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Good night My friends. Love sent. Make sure your time is well spent. #go2bed timely or you’ll have a reddened end <3 #StrictMotivation



failing Me isn’t the worst {SM1751}

Failing Me, as upsetting it may be, as huffing feathers it may appear to be, is not the worst, and actually not even the big problem at all.

what really is a problem is if you fail yourself..

I believe that part of my *role* is to motivate, guide and steer, but I cannot do my job without you. what I do is giving your will power a blast. what I do is giving your (bad) conscience a louder voice. what I do is strengthen you against all your inner demons


you know like they say, how a bottoms or subs behavior reflects back on the dominant (or top), and it does. the good, the bad and the ugly. but the focus is not about Me feeling better about a situation. it is to make you feel better about yourself in the long run. it is to train you to be the best you can be. to see your fortés and to make you achieve goals we had set for yourself

I would be a terrible top, a disappointing Dom, a false friend and a hostile human being if I allowed you to fail yourself, out of *convenience* . I set myself the high standards and prefer to travel the high road – it is, by far, less traveled and much more intense.


sometimes, it takes strength, lots of time discipline and strictness to help you get yourself and your act together as *you would wish it to be* in your ideal world. and to reach and achieve those ideals, to be the best you can be, that, in fact, is My biggest reward. To see you grow, to you you achieve, to help you reach goals and be successful in your endeavors.

and so I do sympathize with you when you have failed yourself (and Me). and when I am being harsh and seemingly cold hearted, in fact, I am quite the opposite. I cannot allow making decisions on the base of what makes Me feel good in the moment, or what you’d wish I would do, but in fact have to keep the goal in mind and your best interest, even if it means you will hate Me and My decisions.

because the truth is, I care much more about you than you do, at that very moment.


so yes, I can be a piece of work, a piece of strictness, and even appear like a cold sadist, but I also am the caring, loving person who won’t allow you, to fail yourself.

because if you are to achieve the best, you deserve to work with the best.

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#riseandshine Rainbow lines with My breakfast in the mail, and My morning brightens even more. I love My work of #SMart. SMile! comes from within #StrictMotivation #wejustgetbetter


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how do you do the mouth soapings, Sir?


Recently I have been asked by a few brats and interested folk, how I am doing mouth soaping. Without giving away the secrets of My trade, or going too deeply into details I will still try to answer the question, in this post so there is a point of reference, instead of typing individual emails all the time. #efficiency


Speaking of efficiency, that is one of the aspects I am going by, when washing someone’s mouth out with soap. It will be a thorough experience, and it will not be a pleasure ride. Soap is a fierce and feared tool of correction and discipline. It is unpleasant and the taste is evidently rather disgusting so that erotizing the experiences generally is not so much of an issue.


If someone does have a mouth soaping fetish, it is My job as a Disciplinarian to change the patterns and vary the application to a degree so that there will not be mixed messages sent – if we are talking about soap as a deterrent. If it is just for play, for fun, for a fun punishment (funishment) that is a different issue, in a way. If it is used for discipline and punishment, I will make sure this is a memorable experience leaving the desired impact on the one getting it applied.


The question about what size of a soap bar I prefer, what kind of a soap, which brand etc, is really very difficult to answer, because My preference is not the issue; this is not about Me that much after all.


I have to take into consideration the anatomy, health issues of the bottom (person receiving). Not all soaps are safe for everyone. As a responsible Top/Dom/Disciplinarian, I have to know about ph levels of the bars I am about to use.


Since I have bottoms all around the globe and yes, mouth soaping can be done long distance, at least I am quite capable giving one in a very memorable and thorough fashion even without being physically present during the act,


I have to also keep in mind that not every brand that I maybe prefer for one reason or another may be available in every country.


I have to take into consideration that some people react not just to the ph levels, but may have allergies; SLS allergies, for example, can put quite a no go to most of the commonly regarded safe brands, and kinds of soap. I can even tend to vegans, for I have vegan soaps at My disposition.


On the other hand, can a too alkaloid soap cause chemical burns, which are not at all a side effect we desire when washing a mouth out with soap – even though, one could argue it is then an extremely memorable session.


I still prefer to be able to calculate the risk that can be expected, so we can do even a CNC punishment scenario and still apply SSC / RACK as a guideline.


Thankfully to the vast variety and choice of different brands and kinds of bars of soap, I also am in the comfortable position to being able making My own bars of soap, and through excellent suppliers am able to offer both varieties: SLS containing and SLS free varieties of glycerine based soaps, that are very sought after for their originally intended purpose, yet have been branded “enemy of brat-kind” by some of My girls and boys for their effectively deterring effects.


Last not least I do want to mention, that when within agreed upon and negotiated limits, soap is being used for more than the purpose of washing out a potty or dirty mouth; knowing your implement, soap can add a lot to some other impressing activities, and make the bottom think thoroughly before engaging into questionable behaviors or lacking, let alone failing at the expected performance






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#RiseAndShine no lazying time. life is to taste, no time to waste. so much work to be done, turn every stone! 😀 yay #StrictMotivation


Need help reaching your worthy life goals, improving yourself or your behaviors, break addictions, change your ways? hit Me up. I work successfully be it long distance or face to face. easily affordable working, kink friendly, holistic step by step life-coaching programs; My success rate with willing people tops 90%. We just get better #StrictMotivation

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the Meaner art of soaping #BratTakeDown


Let’s face the facts, brats will be brats. And sometimes it just happens so fast, that brats will run their fingers or mouth and say things they should not have said. It may be language stuff, you know: the kind of bad, where vulgar words are used for shock, or to be the laughing stock!

But politeness and manners still do matter. A language should always be clean. And without being all to mean, we help the brat in its brat-attack, the best way, ’cause We care and can. It needs a Lady, it needs a Man, to stand up to their insolence, vile or verbal violence and help the brat their mess to cleanse!

Whether they are bratty: adult, little or middle. The swift #BratTakeDown, is no riddle. And when you act real swift and thorough, their bad behavior won’t see tomorrow. Even the most sailor tongue, will soon learn that soap is no fun. That it is hard to erotize, and it brings tears quick into their eyes.

We don’t give in, to their protest, nor to their screams how they’d detest, that smell, that taste, that gooey paste, the pose, the mess, Our non-idle threats, How they need to rinse, and how it bites, how they will never stop the fight! Let them drool with corner-time and well reflect their prior crime!


Only when the lesson’s taught, that it won’t pay to play at naught! That We won’t have their mouth get soiled, nor them to act up like children spoiled! That talk back at authority: lack of respect – being naughty, leaves in its wake a bitter taste, on teeth, gums tongue sometimes for days!

It is time to help them some. Come around from their brazen fun, onto the narrow, onto the straight. For betterment, it’s never too late. We had given them the cleansing speech, Because we care, them right to teach, so they may grow to being strong and keep away: from harms and wrongs.

So brats be brats, we know just that. It’s what we know and can expect. We know there’s pull, push, forth and back. In all the chaos, what stands out, the ultimate reason: beyond any doubt. We do on this earth, as it is done from Above. We dole Discipline out to those whom We care for, or: love.


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