ph-levels of EU soap bars

well that was a wash. and not the intended nice wash, at that. I had invested into an electronic ph meter, and it turns out the POC is not water proof. so I will have to invest in one that works more reliably down the road but interim I can share My finding with My readers. since the cheap meter ‘s quality was questionable as it turned out, I take no guarantee the results are accurate.


ph levels are measured from acidic to alkaline, on a scale of usually between 0.0 (acidic) to 14.0 (alkaline) but contrary to popular belief, agents can be more acidic or alkaline and exceed that basic scale. Water, which is neutral, being neither alkaline nor acidic is measured at 7.0. The human skin is usually measured at 5.5 (so mildly acidic)

  • Altera, Granatapfel pomme de grenade, drug store generic, Germany … 5.9
  • Altera Rose, Rossmann drug store generic, made in Germany …….. 5.9
  • Balea, DM: Arztseife , drug store generic (doctor’s), Germany ……….8.5
  • Cleopatra available in Germany, made in France ……………………….8.8

at this point the meter gave out 😦 I will continue the testing when I have a more reliable meter.


the ph level testing is one of the precautions I am taking so I can make a better risk assessment when dishing out soap as a consequence – be it through mouth soaping or other applications of the detergent – because safety matters & I care for you



2 thoughts on “ph-levels of EU soap bars”

  1. I love Ivory soap the best. It’s always been reliable for many generations over the years. I use the liquid with a bath sponge. I’ve had my mouth soaped once with a bar of ivory but hope I don’t have to experience that again… Horrible..I’ll stick to my bottom getting spanked when necessary! Oh wow what did I just say..Don’t get no ideas Sir.

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