#ps: My, your Protector’s, Creed


don’t worry,
yes I know
you do feel sorry
you are now contrite
not daring to look up?
not left, nor right

I know how you feel inside
I know you feel so horribly hurt
so alone
so lost in this world

you wanted to do
what felt good
you had intentions
and now you are facing
and your eyes wet with tears

have no fear
yes I will hurt you
that is part of the deal
I will cleanse you
elevate you
from the guilt, you’d feel

I will help you always.
Not necessarily the way you want Me to
but the way you definitely need Me to

I will stand by you
like a rock,
be there through your shocks
calm, yet outspoken

I will be the Lord,
the Knight,
The Star to bring you light
in the darkest night

I will stand you by
I will allow you, to cry
come: shed those salty gems
I will hold you
we are more than just friends
I am holding out over you
My Protector’s Hand

that very Hand
that now you fear
that very Hand
that will in the end
tear into your rear
and fortify the tears

I will hear you out
allow you letting go
but if you think
I let you mess up
– surprise –
I firmly will say

because I care about you
because I know you have many skills
because I know how you
are prone to fall
victim to those ills
that lacerate your soul
you need to let go
your precious “… but I am in control”
because: no
you are not
and your tune soon gets old

therefore you will do
as you are told

I will whip you into shape
shake you to the core
bring structure while you are awake
and make sure you are in bed
and get the sleep
you need

let’s be real
yes, you can heal
you can fly
you can achieve
step by step
directed by Me
with My Strict Motivation
and your committed devotion
become the best
you were designed to be
because I hold the key
you just follow My Lead

for this is My, your Protector’s, Creed

(c) 2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com



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