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Poetry and Prose themed D/s, BDSM, and Strict Motivation, by yours sincerely, Sir MEaner

so softly a Dominant cries

no punishment will ever equal the pain
a loving Dominant feels
when what is His has rendered Him helpless
made to suffer as He’d watch and feel
His property hurting
We do not talk about this pain
how it shatters Our heart
and when We dole out a punishment
it is to allow Us and them
a fresh new start
but the scar remains on Our heart
a reminder for that brutal pain
when they, under Our watch
fell apart




#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter

Daddy’s Discipline: like a summer storm

As much, as it hurts to get Daddy’s Discipline it also soothes and resets and can be quite healing. I may compare it to a summer thunderstorm: yes it is loud, and harsh at times, it has a certain violence to it, but at the end the air is cleared, and the ground has been fertilized (or watered anyway). Thus, Daddy’s Discipline becomes not just a renewer but also a catalyst for excelling to the higher standard after its reception.
#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter (c)

the Meaner art of soaping #BratTakeDown


Let’s face the facts, brats will be brats. And sometimes it just happens so fast, that brats will run their fingers or mouth and say things they should not have said. It may be language stuff, you know: the kind of bad, where vulgar words are used for shock, or to be the laughing stock!

But politeness and manners still do matter. A language should always be clean. And without being all to mean, we help the brat in its brat-attack, the best way, ’cause We care and can. It needs a Lady, it needs a Man, to stand up to their insolence, vile or verbal violence and help the brat their mess to cleanse!

Whether they are bratty: adult, little or middle. The swift #BratTakeDown, is no riddle. And when you act real swift and thorough, their bad behavior won’t see tomorrow. Even the most sailor tongue, will soon learn that soap is no fun. That it is hard to erotize, and it brings tears quick into their eyes.

We don’t give in, to their protest, nor to their screams how they’d detest, that smell, that taste, that gooey paste, the pose, the mess, Our non-idle threats, How they need to rinse, and how it bites, how they will never stop the fight! Let them drool with corner-time and well reflect their prior crime!


Only when the lesson’s taught, that it won’t pay to play at naught! That We won’t have their mouth get soiled, nor them to act up like children spoiled! That talk back at authority: lack of respect – being naughty, leaves in its wake a bitter taste, on teeth, gums tongue sometimes for days!

It is time to help them some. Come around from their brazen fun, onto the narrow, onto the straight. For betterment, it’s never too late. We had given them the cleansing speech, Because we care, them right to teach, so they may grow to being strong and keep away: from harms and wrongs.

So brats be brats, we know just that. It’s what we know and can expect. We know there’s pull, push, forth and back. In all the chaos, what stands out, the ultimate reason: beyond any doubt. We do on this earth, as it is done from Above. We dole Discipline out to those whom We care for, or: love.


#StrictMotivation (c)



PS: Pomp & Circumstance 1.06

Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.06

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02 ~ 1.03 ~ 1.04 ~ 1.05

“OK, baby-girl!” Tony tore her out of her almost dreamy state. His voice was so firm, almost stern. Her heart sank even lower. Maybe he did call her bluff somehow? It was impossible of course because her plan was so good, but who knows. It would not be the first time he would surprise her, how he could read her like a book. She shivered, all startled. If he did know, this could end up ugly for her. He was so tender and caring, but he could also be strict, almost to the point of being mean. But to her delight, his voice softened up. “Baby-girl? are you cold? Looks like you just shivered, maybe you are really sick. Oh, my poor little baby. Let Daddy tuck you in, OK?”

His voice had that tone, that tone that could melt icebergs. This incredible sweetness, utmost care and total worry for her well-being. Under different circumstances, Janette would have giggled and beamed and been all happy, but now she felt the heavy burden of guilt, knowing she is leading him on. She sighed and shed a tear, feeling like her heart was breaking, feeling cramped in her tummy. Maybe it was the suppository working, but more likely it was her shame and guilt, even more. She felt his hand, this huge big hand she loved and feared at the same time, softly patting her shoulders, while his other hand moved her jammie bottoms back in place, tenderly. He pulled the pillows from under her tummy, with so much care, as if he would handle the most fragile precious china. She felt the blankets being tucked around her, all the while his other hand kept caressing her tight neck and shoulder. “Oh, baby-girl, you poor little thing! Are you crying? What is it? are you hurting?”

She sniffled, overwhelmed by the cramps in her tummy, of realizing how much he cared for her, and how she is causing him pain beyond belief, with her little charade. “It is my tummy!” she sighed, confessing half of the truth, but keeping the rest to herself, unable to face the consequences of her deceit. Now she was trapped, in her own web of lies, and could not move, neither back nor forth. On the other hand, maybe she would get away with it? Maybe he was wrapped around her finger after all! And maybe after the suppository had worked, Tony would take the day off?

She could spend the whole day in bed! Nap at will, and do fun girlie stuff. He would serve her lunch in bed, and spoon-feed her like he always did when she was sick. And maybe she could be doing some coloring for him? And they would talk and have an awesome day, of bonding and fun, and all the little things, baby-girls love to do, with cuddles and who knows what else? How awesome was that – it for sure was worth this little white lie of hers, and it sure was no big deal. If just the pain in her tummy would be as easily convinced…

“Listen, my little baby. Daddy needs to make a few phone calls, and you are obviously in some bad distress. All the crying and the sickness, must have made you all sleepy, haven’t they? So, be a good little girl, and take a nap, while Daddy will take care of the rest. I will check up on you shortly…” he said, and the voice was still firm, but so loving at the same time. “Pwomize?” the girl said with a lisp. She felt his lips on her forehead, her eyes, kissing them shut. “Big Daddy promise with a cherry on top!” he whispered before he left the room…


(c) ~ all rights reserved


#PS Pomp And Circumstance pt 1.05


Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.05

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02 ~ 1.03 ~ 1.04

Janette thought in a hurry. The thoughts kept racing through her like jet planes. She could confess now, but she knew how disappointed he would be. And she did not want him to be disappointed with her. Ever. It was like her heart sinking to her little pinkie toe, if he wore that frown on his face. She wanted him to pat and cuddle her, to be attentive and sweet and maybe only a tiny bit worried. Or maybe she could still get him to believe her she was sick.

Daddy, my tummy hurts so bad!” she squealed and winced and made a hurting face. That was the plan! Maybe she had no fever! And best of all, he seemed to buy that too…
“Oh my Goodness, baby-girl…. really?” he asked and his face changed from angry to worried. When she saw that, she shed a tear. She felt so ashamed of herself. Maybe she should just confess. Sure he would punish her, but then it would be over and she could stop lying to him. Her plan to cut school because of that freaking test and party plans seemed not to be the best plan of her life now – after all.

Tony got up, and left for the bath-room once more. She heard him wash his hands and open the cabinet. Now she was really worried. This could either mean one thing or another and each of them possibilities were horrible. Janette curled up in fetal position, crying softly into the sleeves of her jammies. This plan has been a stupid idea altogether, and now, oh my … no, please, Daddy, no! she bawled into her arm…

“Does it hurt that bad?” she heard his worried voice, and felt his strong, big hand stroking her hair. “Oh Daddy!” she whined and threw herself onto his lap, sobbing like a baby. He kept stroking her hair and caressing the small of her back. “Please Daddy, don’t” she begged him, when her eyes caught a glimpse of the paper box in his hand with the dreaded suppositories.

“But baby-girl, if you have a fever that comes and goes, and a hurting tummy, it sure must be a constipation!” Tony said, in a calm, reassuring voice. “I know, you do not like taking these, but you always feel so much better after, don’t you, baby?” he asked her, and the tone of his voice, his loving hands were like a fortress, an armor to her hurting heart. She so wanted to confess, now,  but then he would be so angry and disappointed and, she just could not go through with it! Her heart sank low and lower still. He was such a decent, caring man, and she had fooled him, and now she had to lie and she hated herself so bad!

Tony helped her back on her tummy, arranging pillows under her so he could access her better, and still caressing her back he waited till the worst of her crying had subsided. Then he put on the vinyl gloves, opened the paper box. He took all the time to get the suppository out of its package. “Please try to relax, baby-girl, it will sure make you feel so much better!”

He inserted the suppository and pushed it into her, slowly, with constant pressure. She hated it, but she loved how he was tender with her. Maybe it was good after all, she did not tell him the truth, because he sure would have been a lot more rough, if he had known about her trick and lies. She relaxed and sighed, almost contentedly, while Tony pulled his finger out of her and disposed of the gloves…


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#PS Pomp And Circumstance 1.04

Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.04

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02 ~ 1.03

She let go of her waistband, just bellow her beautifully formed globes. “Lower please…” he said with a soft tone. Janette sighed again. “But why?” she asked and it was almost a whine. “For one because Daddy said so!” Tony reminded her and the girl winced. She knew this tone of his voice. She knew she was only a few steps away from really big trouble. “For two, because you will need to relax, and it’s easier with them jammies by your knees, isn’t it?”

His voice sounded slightly annoyed. The girl quickly obeyed and tried to appease him. “Daddy knows bestest!” she said, nodding her head vividly.´, while her hands pulled them jammies to the destination of his choice. He patted her hair. “Good girl.” he said, and his voice was smooth as honey, once more. Janette relaxed quite a bit. She temporarily even forgot what was about to happen.

She winced when the cold thermometer tip started to part her butt-cheeks and slid into her body. Tony was very cautious, as not to hurt her, and took his time, to humiliate her a little more. He deeply enjoyed this part. Janette did not move. The seconds passed like hours, the minutes like days. She did not know what she dreaded more. The thing going on, this humiliating position, or it to be over so soon, and him finding out about her scheme…. Maybe she could still blame the thermometer?

Finally, she felt his hand removing the thermometer from her. She dared not to breathe. She heard him breathe in sharply and she knew she was in a lot more trouble.

“Is there something, you want to tell me, Young Lady?”


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Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.03

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02

Tony smiled at her friendly, while he took a look at his watch. “Time of truth!” he said, friendly and took the thermometer out her mouth. Janette looked at him in total anticipation. “Wow!” Tony said, faking shock. “You got a high fever!” he added. “Glad I had called in sick in my office, i will have to take good care of my sweet little baby-girl, won’t I?” he added and his voice was soft and tender. Her face lit up. “Thank you, Daddy…” it was barely a whisper.

Tony sat down on her bed once more and again touched her front and her neck with the back of his hands. “Strange…” he said, like absent minded. Janette looked at him befuddled. Her eyes were widening like those of Bambi, and she grew worried. His silence was always so intimidating. But how could he have known, he couldn’t – he could simply not. Her plan was fool proof after all! “Daddy?” she asked, totally frightened. He looked her straight in the eyes, and she bashed them down. She could not stand these drilling looks. “Baby, your neck and front are almost the same warmth as always… yet the thermometer … shows such a high temperature…” he said, and still sounded like lost in thoughts. She did not reply. She contemplated to blame the thermometer but thought it maybe was no good idea. Tony would maybe insist to take her to the E.R. and that was the last that she had wanted.

Tony sighed and got up, shaking the thermometer down. He vanished from the bed-room and came back shortly with the pot of vaseline. “Do you think that it is a good idea, Daddy?” Janette asked him, trying to avoid the inevitable. “Maybe the thermometer is broken and all?” she added still hoping for the best. But Tony did not give in, into her sweet pout, not even her pleading eyes. “Baby-girl, there is only one way to find it out, right?” he said with a stern, yet still friendly voice. She could not even fathom how he was boiling inside. The insolence to try to fool him like that, to not just admit she had tried to play truant and was caught. No, she had to blame the thermometer! And yet he wore a mask, a poker face, smiling at her, invitingly, as to encourage her. His authority, though being tested once more, was not in question. With a heavy sigh, his girl lay down on her tummy, slowly dropping the bottoms of her cute pink jammies…


(c) ~ all rights reserved