To A Standard ~ StrictMotivation April 2016

We have a strandard, and we will not stoop below it.


This does mean, that there is not any work, or any effort beneath us. It is not. We will always walk that extra mile, always give it our best and never fall for the trap of arrogance and self dillusion how we are somehow too good to work. And work hard.


But there are things that are below, and beneath us. Slacking off, taking short-cuts, cheating, seeking loop holes, These things indeed are beneath us.  We will not cheapen our experience with those cheats.


We will not sell ourselves short either. We will not settle for less than what we aspire, because we do not only have but also uphold a standard. Sure sometimes the small bird in the hand is better than nothing at all, but we will still dream of the turkey and go for it. We will still want to soar with the eagles and persue the dream, step by step, even if it seems out of reach, because you can only climb a ladder step by step


We do not settle for the 3rd step when we can aspire the 5th. And we dont stoop low, even if it would be oh so convenient because we are better than that. If we arent trained enough to be better than that, we will train ourselves, and step up and keep at the best of the game, going strong and stronger, until achieving that step is effortless, and that is when we will raise that bar another notch.


Because we are achievers, we are born to excell and so we will. This is what holding us to a standard means. It does not mean we need to feel bad for not being perfect. It means to push ourselves beyond the limits of convenience and thrive for excellence, at all times.


Because we can! And so we will.


Keep Going. I got your back. #StrictMotivation




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