Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.03

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com}

previous chapters: 1.01 ~ 1.02

Tony smiled at her friendly, while he took a look at his watch. “Time of truth!” he said, friendly and took the thermometer out her mouth. Janette looked at him in total anticipation. “Wow!” Tony said, faking shock. “You got a high fever!” he added. “Glad I had called in sick in my office, i will have to take good care of my sweet little baby-girl, won’t I?” he added and his voice was soft and tender. Her face lit up. “Thank you, Daddy…” it was barely a whisper.

Tony sat down on her bed once more and again touched her front and her neck with the back of his hands. “Strange…” he said, like absent minded. Janette looked at him befuddled. Her eyes were widening like those of Bambi, and she grew worried. His silence was always so intimidating. But how could he have known, he couldn’t – he could simply not. Her plan was fool proof after all! “Daddy?” she asked, totally frightened. He looked her straight in the eyes, and she bashed them down. She could not stand these drilling looks. “Baby, your neck and front are almost the same warmth as always… yet the thermometer … shows such a high temperature…” he said, and still sounded like lost in thoughts. She did not reply. She contemplated to blame the thermometer but thought it maybe was no good idea. Tony would maybe insist to take her to the E.R. and that was the last that she had wanted.

Tony sighed and got up, shaking the thermometer down. He vanished from the bed-room and came back shortly with the pot of vaseline. “Do you think that it is a good idea, Daddy?” Janette asked him, trying to avoid the inevitable. “Maybe the thermometer is broken and all?” she added still hoping for the best. But Tony did not give in, into her sweet pout, not even her pleading eyes. “Baby-girl, there is only one way to find it out, right?” he said with a stern, yet still friendly voice. She could not even fathom how he was boiling inside. The insolence to try to fool him like that, to not just admit she had tried to play truant and was caught. No, she had to blame the thermometer! And yet he wore a mask, a poker face, smiling at her, invitingly, as to encourage her. His authority, though being tested once more, was not in question. With a heavy sigh, his girl lay down on her tummy, slowly dropping the bottoms of her cute pink jammies…


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com ~ all rights reserved



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