Sir MEaner

Because I mean business when I mean business, and can be quite the “Meaner” My people call Me  endearingly Sir MEaner.


Being a Dominant doesnt mean to Me, maintaining rules like a machine. It means I am a flexible cane, one that points, leads, offers support and hurts as needed. It means also using intelligence and resourses. being adaptable and caring. The D/s life is about a power exchange. It is based on mutual respect, on a deep rooted understanding and a holistic comprehension on the needs and desires that often run deeper than the superficial wants and entitlements. It is about an exchange of power and includes a lot of playfulness yet it is not about power-struggels or playing games on each other. you gift Me your submission, and I will Grace you with My Dominance.

As your Motivatoional Disciplinarian I will say what I mean and mean what I say. I do not expect any less from you. That means I am not just into punishments but also into motivation through praise etc. and can be quite attentive and shower you with compliments however, when it comes to deterring you from what is not good for you, I will be just as thorough. Your full cooperation is expected, and so are regular reports (as negotiated). Failing to meet requirements will have dire consequences for you.

I am quite capable in giving effective scoldings, that in itself are considered harsh or tedious at times and that have left people in tears. I do believe in the power of words, and also in the charms of actions. when it comes to punishments I do mean business. I will however respect and honor limits, for I am aware that only those who can freely say no can actually say yes.

If you are looking for Strict Motivation, get in contact with Me ideally via e-Mail to StrictMotivation @ and we can discuss the terms and conditions. I am mostly a private player and will offer discretion as needed and necessary. I am able to offer Long Distance/online assistance or 1:1 sessions, given your co-operation. Your gender identity or sexual preferences are no objection to Me. My Services are available in English and German language for consenting adults only (18 yrs or older)

We will discuss openly and honestly at all times. After examining your desires and needs as well as possible deterrents and rewards I am willing to taylor out a plan so you can reach your goals step by step and guide you along the way, being your Motivational / Accountability Coach,  by using My Means of Strict Motivation 4u


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