‘oh girl’ a bed time poem

“oh girl” He spoke softly, with a voice of honey
“I feel so so very sorry…”
“that you are tired, and sleepy, yet not asleep yet”
“I have everything that you need”
“just bend here, over My knee”


He guides His girl, her hand firmly in His
before credling her, He gave that soft kiss
Just lips, quickly pressed on her cheek
All reassurence that she would need


here she found herself again
in that position facing down
getting ready to feel sweet pain
underneath her sleeping gown


He did not hurry now, and took His time
softly told her off, for her ‘crime’
His hands resting, on head and butt
making sure His girl just forgot not
who is in charge and why


Finally, yet much too soon
her jamie-bottoms were lowered
and her pale, yet full moon
in all its glory bared, uncovered




His hand in leather started just
comming down with quite some thrust
painting pink prints like clouds on skies
she had it coming and knew too why

to make sure she’d stay present still
His voice repeated what is His will
All the tedious rules must be kept
and “dont you dare!”, and “dont forget!”

she sighed some, in quite some frustration
‘dang #SpankieMonster, dang StrictMotivation!’
while her skin, like by a wand of the magic fairy
started turning from pink to cherry

His voice did not subside,
and heavily she sighed
like a mouse trapped between a cat’s fangs
she would receive all of her destined spanks

finally it was over, her cheeks reddened glow
He tucks her to bed, and lotions the ow
His lips once stern lecture, now just soft kiss
sending shivers down her spine, and delightful bliss

Her eyes kissed shut and a pecker on her nose
and what appears to be a whisper from shadows
“oh girl” it says “you will sleep tight”
“tied in #SpankieMonster’s love tonight”


(c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com



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