200 + 1 pearls

Yesterday, December 7th, marked  a historic day, the anniversary of “Pearl Harbor“. There is no need to go into details about Pearl Harbor day, nor to open  old war wounds. What is much more important is to learn from such tragic events, and use them as symbols and metaphors to help us remember important life lessons. A battle won or lost, no matter how glorious or painful, needs not be an omen for the outcome of the war. What matters is to  let it become an engine to propel us toward victory by amplifying our worthy efforts #StrictMotivation


Neither can the winner of the battle be complecant over a victory, nor the victim stay defeated.   Being complecant and thinking of yourself as unvulnerable will open you for a very bad surprise. And time alone does not heal any wound. Healing is defined as  time multiplied with dedicated effort. It is an irony, a tragic one at that, that a place serene as Pearl Harbor has become such a place of onslaught proving the proverb right, that “pearls are the tears of the sea” To all who were affected and their loved ones:  My prayers are with you. Your sacrifice has not been in vain, since we all to this day remember and stay vigilant, derriving learning from even that horrific day, and transforming thus a tragedy into a better future and failing into success. #StrictMotivation


December 7th, My blog also celebrated its 1st year blogversary. That is right, this blog has been created on Pearl Harbor day in 2015. And God-incidently,  yesterday I also celebrated the 200th blog post; so that is what the mysterious title is about. And in the Spirit of the lessons learned from Peral Harbor day, this does not mean I will now lean back and be complecant, and take it slowly, enjoying the fruits reaped so far. I will use this celebration to spur Me on, posting motivational, inspirational content, visual art, and words of wisDom because with #StrictMotivation we just get better.


My regular posts provide  you with  genuine and original content, every single day with at least 1 post sharing #StrictMotivation to start a day motivated #RiseAndShine and end it in the spirit of #go2bed. Additionally the blog is spiced up with weekly inspirational posts like #food4thought  or #beatZcale latter of which is dedicated to healthy living and weight-loss goals. There are  #SpankieMonster erotica posted about every two weeks, and once per month a longer essay or article to explain what  #StrictMotivation is all about.

If the posts are the picture, the static pages are the frame. I am keeping the frame consistant yet updated, and keep  working on new meaningful content to be added to the frame space without overloading it. Current projects that I work on for you are:

  • a summerizing overview of services offered including  cornerstone plan specifics and tuition fees/pricing information.
  • A web store so you may use other means but paypal to proceed payment more conveniently to you. The web store will be listing all My services, not just the StrictMotivatiion related but also My Shaman services, as well as choice goods that you may obtain in addition to services or separately



To celebrate My 200th post and blog 1 year  anniversary I have also posted a new static page named PTSD witha few free of charge, generic, affirmative “Punishment Tasks of Strict Discipline” by #StrictMotivation that bring written affirmations into the current century, allowing you to use a computer or even mobile device.






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