failing Me isn’t the worst {SM1751}

Failing Me, as upsetting it may be, as huffing feathers it may appear to be, is not the worst, and actually not even the big problem at all.

what really is a problem is if you fail yourself..

I believe that part of my *role* is to motivate, guide and steer, but I cannot do my job without you. what I do is giving your will power a blast. what I do is giving your (bad) conscience a louder voice. what I do is strengthen you against all your inner demons


you know like they say, how a bottoms or subs behavior reflects back on the dominant (or top), and it does. the good, the bad and the ugly. but the focus is not about Me feeling better about a situation. it is to make you feel better about yourself in the long run. it is to train you to be the best you can be. to see your fortés and to make you achieve goals we had set for yourself

I would be a terrible top, a disappointing Dom, a false friend and a hostile human being if I allowed you to fail yourself, out of *convenience* . I set myself the high standards and prefer to travel the high road – it is, by far, less traveled and much more intense.


sometimes, it takes strength, lots of time discipline and strictness to help you get yourself and your act together as *you would wish it to be* in your ideal world. and to reach and achieve those ideals, to be the best you can be, that, in fact, is My biggest reward. To see you grow, to you you achieve, to help you reach goals and be successful in your endeavors.

and so I do sympathize with you when you have failed yourself (and Me). and when I am being harsh and seemingly cold hearted, in fact, I am quite the opposite. I cannot allow making decisions on the base of what makes Me feel good in the moment, or what you’d wish I would do, but in fact have to keep the goal in mind and your best interest, even if it means you will hate Me and My decisions.

because the truth is, I care much more about you than you do, at that very moment.


so yes, I can be a piece of work, a piece of strictness, and even appear like a cold sadist, but I also am the caring, loving person who won’t allow you, to fail yourself.

because if you are to achieve the best, you deserve to work with the best.

#StrictMotivation (c) 2015-2017



One thought on “failing Me isn’t the worst {SM1751}”

  1. Youre very good at what you do and i appreciate it even during the times wben its hard because it has already made improvements in me and i know you metbods work and the love and care you sbow for my growth is just amazing and i do thank you Sir.

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