Let God’s Light Shine

when darkness rears its ugly head
when there is no words to be spoken
and all seems said
and we are sad
and heartbroken
let God’s Light shine

when we feel numb, devoid of passion
when we are engulfed in blazing aggression
when we face the power of opression
and our hearts fill with hate
before it is too late
let Gods Light shine

when our head is spinning
and we seem to have lost our ways
and cannot make out the right path
and we mourn and are silenced by grief
and divided within in disbelief
let Gods Light shine

when all we feel is muffled and jumbled
when we scream within, yet outwardly silent
when our tongues are tied and we cant breathe
when we feel, robbed of faith and belief
let Gods Light shine

For it is written
that where God’s Light dont shine
evil will reign
and we all know how evil deals but pain
and suffering and abomination
and so in the face of atrocity
with the might of painful agony
rebuild God’s anatomy
from within your very make-up
and pray, with devotion
with commitment to truth
with dedication
and become God’s very shrine

especially in face of atrocity
let Gods Light shine

(c) 2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

-obsidian_rainbow Kopie



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