bathbrush on strike, a #SpankieMonster song

prequel: when made aware that “the bathbrush is on strike”, it was sorely missed, and that inspired this little poetic song as reply. another #SpankieMonster one. if you need the melody, it is vaguely the one of ♫ if you’re kinky and you know it clap your hands!♪

when a bathbrush holds a pamphlet that says strike
#SpankieMonster takes it with quite some delight
that is what a bathbrush has been made to do
cleaning up thoroughly all unwanted attitude

#SpankieMonster enjoys the dark romance
#SpankieMonster and His Sordid Dance
bare the flesh, soak-and-soapen up the skin
to be thoroughly cleansed from your every sin

on the troubled waters some ships use a sail
but the paddle boat will proceed without fail
#SpankieMonster commands it with all witts
teaching right from wrong to adult errant kids

The Sound of Music is created and composed
#SpankieMonsters voice is added when He scolds
The percussion paddles rhythmically strike
as the masses quiver and shriek in – delight?

creeks of tears are mixing well with salty sweat
dont the culprits now just wish they had not been bad?
the welts are swelling, as is #SpankieMonsters pride
by striking forcefully delightfully we end the strike




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