a Blessed Easter

A Merry and Blessed Easter Holiday.
about 2 millenniums ago,
on that fateful day
a promise was made
and a promise was kept
to mankind
the deliverance from evil
and that love and life will defy death
and so we can take a deep breath
and rejoice
and see that life
through the Lord’s Grace
offers a chance of redemption
that each and every
sinful thing
we may have been doing
can be changed
and that we can get better
from today on
and so we will
with the help of the Lord
growing strong
and defy, every ill
(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “a Blessed Easter”

  1. Yes we. Can get better with God’s help and you continually being one of the impliment He uses to help us. Thank you both for unconditional love that never ends.

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