *’this hurts Me more, than it hurts you’* which refers to the fact,  that a breakdown of the rules isn’t that enjoyable, or that the one taking care of someone else actually does feel quite hurt by having to seriously punish – and hurt – those in their care.


I personally (thanks to My Sadist side) don’t have that much difficulty with that, plus: I use it actually for their own good within limits and I am always making sure, that I am not acting out of the wrong motivations. Because the punishments I give are, a service to them, more, than they are there for My pleasure (that includes, getting even, vengeance, anger etc – all feelings that must NOT play any role at all) So while yes, I am capable to very deeply enjoy that which I am dishing out, I do not do it to scratch My itches, and I do it with a clearly defined purpose, dare I say ethically.


I know that those who are under My wings may feel a sort of extra motivation to endure My, – often described as harsh – punishments; partially in the light of “I am doing it as a testament of my will to submit; for Sir” etc, but I don’t see any troubles with that, because it is neither about what I (or they) may enjoy, nor about the punishment itself; it is about the result of helping them become the best, they can be.


#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter



#SSC  #scolding #spanking/#soaping #cornertime. Those familiar to it – certainly those in My care – know what this is all about. Those racing contradictory emotions. The dread and the isolation of confinement. The dullness as time drags its leaded feet. the echo of the voice lecturing. The drilling questioning of a thorough interrogation about motives and motivations. The haunting memory of *that look* of dismay from the One in charge. 

The apprehension of the implements and the bitter sensations they are about to deliver. That shiver down the spine and that tension… If this cornerthing could just be over with… But it will be soon: too soon and then this deserted empty dreadful place will feel like a safe harbour rather not to be left for what will be coming next will be by far much more impressive… 

#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter