if you abuse, you become an abuser

The funny thing about behavior is that it determines how people will qualify you. I will give you an example. If you keep helping people who are in need, people will perceive you as gentle, as helpful, as kind, as caring. Why? Because the behavior you show determines how people will qualify you. I am not saying judge you. But they will use your mainly and repeatedly shown traits of character to characterize you as a person.

When you are always truthful they will say, “look, an honest person.” Now when you go around vandalizing other people’s property, they will call you a vandal. When you go around and steal stuff that does not belong to you, they will call you a thief. And when you go around and rape people, you will be called a rapist.

The good thing about behavior is that if you change your behavior, you are also changing who you will be perceived to be. So even if you had been a thief you can turn into a respectable member of society by behaving as one.
I know it isn’t that simple with crime, but that is the basic of civilized society.
If you self-abuse, you become an abuser. It doesn’t matter what means you use to self harm and self-abuse, you are an abuser. If you were abused and turn your victimhood into becoming a perpetuator, you have become your own worst enemy: an abuser. All your justifications don’t fly. While you do live in that body of yours, you are not entitled to abuse it. You may think it is only your business but it is not.

When you exempt one thing, why should another not be an exception? Let Me be very clear on this concept. You had been victimized and made into a victim of abuse. Now, in turn, you start relieving your struggle by abusing yourself. Your justification and entitlement goes along the lines – I don’t harm anyone else – but you completely ignore that you TOO are harming yourself. By that self harm, you are basically justifying the original abuse, because it only harmed yourself.

You have not that right. Whatever you do to yourself you are also doing to anyone who loves you, cares about you and has or is investing into you. Anyone who helps you get better is being slapped in their face for helping you get better.

Self-abuse is abuse to someone in the whole system through someone in the whole system and constitutes as abuse. Lesser or bigger are only marginal differences. The thinking is flawed the same.
There is no excuse for abuse, and so all abuse stops.
It doesn’t start with that rapist over there. You don’t have the power to make the rapist over there change, but you do have the power and thus urgently also the vocation to control yourself and find better ways to dealing with whatever stress there is than using proxy means or direct means to perpetuate any form of abuse.

When you sign up for My care I will start drilling that into you, because I don’t stand for abuse. Instead of just categorically forbidding it, I go many steps further and will give you step by step instructions for better, viable options. If you keep insisting on the easier road out, and keep abusing, eventually I will have to cut ties with you. Because I don’t stand for abuse you will learn to bust your ass to not even think about (self) abuse.

I don’t care whether your choice of poison is drugs, food, or a blade. There are stress relief methods I am teaching you, I will train you to relief emotional stress emotionally, I will help you grow into an incredible form of yourself you have not even dreamt possible, but you will not abuse. No-one including and starting with yourself.

And rest assured, I will not take abuse from you just the same.

Signing up with Me means you sign off the abuse option, forever.

(c) 2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com






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