#PS Pomp And Circumstance 1.04

Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.04

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02 ~ 1.03

She let go of her waistband, just bellow her beautifully formed globes. “Lower please…” he said with a soft tone. Janette sighed again. “But why?” she asked and it was almost a whine. “For one because Daddy said so!” Tony reminded her and the girl winced. She knew this tone of his voice. She knew she was only a few steps away from really big trouble. “For two, because you will need to relax, and it’s easier with them jammies by your knees, isn’t it?”

His voice sounded slightly annoyed. The girl quickly obeyed and tried to appease him. “Daddy knows bestest!” she said, nodding her head vividly.´, while her hands pulled them jammies to the destination of his choice. He patted her hair. “Good girl.” he said, and his voice was smooth as honey, once more. Janette relaxed quite a bit. She temporarily even forgot what was about to happen.

She winced when the cold thermometer tip started to part her butt-cheeks and slid into her body. Tony was very cautious, as not to hurt her, and took his time, to humiliate her a little more. He deeply enjoyed this part. Janette did not move. The seconds passed like hours, the minutes like days. She did not know what she dreaded more. The thing going on, this humiliating position, or it to be over so soon, and him finding out about her scheme…. Maybe she could still blame the thermometer?

Finally, she felt his hand removing the thermometer from her. She dared not to breathe. She heard him breathe in sharply and she knew she was in a lot more trouble.

“Is there something, you want to tell me, Young Lady?”


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com ~ all rights reserved






4 thoughts on “#PS Pomp And Circumstance 1.04”

  1. Whew! I’m glad I’m not in her shoes but then again I seem to get in enough trouble on my own. And then of course you make sure sitting isn’t too comfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well compared to teh troubls that young lady is making for herself, your sitting is very comfy and rightfully so. this story also is a cautionary tale about something you know all too well (and thankfully dont do) “Lying to Daddy never pays off”


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