#food4thought 180428 clean travels

#food4thought sweep your own doorstep and your life path, and you will always travel clean. #StrictMotivation



Daddy’s little discussion 1804101

Come here My little one, Daddy needs to talk to you

> I wait patiently and watch you creeping with leaded feet across the room.

My little one, do you know what Daddy wants to talk about with you?

> your head nods yes and you gulp hard

My little one, what is it that Daddy wants to discuss? … and look at Me when we talk!

> you force your head up only to sink it back on your chest, unable to meet My eye. My hand lifts your chin.

Little one, don’t make matters worse for yourself

> you shake your head minimalistically ‘no’ and whisper your ‘”I am sorry Daddy”

Little one, tell Daddy what we need to discuss

> your voice is barely a whisper. “I messed up Daddy” you confess and tears cloud your sight.

Little one, that is an **understatement**. Tell Daddy, **how** did you mess up?

> “I am so sorry Daddy” you sniffle and tears run down your cheeks. “I got angry and then i… i said things i should not have! and Daddy i am so so so so sorry!”

I see! That sounds about right as to what happened. And tell Me My little one, what happens to those under Daddy’s care when they mess up?

> “they… they… Daddy, I am so so so very sorry, I did not mean to disappoint you! especially not today, on the eve of your appointment!

Little one, that is not what Daddy asked you, is it? so what happens to those who do things they ought not to do?

> “they… get p-p-p-punished, Daddy … Sir”

That’s right little one, they get punished, so they learn and remember their lesson and be better behaved on forward

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MRI on lifestyle burn-out

is it possible, that i am a vanilla again because i have no more kinky feelings and desires any longer. I feel empty, not willing to bottom, submit (dominate, top), nothing strikes my fancy… @doubtingkinky *name changed


In My experience, everything lives on a spectrum, not in absolutes. do you remember when it was fresh and new and shiny? that feeling of brand-new extra super special … it does not usually last, thank Goodness, it doesn’t, it would be so exhausting! then there is settling, where the frenzied feeling is gone, and you might find yourself hungover, and then another shiny comes along, and maybe you get aflame and burn and crash and burn fast or you burn slowly, and then sometimes you burn out. you get blah, meh, jaded, and then you may find yourself coming back to the shiny, but less enthusiastic, less blindable, and that is called maturing.

like it is in vanilla relationships or life in general. the years have seasons and the spectrum on which your *insert role* resides may undergo waves and radical changes. and that is OK

love yourself anyway. if you need time to breathe or lick wounds, breathe and lick wounds. know that eventually, every winter passes, and spring will renew you. you may be different than the years before, in role or attitude but you stay true to the wonderful, uniquely you! #StrictMotivation #AlternativeLifeTraining #SMalt