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iso: a Dominant in your life?

You are looking for a safe consensual disciplinarian or dominant in your life, to help you reach your worthy life goals with incorporated consensual kinks. you have been interested in the BDSM life-style or practises. regardless whether you are a newbie, just curious and want to try or an experienced player, looking for The Things We Do: contact Me.

If you are looking for this kind of Strict Motivation, get in contact with Me ideally via e-Mail to StrictMotivation @ and we can discuss the terms and conditions. I am mostly a private player and will offer discretion as needed and necessary. I am able to offer Long Distance/online assistance or Face to face (F2f) sessions, given your co-operation. Your gender identity or sexual preferences are no objection to Me. My Services are available in English and German language for consenting adults only (18 yrs or older)


I am not just into punishments but also into motivation through praise etc. and can be quite attentive and shower you with compliments however, when it comes to deterring you from what is not good for you, I will be just as thorough. Your full cooperation is expected, and so are regular reports (as negotiated). Failing to meet requirements will have dire consequences for you.


I am vehemently opposed to consent violations. I play by SSC, RACK and LOCK. what I really detest, are people who want to play games but are not willing to face the music that comes with it. I dislike disrespect and lack of accountability. So if you are into bratting without paying up, go on, don’t talk to me, I have no energy to waste.

shadow Kopie

if you are genuinely interested in bettering yourself, and improving your situation through the Means of Strict Motivation, you and I should talk.







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