#food4thought 170430 #plentyinthepantry

Don’t throw your arms up giving up. Don’t go “Frog it”! There’s so learn to use it


it came as a shock, naughty be not. giving up also is no option: oh no, you say, what a frustration! I’d rather throw up my arms, and say FROG it all! but then I’d not see, the beauty in it all. There is #plentyinthepentry dont refuse it, learn to use it! #StrictMotivation #food4thought 170430


2 thoughts on “#food4thought 170430 #plentyinthepantry”

  1. Even when it’s hard sometimes and I do something to get in trouble and have to face the consequences I won’t give up
    I’ll just try harder to be a good girl ok

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