a Lord’s Prayer for those struggling

Dear Merciful Lord
hear our prayer
for Your Guidance and Strength
in these dire times


Let there be Light, through the darkness
Let there be faith, against dispair
let there be insight, against dellusion
let there be strength against weakness
let there be empowerment against faibleness
let there be accountability against denial
let there be growth against challenges


Dear Merciful Lord
hear our prayer

let there be eyes to see
let there be ears to hear
let there be skin to feel
let there be nose, to smell
let there be tongues to taste
and mouths to tell
let there be guts to know
let there be guts to tell
let there be guts to reach out
and let there be hands to help


Dear Merciful Lord
hear our prayer

Let us grow arms to support
let us grow shoulders to lean on
let us grow to be Fortresses
against everything evil
let us be strongholds
of Your Devine Law
Let Us be Servants
serving You All


todah Adonai, todah l’Elochim!


(c)2016 StrictMotivation@yahoo.com



StrictMotivation 1602

Cheating your way out of a situation.

We all know the feeling. We are facing a situation, that seems impossible, unpleasant, overwhelming, or otherwise disagreeable.. We are looking on ways how to quicken up this unpleasant experience, or best yet how to avoid it alltogether. And maybe an opportunity arises, and we could easily escape our fate, by cheating our way out of it.


It sounds like a fair deal. Who would need to suffer senselessly, if there is a more effortless way out. Why going through with a tedious task, a raging race, if we see a short-cut. Whether it is legal or illegal, honorable or quite the opposite the temptation will be huge, and not giving in to the impuls to easen your life will become challanging.


Integrity is defined as doing the right thing, even if no-body is watching. We all want to be met with integrity. We all would rather people be upfront and honorable and treat us with dignity and respect. But do we also pick that very high road when confronted with a opt-out? Or do we cheapen our experience and erode our own core values and expectations towards society and other people just to have it more easy?




We need to comprehend that life is a network, and that harming one string, is like cutting yourself into unharmed flesh. It will leave a scratch, maybe a scar. It will leave us self mutilated. We are not mainly cheating the others, we actually are cheating ourselves. We lessen us and sell ourselves under our inherent value.



There is no shame in trying and failing. The master probably has failed more times, than the student has tried at all, that is where they differ.


We will not be cheating our way out. We will accept challenges with grace, for they are opportunities for growth. We will tackle them with both hands  and head on, we will keep trying, will not be discouraged by set backs  and keep trying to grow past them, whatever and how long it takes..


Cheating is crippling to yourself

Keep kickin, no givin up!



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A task before us, no matter how hard, bears the gift of growth.


Sir MEaner

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