the anger of wo/man #StrictMotivation {1702}

Anger is like nuclear power: very intense, volatile, hardly controllable it will cause destruction and poison our existence long term #StrictMotivation  (#food4thought  2017/01/28)

Dealing with the disruptive energy we call anger and helping to get past both the energy itself, as the destruction it has left in its wake has been part of My professional life and consulting career close to a quarter of a century now. Anger in its various forms and ugly appearances. Regardless whether I was consulting businesses or people, of any gender, age, religious background or ethnicity. is one of the most prominent malefactors that is derailing people by making them believe it was either justified or even beneficial in some way, when in fact, quite the opposite is the case.

Even the Bible tells us that anger is not a good idea, in James 1:20 “for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” so why are we using a dangerous and destructive tool like anger with such consistency and against all good advice?


Anger is one of the prominent coping mechanisms promising simple answers to complex questions and what is more: momentary relief and feeling “good” over the coming hardship of growing past whatever made us feel overwhelmed and helpless in the first place. This overwhelm then calls the anger as a reaction and route of action

The short-lived satisfaction or the kick of anger does not last long, and creates more problems while not solving the initial ones. It creates and deepens the void within and feeds ill feelings we detest while disabling both our current and future problem-solving skills. This way problems are festering and worsening, while we are left helpless, and growingly angry. It is literally a vicious circle.

Anger blinds our senses and numbs our emotions so that we become robbed of a sense of orientation, and forgo the chance to act or react in a successful and fruitful fashion to whatever we are facing at the time. What is more, we also miss out to learn to grow from the challenges and over the obstacles, setting ourselves up for more of the same failing down the road.

Anger tells you, metaphorically, that when you are driving in your car on a stormy night, the best way to go, is to press the accelerator, shut off the head lights, shut off the wipers and shut your eyes, and crank up the volume of the radio, so we would not hear nor see what is happening, and get past the storm as quickly as possible. If your board computer were to suggest to you such a nonsensical strategy, you would rightfully turn that computer in for a reset or some reprogramming, and yet, when you are driven or co-piloted by anger you do heed its ill advise and seem not to realize you need to get yourself reprogrammed?

But anger is also quite addictive. Its displayed simplicity, even though just a false front deceives us to believing it was actually a viable route and without any good alternative. By giving us very momentary relief of whatever pained us, it forms an unholy alliance with our deeply ingrained wish for convenience. It promises and on the surface also seems to deliver that easy way out, a loophole and short cut to the hardship of growth. This creates a mental but also a physical dependency cycle. In bouts of anger, there are bodily chemicals involved e.g. adrenaline, to just name one. Just as people who are addicted to the adrenaline rush, be it workaholics, or people living a hazardous lifestyle or engaging in rather dangerous activities, anger will trigger a similar state of biochemical affinity, dependence or even addiction. In that anger creates a cluster of problems and breaking free from it is not a single dimensional task but in fact a multidimensional challenge.

Helping people get out of the trap of dependency on anger and its by-products (anxiety, frustration, depression, volatile or abusive relationships, troubles with intimacy, lack of insight, cussing, insomnia, from road-rage to self-harm, excessive lifestyle or/and addictions etc) through a goal oriented solid working step by step holistic life coaching is one of the advantages #StrictMotivation offers the receiver.

#StrictMotivation doesn’t just eliminate the anger but gives a viable alternative to leading a healthy and happy life. It is not just to lose whatever has been holding and throwing you back, it is far more to pro-actively create a different trail. Instead of a trying and tiring, repetitive circle of failing, your life starts going where you can feel happy and achieve worthy life goals. You are learning not only how to succeed at life but also how to safely navigate and accurately evaluate any situation in a life embracing, self-empowered way.

Your days of being a slave to fate and victim-hood are over and replaced by the taste of victory and self-determination. Through the help and training of #StrictMotivation, you can freely choose, how exactly you want to live your life, and what role you will be playing. From sailor to captain, you will safely navigate through life. Choose to lose misery and gain self-worth and a healthy, happy life by choosing to challenge your self-obstructive coping mechanisms and replace them through reliable coping skills. You need not to suffer in a vicious circle of failing and failing more. You do deserve to just get better: with #StrictMotivation


#StrictMotivation copyright 2017, all rights reserved





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