#PS Pomp And Circumstance pt 1.05


Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.05

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02 ~ 1.03 ~ 1.04

Janette thought in a hurry. The thoughts kept racing through her like jet planes. She could confess now, but she knew how disappointed he would be. And she did not want him to be disappointed with her. Ever. It was like her heart sinking to her little pinkie toe, if he wore that frown on his face. She wanted him to pat and cuddle her, to be attentive and sweet and maybe only a tiny bit worried. Or maybe she could still get him to believe her she was sick.

Daddy, my tummy hurts so bad!” she squealed and winced and made a hurting face. That was the plan! Maybe she had no fever! And best of all, he seemed to buy that too…
“Oh my Goodness, baby-girl…. really?” he asked and his face changed from angry to worried. When she saw that, she shed a tear. She felt so ashamed of herself. Maybe she should just confess. Sure he would punish her, but then it would be over and she could stop lying to him. Her plan to cut school because of that freaking test and party plans seemed not to be the best plan of her life now – after all.

Tony got up, and left for the bath-room once more. She heard him wash his hands and open the cabinet. Now she was really worried. This could either mean one thing or another and each of them possibilities were horrible. Janette curled up in fetal position, crying softly into the sleeves of her jammies. This plan has been a stupid idea altogether, and now, oh my … no, please, Daddy, no! she bawled into her arm…

“Does it hurt that bad?” she heard his worried voice, and felt his strong, big hand stroking her hair. “Oh Daddy!” she whined and threw herself onto his lap, sobbing like a baby. He kept stroking her hair and caressing the small of her back. “Please Daddy, don’t” she begged him, when her eyes caught a glimpse of the paper box in his hand with the dreaded suppositories.

“But baby-girl, if you have a fever that comes and goes, and a hurting tummy, it sure must be a constipation!” Tony said, in a calm, reassuring voice. “I know, you do not like taking these, but you always feel so much better after, don’t you, baby?” he asked her, and the tone of his voice, his loving hands were like a fortress, an armor to her hurting heart. She so wanted to confess, now,  but then he would be so angry and disappointed and, she just could not go through with it! Her heart sank low and lower still. He was such a decent, caring man, and she had fooled him, and now she had to lie and she hated herself so bad!

Tony helped her back on her tummy, arranging pillows under her so he could access her better, and still caressing her back he waited till the worst of her crying had subsided. Then he put on the vinyl gloves, opened the paper box. He took all the time to get the suppository out of its package. “Please try to relax, baby-girl, it will sure make you feel so much better!”

He inserted the suppository and pushed it into her, slowly, with constant pressure. She hated it, but she loved how he was tender with her. Maybe it was good after all, she did not tell him the truth, because he sure would have been a lot more rough, if he had known about her trick and lies. She relaxed and sighed, almost contentedly, while Tony pulled his finger out of her and disposed of the gloves…


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com ~ all rights reserved




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