#PS: 20-25 or no blog today?

No blog today, why is that? No, #RiseAndShine no #go2bed. no #food4thought nor #beatZscale? Because today is My Wife’s and My Anniversary Celebration Day #StrictMotivation

Married for 23, Dating for 25 years, thank You, Love of My Life, My beloved Wife



When I met you
I was a mess
my only success
was to have survived
and stayed alive
but I had plenty
I was just 20
but I had met you
my future wife
and I knew
I want to spend
the rest of my life
with you

and we started dating
we went on a ride
against what was to come
what would be served
and life brought it on
that sordid song
the sorrow
the struggles
burst our bubble
of pastels and pink
but could not sink
us and our relationship
none of that terror
nor its entailed horror:
not the poverty
not the hardship
not the turned backs
not the cracks
in pride, cause inside
we knew we two
are Unity
and all the family
we needed to be

disowned not disheartened
cast away,
cast aside
the black sheep
no education
no degree
the wrath of My birth family
and no help from yours
we would have to
brave it
alone; make it
not be broken by it
through every battle
every strife
but we, you and me
were paradise

mul kola olam
against the whole world
bring it on
one more enemy?
ha! we will laugh you off
we are that strong
you have a big name
you have a law firm
bring it
we stand all firm
unbreakable as one
bring the heat
we will not be defeat
we are the chosen ones
and we grew strong
and stronger still
don’t get against us
you will not break our will
you have no skill
to kill
our will once set
you, no matter how big
Don Quichote you have not met!

I knew even when our pockets were empty
from that day in February
when I was twenty
that no strife in life
is hardship
when you are
in a working relationship
and that any ill
that life would bring
our unified will
and love could sink
to the bottom of the sea
and we would sail
against the wind
against the odds
on rough stormy seas
and beat down any misery

and look at us now,
and at our life
we are older now
who knows if wise
we have seen our share
and paid our price
we had times of sorrow
and cold as ice
we had times of worry
but also nice
no money to pay the rent
no money to pay for food
lost health insurance
lost everything good
through sickness and ills
beat being in debt
and paid off every bill
we grew apart and together next
we stood silenced
forgot the text
stood emptied of words
bared of cries
in endlessly worried nights cried
why, Lord, why?
overcame what others fear
never wanted to separate
always need to be near
and had been ripped apart still
just to learn
we are stronger
because we belong together
and will
define our life
even now, that dating
has its anniversary
number 25

thank you for a quarter century
My beloved Wife

for My Wife: I love You, My Lady and Queen of My House. Yours, Tom

(c) 2017 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


2 thoughts on “#PS: 20-25 or no blog today?”

  1. That was so beautiful and had me crying reading all that you two have been through and faced . But together still and victorious. I pray that the rest of your lives will be filled with happiness more love everything you’ll ever have need of and God’s blessings every day from beginning to end. I’m not too good with words but I believe you both know my heart by now. I truly wish you a gazillion times more in blessings than anything you have endured.


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