#PS “Pomp and Circumstance” 1.01

Pomp And Circumstance / Part 1.01

{copyright 2009, revisited: 2017 (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com}

“Get ready, Missy!” he yelled through the house, up the stairway and shook his head. Every morning the same routine. She had skipped breakfast, again, just to sleep in the 10 minutes longer, regardless how Tony insisted that breakfast is the important start in the day. He had cleansed up his plate, and cornflakes bowl, like every morning, read through the paper briefly, and dressed. Now he had his coat and boots on, ready to go to work, and yet she was stalling him, again. He drove her to the uni, and it was no big detour, but he could have insisted she takes the bus. But then she would have to get up 1 hour earlier, and so….

“I will be waiting by the car. You better hurry scurry!” he said in a stern voice, and went outside, into the cold autumn morning. He sat in the car, watching the clock move on, but Janette was no-where to be seen. He pressed the horn, once, twice… no Janette in sight. He sighed, getting really annoyed. She usually should come running by the second time he blew the horn. She would know that if he had to get her in person, she would be in trouble.

Tony got out the car, shaking his head, but hoping Janette was alright and not just sleeping in. He knocked at her bed-room door and entered. She was still in bed!

“Young Lady!” he said in a cold voice. She woke up startled. “Why are you still in bed and not dressed and ready?” he hissed at her. She put on a sweet pout. “But Tony, i told you i was sick…” she mumbled.

“Are you?” he asked her with mockery in his voice. “Or are you just pulling it off so you can skip school?”


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com ~ all rights reservedbratflagcrap




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