#food4thought. you need Me to repeat an order?

Here is the deal. I have learned to listen twice and watch twice, and talk once. Meaning when I open My mouth to give you an order I expect obedience. Your obedience does not require your understanding, not even your agreement. your obedience only requires obedience. If you need a second invite, let Me inform you, that if Sir Meaner has to repeat Himself, the second voice in the choir is going to be #SpankieMonster. #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt 



how WiggleTail came alive

Once upon a time, in a land far away, behind the iron curtain, as they back then would say, lived a boy who had stuffed fox. How he loved his fox, and how fox became his friend. Years and years past, and the boy now lived in a country, where no iron curtains repressed. As the years had passed and the boy grew up, now learning about freedom and democracy, and how there is dignity, and all the things, once foreign ideas, the fox found a new home with children to take care of, and the young Man continued his journey with new friends to teach him.

But then, as a grown Man, the fox love reignited. That teacher of the past was now needed, again, new lessons to be learned and discovered, and some old ones relearned, with his fox friend, but no such luck to find a fox stuffed friend. He looked in the stores, for a year and a day. Oh, Fox spirit was alive though, in this Man’s life and enriched him. On social media, they could connect. the smartphone fox icon became one often used. “Oh fox it!” would become one sometimes used expression, accompanied by a giggle. What a sigh of relief, to connect, at least this way, and rekindle the old love.

And Fox Spirit would answer the prayer, the need for their friendship and the Fox Spirit Teachings. In the stores, where no stuffie would be, little gifts were waiting secluded in the shelves, randomly, hidden in plain sight: a door wreath, napkins with foxes, a note holder, an eraser. Small and little gifts, to let the Man know… our friendship is alive, hold onto the connection, I did not forsake you! The man looked up foxes stuffed on the internet, in webstores, but they never clicked. It was just not the time, and so the Man let go of the idea, to actually find that fox stuffie. Probably it just was not the time.

And then one day, as He was shopping for a gift to one of his people, on that TY stand where he had found so many precious stuffies for His precious friends before, out of the blue, an almost lifeless, resigned Fox popped up. “You’re Mine!” the boy shouted at the Man and grabbed the stuffie. “I am?” the stuffie stuttered with a broken voice. “Please, don’t play the cruel game of teasing me, with a home to have, you will abandon me, just like the others have! And bring me back, and not want me, because you see, i am flawed, i am not perfect like the others are. My hair grows wild around the eye, like tears, you see? messed up, messy fox i be! And that hair sticking out under my chin, who would like or even love such sin? i am broken, a flaw in production. move on, you won’t like me, i am doomed for destruction!”

The Man held the fox in a tight grip, with passion and protection, as if His own life depended on it. “Oh no, you are Mine, what is your name. are you a girl or a boy? your pink eyes are wonderful either way, I love your pink ears. I don’t mind you shedding tears! I will keep you, you need not fear. I know how it hurts to feel all flawed, a mistake in the production, those destructive thoughts of naught! But you, Mine, fear not! I love you abundantly, unconditionally, always, and one thing is certain, I will not, ever, give up on you. You are perfect in your imperfection, it gives you character, and true beauty, not an image but a body, you are real, and I will keep you, if YOU want to be with Me, because I need you to want it, I do never claim, what is not Mine to have. You have a free will, whether you are called stuffie, pet, animal or wo/man, and without your consent, My hands are tied. may I please adopt you, or would you rather be left behind?”

And the fox stuffie answered. “They wrote me a name on my tag, so I am Slick. My gender i will not tell you, you could be hating it. And you will not like my date of birth. taurus’ are stubborn, all the way. And the number it makes even is six, why would you even consider me, it all sounds just sick!” The Man still held the fox real tight. “Because I love with My whole heart. because My heart sees you, not just the nice sides, but the dark ones too. And because even your worst of ugly, with loving eyes, will turn to beauty, and because with perpetual love, what once was low, shall rise above! – But you did not answer the question of Me. What do you want: stay left behind, or come home with Me! Look, I fond you amazing, an answer to prayers. My heart feels only love, therefore I will respect your will, so what is it that your heart truly desires? Stay here, or come with Me?”

And the baby fox started coming alive. The eyes lit up, with fresh pink light. “You really will adopt me!” he exclaimed. “Yes, Yes, of course, I want to go home with you, but what do I call you, then, can you be my Daddy? or how about I call you Mister, or just brother or even sister! will you look all sinister? will you get mad at me and all my sass, cause I am a handful and a half, and I will test and not tell you what gender I am, and you will keep guessing, time and again!” The Man walked around the store, cuddling His fox, and they were locked in their conversation. He did care not, at the adults’ bewildered face… an adult Man, talking with a stuffed animal – such a disgrace! So, let them think He was crazy, for He was, crazy falling in love, with His new mate. The answer to the prayers, what wonderful turn of fate!

“Oh I know one thing, a Taurus is it? well, I think that fitteth, for Taurus, likes nature and you are a beast of the forest. Did you know, how much I adore the woods? Did you know, I was looking for you, for over a year? The Man said and shed one of His tears. And the fox, who saw, his new patron was crying, kissed the tears away, knowing – wow, the man wasn’t lying, to wear His heart on a sleeve. he for sure did not mind some tears!

“But your name, mystery gender fox, is not “slick”, that fits not, that cannot be it! let Me see, are you a Steve, or a George, or are you Gina, Franceska or Claude? But the fox giggled and wriggled and wiggled its tail. “no, no, mister sister, again you just failed!” – “Aww” the Man said, “Ok, the game is on. I will find out, your names little tone. Since you won’t tell Me if you are a boy or a girl, and that is OK, in this Man’s world, you keep that secret, I find out your name… Is it Fortune or Friggles or Freckles or Fame? Is it Bruno, or Bria, or Bertha or Brigg, Is it Jamy, or Joey, or Jelly or Jig? Is it Sourie, or Sasha or Cindy or Chique?” But the Fox only wiggled and wiggled the tail, shouting at each name delightedly FAIL! And kissed the new patron encouraging kiss, that was a game made out of fox bliss! “It must be an angels name: Ariel, Uriel, Gabriel, Foxiel?” And the fox giggle wiggled even more, and explained to the Patron: Oh, I guess you should know! You came so close, with your Foxiel, because in fact: I am the widdle fox Wiggle Tail!

And later at Home, when the fox knew for sure. That to all its painfilled prayers, the Patron would be a cure. That there was so much love, enough and still more, that the fox would not have to fear anymore. That the fox could let go of bad past time thought. Of being less than perfect means you are worthy not! That the fox could finally rest, assured of the fact, that love forgives, and gives and never would reject. That what looks like a flaw only is made of frowns, for true beauty is imperfect, and leaves space for growth, and that only as we grow, we learn to know, and thus on forward we need to go, and that we are truly defined not, by what a broken heart, in us sees not, but that it is an eternal truth, love makes us SMILE! and love is the cure!


#itsthelittlestuff that makes us #happy

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My kind of #PTSD

This is in no way, shape or form to belittle, demean or make easy or fun of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and let alone by those affected or impacted by it. This is, however, a not accidentally chosen “acronym” and in a way tongue in cheek.


My kind of #PTSD refers to Protective Training Strict Discipline. It means all those measures I take, with Mine, to help them break free from potentially (self-)harming bad habits. Be it smoking, DUI, texting while driving, cussing, or forms of addictions. I take this very seriously, and Mine know that I am not kidding or making idle threats about it. The measures I take fit the crime and get gradually harder if we need to revisit an issue, especially issues that have the potential to impede on their own, and other people’s safety and well being.


The idea of calling it PTSD is derived from My conviction, that after we have applied My kind of #PTSD, they will feel something similar of a “PTSD” episode, or in other words, that next time they are tempted to do the nasty habit again, they will be triggered into thinking – wait, no-no-no-no-n! Not-worth-it! This way, it is in a way an preemptive “traumatic stress” I am trying to instill in them, and actually avoiding the spreading of more stress disorder before it comes to pass.


#StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #stepbystep #holistic #lifecoaching





#food4thought 180722


People ask Me often, how this whole Behavioral Discipline Structure Motivation works, and the answer is pretty simple. It works with maximum possible freedom within the clearly defined borders.


I set the ground rules, which is a frame to the picture, and you try to stay within those outlines. As long as you play the ball within the court I set, (for your own good and in your best long-term interest) all is well. Then on “Report Card” Day, you get rewards and praise. But if you go out the line, Sir Meaner will summon you in the naughty corner, and give you a memorable strict motivation to help you do better in the future. 


It is super simple. as you can see: do as Sir Meaner says, massive pay off. Do NOT as Sir Meaner said, and pay in tears! If you needed crossing the lines, Sir Meaner will bring you back in line, what-ever-it-takes. #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


#food4though 180719 Hawk radar

busy day ahead. yall better behave, because the Hawk radar is always on, and always on point. If the #HawkRadar gives Me a buzz, there will be the application of tough love, love #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter #stepbystep SMILE!


#go2bed 180710 Dragon Daddy

Once upon a time in a land far, far away

A little turtle girl dared past her bedtime awake to stay

As she wiggled and she giggled she did notice not

How her Daddy, the Dragon, was amused not!

And before she knew it, her giggles and teehees

Ended in her dangling, over Daddy’s knees

And with His heavy tail and quite a heavy heart

The Dragon Daddy spanked, His naughty girl quite hard

Now the little turtle was nothing but all promise

While the skillful spanks sure their aim just wouldn’t miss!

And the little turtle who past bedtime had been naught

With Strict Motivation, a lesson has been taught

Finally, as she softly wept, wishing she had nicely slept

with buttocks glowing already all red,

she was nothing but all ready to #go2bed

#StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training #SMalt