The Princess and the Hydration #StrictMotivation


Once upon a time, in a land behind seven hills and seven seas, there lived a little princess. She was fair and lovely and wonderful. She loved to pick flowers, she loved to color and giggle and she loved all animals, living and stuffies. Like every princess she had trouble remembering all the rules. Why did they have to make all them stupid rules anyway? Dio this, do that, dont do this, dont do that – who is to remeber what to do and what not to do and keep them apart!

One of the princess’ standing orders was to keep hydrated. Well that must be the most stupid rule in the history of the books of rules. If you keep drinking all the water, you will surely swim away. Then they will call you princess duckie or princess hippopotamus, and if worst comes to worserest, you will pee your princess panties, because the water you put in, in the worst moments evar wants to come out. big pout


The princess therefore knew, this rule certainly had to be one of those rules, where the great rulemaker called Sir Meaner must have had erred. He wanted to write “do not drink all the water” certainly, and just forgot that “not” word. How would anyone even think a princess would be able to drink and drink water and not turn into a fish, or worse PrincessPotty!

And so the princess did not drink enough. She didnt meet what in that land where she lived was called “Minimum drinking requirement”


She crossed her arms before her princess chest and broke the sweetest pout so cute, even the sun hid behind a cloud! Now that Sir Meaner must be cray, that is what i say, because only by mean experiment you’d come up with an ugly name like MINIMUM DRINKING REQUIREMENT and to make the point be even more good, the little princess stomped her foot

The earth did quake, the clouds got more. The princess was beturbed. Bunnies, why are you running away?! It is not bed time, just the middle of the day! she protested, but all the bunnies ran away, quickly seeking their homes, and pulled the covers over their heads, in their beds, down in their earth holes.


That was strange. The princess, walked on, not minding the darkness now falling , and the sun hiding. Maybe just a summer storm, nothing to be too afraid. She thought by herself, and lets face it: she was quite brave

She walked past a bee-hive, where all the bees quickly tried to get inside. “Oh lil bees, have you some honey for me?” she asked chirpily. “Bzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzzs bzzmzzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzz! the bees said in unison and quickly hid in the hive. In bee’s language that was a cryptic massage. Something about some monster, that had been called, and to better be good or getting taught!


The princess looked in the sky, and the sun was not to be seen, and the dark clouds frowned and threatened rain. This is so unfair! Even more water! The wells will over-flow and I hate hate hate that! she said, pouted harder and stomped her foot again. She would just go hide in the forest, the trees and bushes would make for an umbrella

The little mushroom, by the trees root looked at her. Princess, it whispered. You should really not be in the forest, with what is coming. There will be a Storm Massively!

thats plain stupid! she protested, enraged and stomped her foot a third time. The tree she hid under, it was a young birch looked at her and scolded. young lady, if I were you I d not stomp that foot a fourth time, not with what you are bringing upon yourself But the princess was now angry for real. Not enough she would get soaking wet from that stupid rain coming down, in heavy wet drops, not enough she had too many rules to follow that made no sense. Her animal friends had abandoned her, and now even the plants in her beloved forest started being meaniepants!. I ll stomp my foot all day and all I wanna! she shouted and stomped again and again and again.


Out of no-where SpankieMonster appeared. It grabbed the poor PoutyPrincess, by her royal ear and pulled it with so much force, she thought she’d pass out. ow ow ow! she protested in vain, but oh goodness, no, what was SpankieMonsters game?

He flipped the princess, all over his knee, and no time later her panties were seen!
He had just flipped up her little skirt, no matter how much she stomped her feet, into the dirt

He shifted her weight, and the feet kicked the air, but that was not all SpankeMonster wanted to share


She got a scolding, about being defiant
told off in great length
she should be just compliant
and if the tedious words
were not bad enough

Spanke Monster yanked down
her panties all rough

The shroomies and trees tried to hide their eyes
but all the world heard the poor girls cries
as SpankieMonster paddled her butt
painting painful rainbows, onto there a lot

Spanked the poor princess’ both lovely cheeks
had her cry water in creeks of hot tears
paddling her buttocks, paddling her thighs
until she was redeemed
in SpankeMonster’s eyes

Then she was marched
held by her arm
and let me tell you
it was a sight with no charm


out through the forest
by the hive of the bees
where queen bee mom said
“girls: that’s why, better well behaved be!”

marched her on the field,
with bunnies all shocked
taught by their parents
‘misbehave not!’

marched to the fortress
and its overfilled wells
bent over the wall there
exposed were her welts

On top of her bum
now soaked by the rain
SpankieMonster took a bar
of soap – to add pain

And rubbed it all in
ungently without rush
using the bristles
of a heavy bath-brush


and as you can imagine
I know thats a shock
making foamy bubbles
would not be where it stopped

the day went from bad
to worse and worse still
as the bath-brush did dance
by SpankieMonster’s will

and taught the little princess
a message to be taught
Sir Meaners rules you better
be breaking not!


sleep tied
on your tummy tonight

# SpankieMonster  

(c) 2016


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