MRI: on probation at work

ElisaMark: Let say … you found out i was on probation at work? What would the consequences be with you . ?
#DaddyStrictMotivation: you would receive a scolding, a mouth soaping, and a paddling along with corner time and some behavioral modification things, to take down your cockiness
ElisaMark: Wow that’s a lot for one punishment? But behavior modification things?

#DaddyStrictMotivation: it is not a lot for one punishment. I am a disciplinarian and a life coach. I want to see change happen quicker not later. why? because I care more about people under My wing then they do about their life at the moment they misbehaved. so why doing things wimpily, if we can be effective. If you were on probation at work you need a bit of getting yourself in the mindset what an incredible privilege you have to be employed at all, and nothing is won from not teaching a culprit humility and the wrong of their ways and trying to avoid such misbehavior at all costs in the future. #StrictMotivation Behavior Modification aims to curb their entitlement: along the lines, if you do not carry yourself like a reasonable, responsible adult, you will not get to have the privileges that stage in life bring. #wejustgetbetter #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt 


ElisaMark: Now i see your point.


footnote: MRI stands for Mentor Replies Inquiries; aka My “dear-abby” section


4 thoughts on “MRI: on probation at work”

    1. No, I don’t need to know what lead up to their situation They know, and so they know what to avoid in the future. My job as a Disciplinarian is to restore discipline; i.e. is to make sure they have the right attitude and motivation to do things right. Looking for reasons often is looking for excuses. We do not need excuses, we need results. The results of their ways is they will get fired. That is not a desirable outcome. In order not to get fired they will have to change and that starts with a different attitude, hence an attitude adjustment is due. If they want to get to the root of their ill behavior, we will work on that in a program, but when it comes to the Disciplinary part, things are rather simply and straight forward. #wejustgetbetter #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training


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