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Don’t throw your arms up giving up. Don’t go “Frog it”! There’s so learn to use it


it came as a shock, naughty be not. giving up also is no option: oh no, you say, what a frustration! I’d rather throw up my arms, and say FROG it all! but then I’d not see, the beauty in it all. There is #plentyinthepentry dont refuse it, learn to use it! #StrictMotivation #food4thought 170430


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yes it is the week end, no time to be weak and not #go2bed on time, because defying rules still is a crime. this never gets old, the corner or your bed just called #StrictMotivation


recommended Toys for girls and boys


The producer of most of My wooden paddles stopped producing them and retired. I have since then looked for adequate supplier, and I just don’t shop from everyone. I have found suppliers with decent prices and an excellent craft-man-ship, people who are willing to do custom work or/and know a lot about their products, small American businesses – shortly gems of paddle producers.



All these come highly recommended, and if you want to get their products and get in touch with them, please send My greetings to the perspective people from TomTheDom aka #StrictMotivation. I like letting people who have My trust know, how much their good work means to Me


Miss Rose from Compassrose Creations, the picture doesnt do the paddles quality justice, handcrafted these exotic paddles, from Rose-Wood, Red-Heart, Padauk and Blood-Wood (right to left). her designs are unique and very thoughtful. Her paddles are well-balanced and perfectly shaped, so the spanker does not suffer, the bottoms however dont feel all that comfy – as it should be! Miss Rose is an expert on woods, and can tell you, what kind of wood will have the desired effect you may be after.


Top to bottom: American Oak; 2 x Bamboo

The Paddle Guy who has supplied his excellently crafted weapons of ass destruction to such renown brands like ATP studios is a very solid, awesomely crafty and creative paddle maker, also from the USA, whose wooden implements dont disappoint in any way. I only recently found his services and products, but his customer service, expertise and superb balanced paddles are a huge joy. He was willing to customize and his prices are very decent to say the least.

In this following picture are 2 paddles by The Paddle Guy & My own home crafted double leather barbed wire style loop *happySM*, super stingy, and also a little thuddy (with a metal handle


Above pic also features @Niko’s Wicked Sister You may have seen videos from Niko on ST/FL. The Wicked Sister is a real tear jerker, deep impact toy, that will strike fear in any deserving bottom


The bratTtamer brush is a very solid beech wood grooming brush with very sturdy bristles (unlike soft bath brush bristles) which can tenderize the skin,. I love this brush, because of it’s quite solid quality, it is massive, it packs an incredible wallop and leaves marks quite effortlessly. I am supplying this brush for USD 19.00 including shipping to USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, as a blank (with or without personalization)


I personalize Mine with the #StrictMotivation rainbow style logo using markers. Those under My wings may get their personalized bratTtamer brush, but so can other people inclined this way – just shoot Me a mail, if interested.


I also have a very nice variety of soap bars from Europe and a glyrerin based cinnamon rock salt diabetic friendly (but naughty potty mouth disruptive) kind, My Wife makes by hand – each piece is one of a kind, and still under 5 USD each (plus shipping)


Last not least we also provide the beautiful soap dishes made of natural Paua shells


and of course artisan made, beaded collars where the gem stone healing properties will rfelect the commitment of the dynamic, something we have been doing successfully for years. (note, each collar is unique, as is every dynamic/person






a Blessed Easter

A Merry and Blessed Easter Holiday.
about 2 millenniums ago,
on that fateful day
a promise was made
and a promise was kept
to mankind
the deliverance from evil
and that love and life will defy death
and so we can take a deep breath
and rejoice
and see that life
through the Lord’s Grace
offers a chance of redemption
that each and every
sinful thing
we may have been doing
can be changed
and that we can get better
from today on
and so we will
with the help of the Lord
growing strong
and defy, every ill
(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

#go2bed 170411

❤ to My friends, stay safe, stay warm and out of reach of harm. and for your own good, as not to be sad, timely  #go2bed #StrictMotivation


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ph-levels of EU soap bars

well that was a wash. and not the intended nice wash, at that. I had invested into an electronic ph meter, and it turns out the POC is not water proof. so I will have to invest in one that works more reliably down the road but interim I can share My finding with My readers. since the cheap meter ‘s quality was questionable as it turned out, I take no guarantee the results are accurate.


ph levels are measured from acidic to alkaline, on a scale of usually between 0.0 (acidic) to 14.0 (alkaline) but contrary to popular belief, agents can be more acidic or alkaline and exceed that basic scale. Water, which is neutral, being neither alkaline nor acidic is measured at 7.0. The human skin is usually measured at 5.5 (so mildly acidic)

  • Altera, Granatapfel pomme de grenade, drug store generic, Germany … 5.9
  • Altera Rose, Rossmann drug store generic, made in Germany …….. 5.9
  • Balea, DM: Arztseife , drug store generic (doctor’s), Germany ……….8.5
  • Cleopatra available in Germany, made in France ……………………….8.8

at this point the meter gave out 😦 I will continue the testing when I have a more reliable meter.


the ph level testing is one of the precautions I am taking so I can make a better risk assessment when dishing out soap as a consequence – be it through mouth soaping or other applications of the detergent – because safety matters & I care for you

(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


Love conquers hate {SM1704}


When we even hear the term BREAKING NEWS we already know what we will be seeing. And no surprise here happens ever. breaking news are shocking, displays of atrocity, inhumanity, vile and terrifying acts, that shake us to the core. Breaking news usually entail someone doing things we would not have thought possible, breaking all rules of conduct, violating our trust in humanity and tearing at the bond of faith. Shocking drama revealed before our eyes, regardless what we were doing. We are not just informed by our free will, or invited to consume something hard to digest. We get force-fed unspeakable lows of the human spirit and shown terrorizing images, worst-case nightmares coming true through the hands of our fellow women and men. Our sense of safety and values is shaken, our world turned upside down and downside up.

sirene gr-usa

What can anyone do, specifically what can you do, to cope with this brutal, violent, hate-filled and abusive fear inspiring experience? You can only feel overwhelmed and helpless, afraid and torn. You can only suffer and despair. At least that is what it feels like: when we see our fellow man go into the abyss of lows, giving in to evil, defying any sense of common sense or basic humanism, empathy and compassion in committing crimes of heinous atrocity, victimizing their direct victims and terrorizing us all along with them.


What can you do about these horrible displays of human lows? How can you deal and cope with the unbearable? How can you not break under the pressure of the breaking news? How can you not give in after being bombarded with displays and proof that man too is evil, and that we all are doomed? How can you even as much as hope, let alone keep the faith that man is destined for greatness and meant to shine, that we all are created in God’s wonderful image – if what we see points to the opposite direction or would portrait God as a being of atrocious brutality? How can we manage to not despair?


It starts with you. it starts with you not giving in to the pressure. it starts with you not consuming and getting consumed by the atrocities of evil. it starts with you not joining the army of ills. it starts with you not force-feeding the haunting images of what all is wrong in the world, to yourself and yours. it starts with breaking the chain and chain reaction of breaking bad news. it starts with you switching the TV off completely.


It starts with you getting in touch with your true self. it starts with you praying to God or to Love itself (if you don’t believe in God). it starts with you defining where you are at, in life. it starts with you reassuring yourself about those core values you will be standing for. it starts with you reaffirming your bond to life: to care, to empathize, to feel, to love, to heal. it starts with you, restoring your self-worth. It starts with you rebuilding your inner temple, the inner sanctuary. It starts with you finding inner peace. it starts with you!


It starts with you creating the change you want to see happen within you and grow it abundantly to the point that if you don’t share that change with others you’d suffocate in humble, happy, healing, caring, loving. It starts within you to that point where it overfills you so you start to radiate that message: through all your feelings, through all your thoughts, through all your words, through all your actions. That, in turn, will inspire people, it will influence people, it will maybe even better and change people.


No matter how much we as a species may be able to suck, at our worst, we also are capable of shining at our best. There are billions of moments every second, that prove that we all don’t suck and that we are born to shine. To every atrocity there are testaments of miracle and overcoming, there are more people loving and caring and kissing, than there are people fighting, hurting and killing. There are more moments of togetherness, and care and humanity, than there are of exploitation. There are more teddy bears being produced worldwide in a year than guns!!!


There is more love going on, but it’s not newsworthy material. It is taken for granted because it is so richly and abundantly available everywhere. And so the image we are being fed is only a peek into a portion of what mankind is about, an unbalanced, distorted view to the depths of evil we could be capable of committing if we did not remember our connection, our roots to that very nurturing soil that has brought us in the world: LOVE


Reclaiming your freedom, reclaiming your sanctuary within and multiplying the principles we want to see reign our world, principles of love starts with you. it starts with you taking on the task of hard work necessary to create love. It starts with you shining amongst the darkness. It starts with you becoming the sheep among wolves. It starts with you reclaiming your innocence. It starts with you growing happiness and love. It starts with you restoring your own severed roots to the soil you are coming from and will once return to. It starts with you reclaiming your freedom and choosing what you will feed yourself: what kind of information you will allow being put into you, what seeds shall grow in your back yard.


It starts with you becoming aware that you too are responsible for how this world will evolve and that it starts within you. It starts with you refusing the “easy way out” and the “quick fix in the moment” and that you choose long term happiness and love over instant gratification in the moment. It starts with you realizing that you must not become numb or devoid of emotions in order to escape that which frightens you: because if you grow apprehension, defensiveness, defiance, disgust and anger, you will reap it in abundance. For those who sow wind, shall harvest a storm, for as it is sown thus it is reaped!


It starts with you learning to love like a child. It starts with you embracing a challenge. It starts with you growing over obstacles. It starts with you cultivating the very change you want to see grow abundantly in the world. It starts with you becoming the best version of you. It starts with you not breaking under breaking news but breaking free from their terrorizing messages. It starts with your freedom and it starts with your love. Because love will conquer everything and overcome even the unspeakable. Love for ever is.


It starts with you engaging into the cultivation of different seeds, growing those very elements that the principle LOVE is made from, richly and abundantly, radiating its magic and its message through your very existence, and through everything you think, you feel, you say and you do. If you want that kind of harvest, you need to decide and consistently, tirelessly, diligently and devotedly plant and tend to those very seeds of love. And death shall have no dominion. And hate shall not prevail, and terror may not reign and evil will not stand a chance to derail our life.smartflag4smart_wht Kopie

It starts with you becoming the change you want to see. It starts with you becoming another testament of wo/man created indeed as an image of God and a facet of love itself #StrictMotivation 


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