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#go2bed 180710 Dragon Daddy

Once upon a time in a land far, far away

A little turtle girl dared past her bedtime awake to stay

As she wiggled and she giggled she did notice not

How her Daddy, the Dragon, was amused not!

And before she knew it, her giggles and teehees

Ended in her dangling, over Daddy’s knees

And with His heavy tail and quite a heavy heart

The Dragon Daddy spanked, His naughty girl quite hard

Now the little turtle was nothing but all promise

While the skillful spanks sure their aim just wouldn’t miss!

And the little turtle who past bedtime had been naught

With Strict Motivation, a lesson has been taught

Finally, as she softly wept, wishing she had nicely slept

with buttocks glowing already all red,

she was nothing but all ready to #go2bed

#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt





#go2bed 180706

it was a great day and even greater night, but I can no longer stand and fight, and so I will do My Domly plight, lead by example, do like I said, and simply #go2bed #StrictMotivation



#go2bed #reason 180518

#go2bed means get off the #interweb into your #cosy #bed #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #success #weightloss #discipline #healthyliving