Resist Darkness! #StrictMotivation

this is to someone and you know who you are

you will not succumb to darkness

you will stop feeling all the sorries for yourself

you will get your act together

you will get your show on the road

you will follow each and every step of guidance

you have at your disposition

and work your butt off to do better

because yes, you can and yes you will


it is time, unruly child, for you to grow up

yes it is hard, yes it is tough, no we dont give up

and yes you will fight for every breath

and thank God for the gift and opportunity

you were given

count your blessings

and count yourself lucky

because even though this feels like

an impossible test

you can over-come it


you cannot give up, nor escape

you will fight every step of the way

you can cry all you want,

and sweat

and break down,

but you will be getting back

on your feet and fight

because it is the only thing

that is right

for whom the Lord loves,

the Lord punishes

get back on track  n o w






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