Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.02

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com}

previous chapters: 1.01

“Of course not!” Janette said, and her eyes threw bolts of lightning at him. She was pouting now even more, and her eyes started to water up. Tony felt so bad. “I am sorry, baby…” he said and sat down on the edge of the bed. placing his hand on her front, she felt warmer than anticipated indeed. But maybe that was because of the crisp temperatures outside, he thought and so he kissed his baby-girl on her cheek and sighed. “We better double check your temperature then. If you have a cold your place indeed is in bed all day, my little baby-girl…” he added and his voice was beautifully smooth. She blushed, as always, when he was so kind and caring with her.

Tony got up and left the bedroom, returning with the thermometer. To her relief, he only held the thermometer not the tube of vaseline in his hands. She obediently opened her mouth, he needed not to ask even. He smiled at her, patted her hair. “Baby-girl, I left the car open, engine running and all. You keep the thing under your tongue, while i go and lock the car up, and when i return we will know for sure. Right?”

She nodded her head yes, slowly enough so the thermometer would stay put. He smiled at her and then left to do as he had said. Tony felt so bad, that he had accused his girl of anything bad. She was such a good girl actually, and he loved her to bits and pieces. After locking the car up, he took his coat off and called in his office, to let them know he would come in a bit later. “Looks like my wife is sick, I have to take care of her first” he ended the phone call. He took his shoes off and went to wash his hands upstairs. When he passed the bedroom he froze. He could not believe his eyes… His girl was sitting on the bed, shaking the thermometer with its end facing down. Tony went a few steps backward and made sure he made some noise, so his girl would be forewarned. He skipped using the bathroom and went into Janette’s bedroom only to find her with the thermometer in her mouth, looking all innocent at him, wearing her sweet little pout…


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com ~ all rights reserved



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