My Mission

It is My vocation to help people get better and overcome life’s hardships, to facilitate growth and build people up for long-term success and happiness. In My surrender to Love, I am devoted to facilitate growth over obstacles and to help to overcome – not just surviving – even the unthinkable, which I call the abomination. I am completely and vehemently opposed to abuse.

Aiming to help people getting better rather sooner than later without creating damaging dependencies and liberating them from traps and trepidations leading them back onto the “straight and narrow” of their very life path, helping them to reclaim and maintain their birthrights of freedom and happiness, is My mission in life.

Regardless how dire your situation is, and how desperate you may feel, it is never too late to turn it around and empower you from a mere victim of circumstance to become the victor at life. The road of progress is paved with challenges which, when tackled the right way, not only will make achievement even the sweeter; they even become the very step-stones to success. We will work together, consistently on your long term betterment through dedicated personal growth.

Learning to not simply accept bad things, but actually and pro-actively work on ourselves and our abilities to overcome and grow are a science and an art not taught at a university but step by step directly from “Teacher to student”. This wisdom is at arms reach for you.

Obstacles are opportunities in disguise, problems are solutions we need to find. In every hardship we face, there is a lesson and a blessing that need to be discovered and can be used in a beneficial way. We can learn to use even adversity and life’s challenges as fuel to propel us at life.

Power up your life and embrace the chance of change: learn to turn even adversity into propulsion. We will install and train you in using a solid “navigational compass” and other valuable, reliable tools that will help you safely navigate even through “troubled waters or stormy times”. Figuratively speaking: instead of hiding behind walls, we will built you a working wind-mill to harvest even the life-storms’ very energy for your benefit.

Step by step we will help you replace dysfunctional and self-sabotaging coping mechanisms with working coping skills and equip you to handle even tough situations with grace and faith. Enrich your life – and thus also the lives of your loved ones – to reclaim a life of freedom and happiness. It is your birth-right!



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