recommended Toys for girls and boys


The producer of most of My wooden paddles stopped producing them and retired. I have since then looked for adequate supplier, and I just don’t shop from everyone. I have found suppliers with decent prices and an excellent craft-man-ship, people who are willing to do custom work or/and know a lot about their products, small American businesses – shortly gems of paddle producers.



All these come highly recommended, and if you want to get their products and get in touch with them, please send My greetings to the perspective people from TomTheDom aka #StrictMotivation. I like letting people who have My trust know, how much their good work means to Me


Miss Rose from Compassrose Creations, the picture doesnt do the paddles quality justice, handcrafted these exotic paddles, from Rose-Wood, Red-Heart, Padauk and Blood-Wood (right to left). her designs are unique and very thoughtful. Her paddles are well-balanced and perfectly shaped, so the spanker does not suffer, the bottoms however dont feel all that comfy – as it should be! Miss Rose is an expert on woods, and can tell you, what kind of wood will have the desired effect you may be after.


Top to bottom: American Oak; 2 x Bamboo

The Paddle Guy who has supplied his excellently crafted weapons of ass destruction to such renown brands like ATP studios is a very solid, awesomely crafty and creative paddle maker, also from the USA, whose wooden implements dont disappoint in any way. I only recently found his services and products, but his customer service, expertise and superb balanced paddles are a huge joy. He was willing to customize and his prices are very decent to say the least.

In this following picture are 2 paddles by The Paddle Guy & My own home crafted double leather barbed wire style loop *happySM*, super stingy, and also a little thuddy (with a metal handle


Above pic also features @Niko’s Wicked Sister You may have seen videos from Niko on ST/FL. The Wicked Sister is a real tear jerker, deep impact toy, that will strike fear in any deserving bottom


The bratTtamer brush is a very solid beech wood grooming brush with very sturdy bristles (unlike soft bath brush bristles) which can tenderize the skin,. I love this brush, because of it’s quite solid quality, it is massive, it packs an incredible wallop and leaves marks quite effortlessly. I am supplying this brush for USD 19.00 including shipping to USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, as a blank (with or without personalization)


I personalize Mine with the #StrictMotivation rainbow style logo using markers. Those under My wings may get their personalized bratTtamer brush, but so can other people inclined this way – just shoot Me a mail, if interested.


I also have a very nice variety of soap bars from Europe and a glyrerin based cinnamon rock salt diabetic friendly (but naughty potty mouth disruptive) kind, My Wife makes by hand – each piece is one of a kind, and still under 5 USD each (plus shipping)


Last not least we also provide the beautiful soap dishes made of natural Paua shells


and of course artisan made, beaded collars where the gem stone healing properties will rfelect the commitment of the dynamic, something we have been doing successfully for years. (note, each collar is unique, as is every dynamic/person







5 thoughts on “recommended Toys for girls and boys”

  1. Gee whiz Sir don’t you have enough paddles? I hope I can avoid them all .
    Especially those wicked looking things. Your paddles hurt bad enough.
    By the way I loved the jewelry I think it’s very beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Niko’s Wicked Sister is a tool I use for correction mostly, or severe discipline. I love that it is also a deep impact toy, meaning the effect will last for days after the application, a constant reminder how bad behavior does not pay. You can avoid it easily, and you usually are, by not needing severe course corrections. As for enough, though I do have quite a collection, there is always room for improvement #StrictMotivation


    2. thank you for your compliment on the jewelry. over the many years we have created a couple 100s of individual designs where healing or/and purpose meets beauty. I will try and showcase more of those in the future #StrictMotivation


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