because I care for you {#SM1639]

#StrictMotivation for September 2016

Writing #SM1639

When I care for you, I will let you know, that I indeed do care for you. It is not just a phrase I will use, a phrase of words deprived of meaning. I will add verbs to this sentence and show you what My care is made of. This is good news for you, because you may not have had anyone care very much for you, least of all people, maybe even yourself. But this is bad news too: because when I go into business, I mean business, and I will not do things half assed. And neither will you.




When I say I care for you, it means that I will hammer out rules and guidelines individually tailored to yourspecific needs. I will take the time, to understand who you are and what you are about. I will invest the time and effort in getting to know you, your quirks, your motives and motivations, your desires but also you dread and detest. I will try to comprehend what you are made of, which is more important than the why “you are as you are”. I will try hard getting to know you, so I can actually comprehend what your true needs are, because that is what matters the most

Because I care for you


When I say I care for you, it means that I want you to be happy. But not just temporarily happy with fleeing moments that leave you sore and deeply disatisfied in the end. It means I want to reset your compass towards a healthy worthwhile living, helping you reach goals relevant to you, at a doable and safe , yet firm pace. I will invest Myself and My wisdom, My know-how into bettering you. Into helping you shape yourself up to be the best version of yourself you are capable to be, and pushing you, – if need be – hard to go that extra step or extra mile. I will want you to discover what you did not even believe was there, in you, and make it available for you.

Because I care for you



When I say I care for you, it means that I am setting My personal gain, My pay-off, My quirks, My jollies aside, so you can thrive like you havent thrived so far. Yes, dont get Me wrong. I will still enjoy the ride, and make the rules, and maintain them, but they are not designed to jerk you around like a rag doll to My amusement. They are designed and upheld with you and your betterment, with you and your success, on My mind.

Because I care for you


When I say I care for you, this is also bad news because the time of convenience and endulgance on the expense of your health, your safety, your healthy and worthy life goals ceases to being a compass, let alone an engine. What you ‘wanna’ and ‘dont wanna’ will not be much of My concern, and you will be discouraged to continue using such a sketchy instrument to navigate at your life. You will be provided guidance, inspiration, structure, discipline as well as a working navigational system and coping skills to propel you at life

Because I care for you


When I say I care for you, it means that I will be sacrificing some of My time, and My attention to see you strive and prosper, and that you will be expected to honor that commitment through your hard work. It means I will not be impressed by any of your bullying or pouting skills, any cussing or back-talk, any dysfunction or misdemeanor. We will be challenging you, your failings and short-comings, your comfort and convenience, because if it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you either! Change and growth are principles of life that you will learn to do, and even learn to embrace as the chance and opportunity they entail. Excuses and feeling sorry for yourself, will not cut it either. You will impress Me, and surprise yourself with the diligence and effort you will put forth into all your endeavors at life, and reap the fruit of our committed cooperation

Because I care for you






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