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how do you do the mouth soapings, Sir?


Recently I have been asked by a few brats and interested folk, how I am doing mouth soaping. Without giving away the secrets of My trade, or going too deeply into details I will still try to answer the question, in this post so there is a point of reference, instead of typing individual emails all the time. #efficiency


Speaking of efficiency, that is one of the aspects I am going by, when washing someone’s mouth out with soap. It will be a thorough experience, and it will not be a pleasure ride. Soap is a fierce and feared tool of correction and discipline. It is unpleasant and the taste is evidently rather disgusting so that erotizing the experiences generally is not so much of an issue.


If someone does have a mouth soaping fetish, it is My job as a Disciplinarian to change the patterns and vary the application to a degree so that there will not be mixed messages sent – if we are talking about soap as a deterrent. If it is just for play, for fun, for a fun punishment (punishment) that is a different issue, in a way. If it is used for discipline and punishment, I will make sure this is a memorable experience leaving the desired impact on the one getting it applied.


The question about what size of a soap bar I prefer, what kind of a soap, which brand etc, is really very difficult to answer, because My preference is not the issue; this is not about Me that much after all.


I have to take into consideration the anatomy, health issues of the bottom (person receiving). Not all soaps are safe for everyone. As a responsible Top/Dom/Disciplinarian, I have to know about ph levels of the bars I am about to use.


Since I have bottoms all around the globe and yes, mouth soaping can be done long distance, at least I am quite capable giving one in a very memorable and thorough fashion even without being physically present during the act,


I have to also keep in mind that not every brand that I maybe prefer for one reason or another may be available in every country.


I have to take into consideration that some people react not just to the ph levels, but may have allergies; SLS allergies, for example, can put quite a no go to most of the commonly regarded safe brands, and kinds of soap.


On the other hand, can a too alkaloid soap cause chemical burns, which are not at all a side effect we desire when washing a mouth out with soap – even though, one could argue it is then an extremely memorable session.


I still prefer to be able to calculate the risk that can be expected, so we can do even a CNC punishment scenario and still apply SSC / RACK as a guideline.


Thankfully to the vast variety and choice of different brands and kinds of bars of soap, I also am in the comfortable position to being able making My own bars of soap, and through excellent suppliers am able to offer both varieties: SLS containing and SLS free varieties of glycerine based soaps, that are very sought after for their originally intended purpose, yet have been branded “enemy of brat-kind” by some of My girls and boys for their effectively deterring effects.


Last not least I do want to mention, that when within agreed upon and negotiated limits, soap is being used for more than the purpose of washing out a potty or dirty mouth; knowing your implement, soap can add a lot to some other impressing activities, and make the bottom think thoroughly before engaging into questionable behaviors or lacking, let alone failing at the expected performance






the Meaner art of soaping #BratTakeDown


Let’s face the facts, brats will be brats. And sometimes it just happens so fast, that brats will run their fingers or mouth and say things they should not have said. It may be language stuff, you know: the kind of bad, where vulgar words are used for shock, or to be the laughing stock!

But politeness and manners still do matter. A language should always be clean. And without being all to mean, we help the brat in its brat-attack, the best way, ’cause We care and can. It needs a Lady, it needs a Man, to stand up to their insolence, vile or verbal violence and help the brat their mess to cleanse!

Whether they are bratty: adult, little or middle. The swift #BratTakeDown, is no riddle. And when you act real swift and thorough, their bad behavior won’t see tomorrow. Even the most sailor tongue, will soon learn that soap is no fun. That it is hard to erotize, and it brings tears quick into their eyes.

We don’t give in, to their protest, nor to their screams how they’d detest, that smell, that taste, that gooey paste, the pose, the mess, Our non-idle threats, How they need to rinse, and how it bites, how they will never stop the fight! Let them drool with corner-time and well reflect their prior crime!


Only when the lesson’s taught, that it won’t pay to play at naught! That We won’t have their mouth get soiled, nor them to act up like children spoiled! That talk back at authority: lack of respect – being naughty, leaves in its wake a bitter taste, on teeth, gums tongue sometimes for days!

It is time to help them some. Come around from their brazen fun, onto the narrow, onto the straight. For betterment, it’s never too late. We had given them the cleansing speech, Because we care, them right to teach, so they may grow to being strong and keep away: from harms and wrongs.

So brats be brats, we know just that. It’s what we know and can expect. We know there’s pull, push, forth and back. In all the chaos, what stands out, the ultimate reason: beyond any doubt. We do on this earth, as it is done from Above. We dole Discipline out to those whom We care for, or: love.


#StrictMotivation (c)



May the 4th be with you #jedi

May the 4th be with you….  –

The poster below I had created years ago and captioned with this little poem:




We are friends:

when you laugh, I laugh

when you cry

I cry

When you jump of a bridge

I will come swimming to your rescue

drag you ashore

and paddle your sorry, still wet ass

till Kingdom come

Repeat after Me:

Giving up is NOT an option


Listen closely:

I totally get that life sucks at times. I know the bitter taste of defeat. I know the bitter and nagging feeling of hunger, both physical and emotional hunger. I understand not only why you are doing bad things, but know quite well and can empathize with the hardship you are going through.


I get that pitch black dark place, that engulfs you and swallows you from time to time. I know the taunting voices that judge and condemn you, in your head and whisper their venom in your ear, 24/7. Those half truths and lies about how you are a failure and a lost cause, and how no-body gives a shit and why should you. How love hurts and how life is unfair.


I had My sshre of that and I can tell you that that spewed venom should not blind your eyes and ears for the truth. I will not promise you, life as a pleasure cruise. I will make promises that I can keep. I promise you, that of you work hard and do the right steps life will be worth it. That yes, you can bounce back from that position of defeat, and no, failing, no matter how often you have repeated that cycle is not defining you – unless you let it!


I care for you, and you too are facing what the young Luke Skywalker was facing. A hard fate, a tough situation, a cliff that seems larger than life and an abyss so dark you want to break down and give up. But giving up is not an option. Trying alone will not cut it. You need not just to try, you have to do, with wisdom and consistency of effort and then, failure has nothing on you. With love and dedication miracles are possible. Instead of giving up, take a chance, a leap of faith and get help, because we never give up. we just get better! #StrictMotivation




Love conquers hate {SM1704}


When we even hear the term BREAKING NEWS we already know what we will be seeing. And no surprise here happens ever. breaking news are shocking, displays of atrocity, inhumanity, vile and terrifying acts, that shake us to the core. Breaking news usually entail someone doing things we would not have thought possible, breaking all rules of conduct, violating our trust in humanity and tearing at the bond of faith. Shocking drama revealed before our eyes, regardless what we were doing. We are not just informed by our free will, or invited to consume something hard to digest. We get force-fed unspeakable lows of the human spirit and shown terrorizing images, worst-case nightmares coming true through the hands of our fellow women and men. Our sense of safety and values is shaken, our world turned upside down and downside up.

sirene gr-usa

What can anyone do, specifically what can you do, to cope with this brutal, violent, hate-filled and abusive fear inspiring experience? You can only feel overwhelmed and helpless, afraid and torn. You can only suffer and despair. At least that is what it feels like: when we see our fellow man go into the abyss of lows, giving in to evil, defying any sense of common sense or basic humanism, empathy and compassion in committing crimes of heinous atrocity, victimizing their direct victims and terrorizing us all along with them.


What can you do about these horrible displays of human lows? How can you deal and cope with the unbearable? How can you not break under the pressure of the breaking news? How can you not give in after being bombarded with displays and proof that man too is evil, and that we all are doomed? How can you even as much as hope, let alone keep the faith that man is destined for greatness and meant to shine, that we all are created in God’s wonderful image – if what we see points to the opposite direction or would portrait God as a being of atrocious brutality? How can we manage to not despair?


It starts with you. it starts with you not giving in to the pressure. it starts with you not consuming and getting consumed by the atrocities of evil. it starts with you not joining the army of ills. it starts with you not force-feeding the haunting images of what all is wrong in the world, to yourself and yours. it starts with breaking the chain and chain reaction of breaking bad news. it starts with you switching the TV off completely.


It starts with you getting in touch with your true self. it starts with you praying to God or to Love itself (if you don’t believe in God). it starts with you defining where you are at, in life. it starts with you reassuring yourself about those core values you will be standing for. it starts with you reaffirming your bond to life: to care, to empathize, to feel, to love, to heal. it starts with you, restoring your self-worth. It starts with you rebuilding your inner temple, the inner sanctuary. It starts with you finding inner peace. it starts with you!


It starts with you creating the change you want to see happen within you and grow it abundantly to the point that if you don’t share that change with others you’d suffocate in humble, happy, healing, caring, loving. It starts within you to that point where it overfills you so you start to radiate that message: through all your feelings, through all your thoughts, through all your words, through all your actions. That, in turn, will inspire people, it will influence people, it will maybe even better and change people.


No matter how much we as a species may be able to suck, at our worst, we also are capable of shining at our best. There are billions of moments every second, that prove that we all don’t suck and that we are born to shine. To every atrocity there are testaments of miracle and overcoming, there are more people loving and caring and kissing, than there are people fighting, hurting and killing. There are more moments of togetherness, and care and humanity, than there are of exploitation. There are more teddy bears being produced worldwide in a year than guns!!!


There is more love going on, but it’s not newsworthy material. It is taken for granted because it is so richly and abundantly available everywhere. And so the image we are being fed is only a peek into a portion of what mankind is about, an unbalanced, distorted view to the depths of evil we could be capable of committing if we did not remember our connection, our roots to that very nurturing soil that has brought us in the world: LOVE


Reclaiming your freedom, reclaiming your sanctuary within and multiplying the principles we want to see reign our world, principles of love starts with you. it starts with you taking on the task of hard work necessary to create love. It starts with you shining amongst the darkness. It starts with you becoming the sheep among wolves. It starts with you reclaiming your innocence. It starts with you growing happiness and love. It starts with you restoring your own severed roots to the soil you are coming from and will once return to. It starts with you reclaiming your freedom and choosing what you will feed yourself: what kind of information you will allow being put into you, what seeds shall grow in your back yard.


It starts with you becoming aware that you too are responsible for how this world will evolve and that it starts within you. It starts with you refusing the “easy way out” and the “quick fix in the moment” and that you choose long term happiness and love over instant gratification in the moment. It starts with you realizing that you must not become numb or devoid of emotions in order to escape that which frightens you: because if you grow apprehension, defensiveness, defiance, disgust and anger, you will reap it in abundance. For those who sow wind, shall harvest a storm, for as it is sown thus it is reaped!


It starts with you learning to love like a child. It starts with you embracing a challenge. It starts with you growing over obstacles. It starts with you cultivating the very change you want to see grow abundantly in the world. It starts with you becoming the best version of you. It starts with you not breaking under breaking news but breaking free from their terrorizing messages. It starts with your freedom and it starts with your love. Because love will conquer everything and overcome even the unspeakable. Love for ever is.


It starts with you engaging into the cultivation of different seeds, growing those very elements that the principle LOVE is made from, richly and abundantly, radiating its magic and its message through your very existence, and through everything you think, you feel, you say and you do. If you want that kind of harvest, you need to decide and consistently, tirelessly, diligently and devotedly plant and tend to those very seeds of love. And death shall have no dominion. And hate shall not prevail, and terror may not reign and evil will not stand a chance to derail our life.smartflag4smart_wht Kopie

It starts with you becoming the change you want to see. It starts with you becoming another testament of wo/man created indeed as an image of God and a facet of love itself #StrictMotivation 




Life and its challenges can be hard, but growth always is worth it. Help is at arms reach. GRASP a working, doable, holistic step by step #StrictMotivation life coaching plan that best suits your needs. Don’t waste time and energy to complain about hardship, use that very energy to propel you at life. We just get better. (c)


My Ethics Manifesto {SM}{1641}

what you need to know, when you are under My wings….


I work from a place of plenty. I am not a thirsty, hungry, lusting man, pressed to get itches scratched, nor to balance shortcomings and personal frustrations with jerking people around. I am not some immature boy, afraid of emotions and feelings, afraid to face and deal with the truth and hard things. I have had more than My share with hardship, and I know from both onlooking as well as personal experience how hard life can be. I have been kicked and beaten and had to learn to roll with the punches, but also come back better and stronger, choosing My battles and never ever giving up. It was quite a ride up until now, but I know that every hardship I have braved has made Me a better tool forged to help those in need of My services


I have learned to be proud and I have learned to be humble. I have learned when to be loud and when to be silent. I have learned where a battle is necessary to be fought, even at the prospect of losing it, and when you have to tactically calculate a loss to receive a greater gain. I have learned about sacrifice, and that a lot of personal things should not be taken personally. However also that some things need to be taken personally and onto My own shoulders as to help someone else to grow.


These have been lessons hard to learn, and I have come out scorched but not burned, scarred but not scared nor disfigured. I have learned to stand My ground and put My foot down as necessary but not becoming a tool of the enemy, in what ever form it may come.





when I take on someone to care for, they are not just under My wings, so I can play boss. They are under My wings to be taken care of in every way possible. To be equipped and empowered to live a fulfilled and happy life. prepared and trained to live a life of freedom and responsibility, not the life of being a play ball in a game they don’t understand to play. I am empowering people to overcome their worst and becoming their best.


When you are in My care and you are really pummeled by life, don’t count on Me becoming the enemies strap and whip you senseless. I will whip you into shape however I see fit instead . I will not be the enemies stick to beat you down when you are in the dirt. I will become that stick, that crutch you can get up on. I will get dirty, and not find it bad, hard or disgusting. I will not look down on you, like you are some weakling for being beaten down. I will still see the redeeming quality in you. I will see the potential and the spark. I will help you become the fire you aspire and need to be. I will fan you on, support you and be happy to help you.


I will not just point in the right direction of the straight and narrow that will help to keep you safe and help you get the traction in your life you need. I will also lead by example and be holding Myself to a high standard, becoming the example you can get inspired by. I know where you are, because I have been there Myself. And I will not be condescending nor arrogant. I will be there with you every step of the way, patiently yet insistingly, pushing you to become the best you, you never even thought possible. Because I have a vision for you, because I care for you and because I do believe in you even in times where you cant.


I may be Strict and harsh at times for your own good, but I will not ever be abusive. I will never give up on you or leaving you to your own devices when you are My responsibility. I will take your betterment seriously and make it a priority in your life. Because this is not just what I do.

This is who I am


Cry into Me, I will not mind the tears and the snot. Blow your nose into My shoulder I will cherish you. I will help you get over that hardship and brave your life, because believe it or not, yes, you are worth it.

Keep going, I got your back

(c) 2016


#StrictMotivation is a working, holistic do-able and goal oriented life coaching. It provides guidance and assistance and helps people as well as businesses turn failing into success. Strict Motivation is designed to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and does not require you demeaning yourself let alone on web cam (!) Strict Motivation comes with full discretion services protecting your identity at no extra charge; at your pace and your place, tailored individually to your specific needs. Strict Motivation offers you the chance to reaching your worthy life goals. Strict Motivation works for consenting adults and families / businesses, regardless of the people’s age, ethnicity, gender identity, spiritual background, location, social /relationship /employment status, role,  or sexual orientation. Reasonably priced, easily affordable rates and a working program: My success rate with willing people tops 90% – No tricks; just get better with #StrictMotivation.


Strawberry Fields – forever? {1703}{self-harm} #StrictMotivation

Strawberry Fields – forever?
Let me take you down
‘Cause I’m going to: strawberry fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry fields forever
This beautiful Beatles song with its poetic lyrics I have borrowed years ago, as a secret lingo code with Mine, for self-harming and self.injury, especially the kind that involves breaking the skin, like scratching off skin or cutting. I have chosen a benign, even beautiful and slightly psychedelic song title for many significant reasons. One of them was, so those under My wings could safely and without fear of repercussions of third parties communicate with Me about this habit.

Sometimes these people were children and adolescents (usually children of My “vanilla” clients, meaning people whom I got to know and work with through My Shaman consulting practice, and sometimes the clients who do the self-harming actually regress, so that having an unrelated, and yet very graphic term helped Me building a bridge, we could all be walking over safely.

There are so much guilt and shame going on surrounding this topic, as it is, that there is no need to set up another hurdle to jump over, by using clinical or intimidating, or dramatic words. In no way, shape or form doI wish to insinuate that the classic song has actually anything to do with this topic, let alone would make people do these acts. I also do not wish to trivialize or minimalize the subject.

Self-harming is not a new phenomenon. Even the Bible speaks of ritualized self-harming, as a form of worship to “Baal” (1 Kings 18:24-29). Certain Celtic warrior tribes would cut before battle. be it to proof their dedication and fearlessness, be it as a sacrifice to their Gods of War.


Self-harming as a form of psychological stress relief has been described quite well in the recent years by Johnny Cash in the song “Hurt”:
I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real
The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything…

The phenomenon is neither new nor rare, and by far happens more often in its many forms than the average person would believe. Usually, it is done in the privacy and a lot of shame and guilt come along with it, also quite some stigmatization. In some cases, the self-destructive behavior is shown off and portrayed as heroic, or otherwise glorified by the person engaging in it – in an attempt to paint it with a less despicable brush. In either case, there is quite some self-denial at play.

It may not come as a big surprise that I stand firm against any and all forms of self-harming and self-injury. My opposition to this form of self-bullying and self-abuse is just as vehement, as I am opposing bullying and abusing someone else. There is no theory, under which an act of anger, fueled by frustration becomes justified and right especially if it involves damaging the structural integrity of any person, especially a vulnerable, hurting person.


It does not make any much difference, whether the weapon of choice to cause the self-injury or self-injury by proxy is food, drugs or a razor blade. It makes not much difference whether we talk punching walls or head-butting walls. The mildest forms of self-injury, that usually are even socially somewhat accepted, are the “popping your own head” and people addicted to those trained behaviors will argue, these were “automatic, thoughtless actions” just as a smoker will describe lighting up a cigarette or an alcoholic would downing a shot: as natural and automatic responses, in an ill attempt to rationalize and minimize the unwanted and unacceptable act of self-harm.

I am well aware of the addictive potential that comes alongside the self-harming, and that there are components of the body’s own produced drugs, partially at play here be them adrenaline or endorphins among others – but all these technicalities should not mask the fact, that this is a trained behavior that can be and should be overcome. Even a substance dependency can be overcome through a consistency of effort, and so the argument, that maybe there is a drug component at play here, cannot fly.

There also will be the argument, that the person who is self-harming isn’t causing any external damage, or that they have consented to what they are subjecting oneself to, so what is the big deal. As you will see, I am no stranger to any such ill logic. Someone, who is as desperate as to take a weapon, or using their muscle strength to cause injury to oneself will claim that they are in control and that these acts of self-harm demonstrate that very self-control. That they know what they are doing. But if you ask a few questions more, you will notice, that the act of self-harming is done as to escape frustration.


Whatever is the cause and trigger may be individually different. What is evident in all cases, is that the person doing self-harm lacks the ability to process anger and frustration, and takes it out at the weakest link at hand, themselves. Instead of growing past the pain of the frustration, instead of processing whatever causes them to be angry, overwhelmed or frustrated, they keep feeding the very enemy that sets them up for failing. With every punch, every cut they sabotage their self-worth, their own integrity, and thus feed the very force that is destroying them. Problems don’t get resolved, they grow and the temporarily felt relief is short lived: it is a vicious circle

The ill behavior which is a coping mechanism needs to stop and be replaced by working and solid coping skills. Sometimes, we use a substitute to help overcome the addictive nature of the acts of self-harming and the accompanying sensations native to those acts of self-injury, just as sometimes drug addicts are given substitute drugs to break them free from by-products and ill side behaviors to their drug addiction, so that the person caught in the vicious cycle can get a better working chance to fight their way out of the unwanted, self-destructive behavioral pattern.


However, even when we do use substitute actions, we never bargain nor negotiate with the enemy (the ill behavior) and we don’t capitulate to it. We stand firm on what is right and implement the working solutions, step by step in a holistic approach. We do not just tackle the self-harming itself. In order to break the person from an addictive self-harming cycle, we change their habits considerably. We will tackle sleep patterns, nutrition, hydration and provide healthy structures to their life. We will be changing the way they go about problems, by slowly but surely teaching them to use different routes toward success at life. Instead of seeking short cuts and loop holes, we will build up their self-esteem and make them not shy from challenges: challenging themselves and growing past obstacles.

We will replace the failing and self-sabotaging behavioral patterns with working coping skills and instill a life-affirming working compass to help them navigate through even difficult emotions without getting off track. By helping them to find respect and self-respect we will manage to break them free from the trap of self-harm and all the lies and half-truths they have been telling themselves about it.


Instead of feeding the raging angry monster within, that believes in its own ugliness, and its incapacity to love, we will teach and anchor the universal truth, that where there is love, there is forgiveness. we will be planting and tending to the seeds of love in the inner backyard and repair the inner landscape that has been vandalized and demolished through often years of self-loathing and self-injury. When we reset, we set the sails for success at life, instead of feeding systems of failure. Because it is a principle of love and of nature, that even the worst crises can be overcome.

Strawberry fields, do not have to have a season all year, not even come into season once every year. And if I can help it, they will not last forever #StrictMotivation


Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Success rate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)



the anger of wo/man #StrictMotivation {1702}

Anger is like nuclear power: very intense, volatile, hardly controllable it will cause destruction and poison our existence long term #StrictMotivation  (#food4thought  2017/01/28)

Dealing with the disruptive energy we call anger and helping to get past both the energy itself, as the destruction it has left in its wake has been part of My professional life and consulting career close to a quarter of a century now. Anger in its various forms and ugly appearances. Regardless whether I was consulting businesses or people, of any gender, age, religious background or ethnicity. is one of the most prominent malefactors that is derailing people by making them believe it was either justified or even beneficial in some way, when in fact, quite the opposite is the case.

Even the Bible tells us that anger is not a good idea, in James 1:20 “for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” so why are we using a dangerous and destructive tool like anger with such consistency and against all good advice?


Anger is one of the prominent coping mechanisms promising simple answers to complex questions and what is more: momentary relief and feeling “good” over the coming hardship of growing past whatever made us feel overwhelmed and helpless in the first place. This overwhelm then calls the anger as a reaction and route of action

The short-lived satisfaction or the kick of anger does not last long, and creates more problems while not solving the initial ones. It creates and deepens the void within and feeds ill feelings we detest while disabling both our current and future problem-solving skills. This way problems are festering and worsening, while we are left helpless, and growingly angry. It is literally a vicious circle.

Anger blinds our senses and numbs our emotions so that we become robbed of a sense of orientation, and forgo the chance to act or react in a successful and fruitful fashion to whatever we are facing at the time. What is more, we also miss out to learn to grow from the challenges and over the obstacles, setting ourselves up for more of the same failing down the road.

Anger tells you, metaphorically, that when you are driving in your car on a stormy night, the best way to go, is to press the accelerator, shut off the head lights, shut off the wipers and shut your eyes, and crank up the volume of the radio, so we would not hear nor see what is happening, and get past the storm as quickly as possible. If your board computer were to suggest to you such a nonsensical strategy, you would rightfully turn that computer in for a reset or some reprogramming, and yet, when you are driven or co-piloted by anger you do heed its ill advise and seem not to realize you need to get yourself reprogrammed?

But anger is also quite addictive. Its displayed simplicity, even though just a false front deceives us to believing it was actually a viable route and without any good alternative. By giving us very momentary relief of whatever pained us, it forms an unholy alliance with our deeply ingrained wish for convenience. It promises and on the surface also seems to deliver that easy way out, a loophole and short cut to the hardship of growth. This creates a mental but also a physical dependency cycle. In bouts of anger, there are bodily chemicals involved e.g. adrenaline, to just name one. Just as people who are addicted to the adrenaline rush, be it workaholics, or people living a hazardous lifestyle or engaging in rather dangerous activities, anger will trigger a similar state of biochemical affinity, dependence or even addiction. In that anger creates a cluster of problems and breaking free from it is not a single dimensional task but in fact a multidimensional challenge.

Helping people get out of the trap of dependency on anger and its by-products (anxiety, frustration, depression, volatile or abusive relationships, troubles with intimacy, lack of insight, cussing, insomnia, from road-rage to self-harm, excessive lifestyle or/and addictions etc) through a goal oriented solid working step by step holistic life coaching is one of the advantages #StrictMotivation offers the receiver.

#StrictMotivation doesn’t just eliminate the anger but gives a viable alternative to leading a healthy and happy life. It is not just to lose whatever has been holding and throwing you back, it is far more to pro-actively create a different trail. Instead of a trying and tiring, repetitive circle of failing, your life starts going where you can feel happy and achieve worthy life goals. You are learning not only how to succeed at life but also how to safely navigate and accurately evaluate any situation in a life embracing, self-empowered way.

Your days of being a slave to fate and victim-hood are over and replaced by the taste of victory and self-determination. Through the help and training of #StrictMotivation, you can freely choose, how exactly you want to live your life, and what role you will be playing. From sailor to captain, you will safely navigate through life. Choose to lose misery and gain self-worth and a healthy, happy life by choosing to challenge your self-obstructive coping mechanisms and replace them through reliable coping skills. You need not to suffer in a vicious circle of failing and failing more. You do deserve to just get better: with #StrictMotivation


#StrictMotivation copyright 2017, all rights reserved