#behave & #hugs

yall behave. I will be offline and doing some out of house chores. if there are complaints about yalls misconduct, there will be dire consequences later #HUGS #StrictMotivation




2 thoughts on “#behave & #hugs”

  1. Sir I will behave.oh yes I will cause I do not want to face the dire consequences. But I am wondering just who it is that would be complaining about my behavior? You’re the only one checking on me like a hawk. But I wouldn’t put it past you to get your buddy Niko to check on me. Doesn’t matter though cause I promise to be good.

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    1. The Daddy Radar is never out, even when I may be. I may not always know to the last detail, what is going on, but I sure will pick up if something is off. now as one of Mine you know, that if I pick it up on My radar, your best bet is to come forward, because even omitting or forgetting multiplies the number. so you do know who will eventually tell on you. it better be you, and timely, or the consequences will be more than you’d bargain for. #StrictMotivation


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